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Testing Slideshow As an Upload Option


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Testing Slideshow As an Upload Option

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Artsonia: Why Participate? - Integrate technology into the classroom - Develop multi-cultural understanding - Increase parental involvement in their childrens education - Discover great new lesson plans- Join an active, enthusiastic community of art teachers -Get the word out about YOUR art program
  3. 3. An Artsonia School Gallery
  4. 4. A School Exhibit
  5. 5. Artsonia: Artist Statements
  6. 6. An Artist’s Page
  7. 7. A student’s guestbook, showing comments from family and friends.Note: Parents must register in their child’s gallery to review/approve comments!
  8. 8. Artsonia: Safe and Secure- CopyrightStudents retain all copyright to their artwork. Theygrant Artsonia a license to showcase the artwork andmake products with artwork.Permission needed for any other use. (Textbook imagesfor example).-Child Security and SafetyLast names/photos of children are not allowed.Screennames (i.e. Sally25) are used instead of showinglast names.Anything comments/statements posted on Artsoniamust first be approved by a parent or teacher.
  9. 9. Artsonia: Digitizing ArtworkPhotographing Artwork Do’s and Don’tsDO… JPG: A file format used to save picturesPlace the art on a flat surface Resolution: Size and sharpness of anTake the photos looking directly at artwork ImagePreview the first picture to ensure your Pixel: Unit used to measure resolution angle and lighting is good *Ideal Image Resolution for UploadingWrite down the name of the artist/picture Artwork to Artsonia: ~2,000 x ~2000 if you are planning to photograph many dpi: literally stands for “dots per inch” images at once (a.k.a. pixels per inch)Recruit parent volunteers to help you! *Ideal Image dpi setting for Digitizing 8x10 Artwork via a Scanner: 100 dpiDON’T …Take pictures at an angleUse a flash Remember: You can upload at a higher resolution, but it will only increase theTake photos at the highest resolution time it takes to transfer the image fromInclude children’s faces nor last names in your computer to the Artsonia gallery. your photos
  10. 10. Artsonia’s Online Gift Shop for Family and Friends
  11. 11. Fundraising Details
  12. 12. Artsonia Teachers (only!): LESSON PLANS
  13. 13. Questions? Want to know more? Contact Artsonia! Phone: 1-800-869-9974 Email: