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Arts Holland Update


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Arts Holland Update

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  4. 4. CONTENTS ARTS HOLLAND MAGAZINE ARTS HOLLAND MAGAZINE CONTENTS BEST IN SHOW ARTS HOLLAND MAGAZINE ARTS HOLLAND MAGAZINE BEST IN SHOW — dis cover th e world Magazine TAKE ME HOME ARTS HOLLAND MAGAZINE ARTS HOLLAND MAGAZINE TAKE ME HOME art district ’s BEHIND THE SCENES ARTS HOLLAND MAGAZINE ARTS HOLLAND MAGAZINE BEHIND THE SCENES↓ colour-based on nature ← krukje ↓ zeeuwse necklace— Colour-based on nature is a collection of striped wall- — Lotty Lindeman works — Jewels are a genuine element of Zeeuwserpaper by graphic designer Irma Boom for Thomas Eyck. on her products with klederdracht; traditional clothing from the DutchThe range is inspired by global UNESCO sites - places the craftsmanship and a great province of Zeeland. This collection of jewels rotterdam HOME IS WHERE THE ART IS ARTS HOLLAND MAGAZINE ARTS HOLLAND MAGAZINE HOME IS WHERE THE ART ISWorld Heritage Committee considers to have outstanding sense for her materials. Her by Charlotte Wooning is inspired by traditionaluniversal value - and comprises a book and seven differentwallpapers. One of the wallpapers depicts nature reserve of designs exist in a spatial environment and evoke a Zeeland jewels. All made with coral, sterling silver and original Zeeland buttons. DE DOELEN —The vibrancy of its private art collections isthe Wadden Sea. dialogue between man and not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking object. Silver or gildedPaper, roll 75 x 900 cm, € 398 € 175 (silver) or € 200 (gilded) Across 1,200 events a year, ranging from classical concerts to the about the Dutch art world. Art critic Renée Quilted fabric, two oak International Film Festival, De Doelen in Rotterdam welcomes over half a has written that contrary to the general impression, boards, three lacquered Holland has many noteworthy art collectors. million visitors a year. This giant complex right beside Rotterdam Central 4 best in 10 behind 20 toneelgroep 27 darlings 30 edible 36 take me boards, four oak legs, from € 200 Station also hosts conventions and business events. The history of De the scenes amsterdam on the go cities Doelen goes back to the Seventeenth Century when the first concerts were home HOME IS ↑ piet paris tableware held here by local musicians. The Great Hall is the biggest in the country — The fashion illustrations made by Piet Paris are and was refurbished in 2009 by Kraaijvanger Urbis Architects (now called Combined with a slight touch of romance, seduc- of colour, they are sharp statements about Cohen visited five music a drop tion and storytelling, conceptualization defines easily recognizable. Usually in black-and-white with Photographer Daniel venues in the four largest Dutch cities to find fashion and full of life and humour. Together with the This is the story of how over the past decade Artistic Director Ivo van Hove developed Comparing cultural exports and regular exports has its limitations, but it does show how the In the past decade Holland has rather surpris- the home of chances of purchasing an original Kraaijvanger). De Doelen is also famously Philharmonic Orchestra. ingly become a platform for innovative food Your the Rotterdam Rembrandt or Rietveld are pretty slim. Luckily, WHERE a playground of examination, Dutch designers bpfp fotografie design company Jansen+co, Piet Paris launched a set Dutch fashion at the moment. Being raised in of tablewareout signature style, called Girl backstage. From the in his just who runs the For all fashionistas who prefer eating ‘en vogue’. director, who coordinates the whole operation to Toneelgroep Amsterdam from an appreciated national avant-garde group into an internation- culture and commerce of a small country find their way in the world. projects, commonly initiated by young artists, designers and architects. there are plenty of affordable and transportable Dutch Design items to take home. Arts Holland THE photo: stride to the horizon, ready to disperse their the technician who makes sure all microphones Porcelain, from € 29.95 ally renowned theatre company, and how he did Magazine invited Florianne Eshuis to share a Text— ART IS stratified products to the widest of audiences. working – these are the people who make are so by building on the accomplishments of the selection of her favourite pieces. daniel bouw the magic happen. ← stroopwafelflourishing small theatres in Holland. Daniel Bouw is project leader at Deneuve Cultural Projects. While some art collectors seek to create an eclectic selection of works, others show He realizes visual art, heritage, a strong preference for a specific disci- fashion and design projects with In a strong collectors’ climate a good pline. One might collect predominantly Photo—Alique — It’s something Dutchies abroad still crave: stroop- a focus on communication. Bouw wrote for the publication put out many individuals purchase from national photography while another concentrates ↑ strap wafels. This cookie, made of two thin waffles with technical coordinator by Alexander van Slobbe and is and international artists, galleries and on Dutch arts. The one thing the collec- responsible for the international dried syrup in between, is certainly a must-taste. Take art fairs. Its a market that is constantly tions have in common is that each and SANDER PR of Manifesta 9, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art. expanding. The enthusiasm within every Dutch private collection originates — Dutch people sure love their bikes and everything home a bag. Or two. Dutch society to collect art is cultivated in a passion for art. that comes with them. That’s why NL Architects have ZEILSTRA Photography— by organizations such as My First Art given traditional bike straps a function in the home as a Stroopwafels come in various sizes, from € 1.60 a bag. danielle van ark Collection. Workshops, symposia, con- The presentation of, and approach to, ferences and courses are dedicated to the each collection symbolizes the difference storing device for books, magazines and toys. Available at the supermarket, HEMA or Danielle van Ark studied at the edification of collectors with the aim of between it and all others and illustrates fresh at the market Royal Academy of Art in The encouraging their active participation the collector’s individual passion. Where Silicone rubber, 72 x 3 x 1 cm, € 14.50 Hague, where she graduated in the art world. Greater participation the constantly changing, almost museum- in 2005. Her work has been by private individuals in the art market like, presentation might give one collector shown at FOAM Photography Museum Amsterdam, the makes art more accessible and attractive great satisfaction, another may find ful- ← icon snap ring Gemeentemuseum The Hague, to a wider group of art lovers. filment in a chaotic set-up where every ‘I’ve been working here for twelve and at various institutions in Arles, Tokyo, London and New available meter of wall space is covered. This is a portrait of five equally passionate Regardless of how each individual handles — 3D printing is the future of years and still I love it. I started as a York. She is currently resident at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. art collectors. Danielle van Ark took on his or her collection, none of them has ← dutch heights #2 design, so why not start with jewel- Photo—Michel Zoeter sound technician, but over the years the challenging task of capturing the heart made a conscious choice to collect art; it is ↑ work: lamp lery? Designer Brian Garret based of each collection in a series of portraits. simply a way of life. — This book is the perfect addition to your art book col- his design on a single ring with a I’ve got to know all the technical at Find a gallery Instead of portraits of collectors simply adorned by beautiful pieces of art in the Arts Holland Magazine visited five Dutch aspects of running this Now Photo of collection Hans Kemna lection. Dutch Heights #2 is the second edition of an annual book presenting the winners of various art and culture prizes. The 576-page book features the best from all fields spijkers & spijkers — By integrating oak parts into a ceramic desk lamp, designer Dick van Hoff proves that using nat- ural materials can completely transform a product. range of different icons that snap into it. Each set evolves around a certain theme, and people can iris van herpen I’m more involved in the business background, these portraits are of the collections themselves; the house in which they are held is merely décor. art collectors and asked them about their passion for arts and what triggered them to start collecting. side, the organization and meeting of art, from architecture and literature to theatre and music. The lamp is part of a series called Work and made mix ‘n match the different icons, Twenty-eight-year-old Iris van Herpen takes craftsmanship to another level. Her p p Dutch Heights is designed by Irma Boom. No wonder the in collaboration with manufacturing company buy new ones or exchange them 56 guests and artists. One of my per- 57 innovative silhouettes, experimental in form and function, represent the digit- first edition was named one of the 50 Best Books/Best Royal Tichelaar Makkum. Twin sisters Truus and Riet Spijkers make fashion as structured as the Dutch with their friends. Designed for al revolution—the transition from the world before. The making of her leather sonal highlights was meeting U2’s Covers by the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). Freedom of Creation, Amsterdam. landscape. Distinct colour pallets and linearity characterize,-their style. The mod- Stoneware with oak parts, 28 x 43 cm, € 476 dresses, knotted by hand, is particularly labour-intensive and she has introduced Bono. That was pretty special. The 576 pages, Dutch-English, € 34.50 ernism of the 1920s is an important source of inspiration, translating into no-non- Consists of 3 pieces, € 39 ornamentation created using a 3D printer. Her sculptures are the result of a time- wonderful thing is that you don’t sense dresses that refer to triangles or squares. And, significantly, their designs are consuming practice, of continually reflecting on what has been and, more impor- just get to meet these great people, suited to a bike ride around town. tantly, on what is yet to come. but actually to work with them too. p p 40 44 architecture of 50 a perfect 41 56 home is where 68 holland turkeyP 70 play the 78 the If it was up to me, I’d like to invite Phil Collins to De Doelen. I’d love consequence daughter the art is P 400 years 30 game district to work with him.’ 10 Arts Holland Magazine selected five Rotterdam- A brand new short story by Tommy Wieringa, A portrait of five equally passionate Dutch EDIBLE CITIES Dutch culture icons (and snacks) in this Dutch culture does well in Turkey. The cultural Discover Go off the beaten track. Experience arts, BEHIND THE SCENES en arts agenda by Sue Doeksen and Raw Color. based bureaus that are designing a sustainable pwriter of the novels All About Tristan and Joe art collectors. Danielle van Ark took on the offering from Holland has tripled overthe the game made culture and heritage, museums, design, fashion, 6 p 7 food on architectonic future. Speedboat. His travel stories have been collected challenging task of capturing the heart of each pp past few years, thanks in part to Daniël Stork, theatre and more in the cities of Amsterdam, in the volume I Was Never In Isfahaan. ma of the magic ha people win a serieske portraits. Instead of por- collection ho Cultural Attaché at the Dutch Consulate Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. These maps P issue 01 / 2012 — 9,95 eu traits of collectors simply adorned by beautiful General. He is one of the masterminds behind help you plan your visit with a selection of the P 44 pieces of art in the background, these portraits the 400th anniversary celebration of diplomatic citys true gems. 36 ARCHITECTURE are of the collections themselves; the house in ties between Holland and Turkey. OF CONSEQUENCE which they are held is merely décor. TAKE ME HOME by cityscaping sustainable solutions t leave behi p nd p dutch design you can’ 14 15 ro
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