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How to Make Girls Laugh With Text Messages | Texting Hacks


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How to make girls laugh with text messages plus other must know texting hacks for building attraction.

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How to Make Girls Laugh With Text Messages | Texting Hacks

  1. 1. Mike W
  2. 2. Special Video for Subscribers: ● Two important concepts ● How to make girls laugh with text messages ● Be attractive by LETTING them be feminine
  3. 3. How to make girls laugh with text First Message: Me: I poked you on facebook
  4. 4. Her profile said that she was a Brad paisley fan. Note I am being playful and not having a “logical” conversation
  5. 5. “massage” one of the four power words that leads to sexual tension “I know you better than I thought” creates comfort and connection My famous “point system”
  6. 6. “breaking the rules” creates a feeling of excitement and adventure. Me and her as a team She tends to “break the rules” Now she is flirting.
  7. 7. Said I “would text her” but didn’t ask for her number. I make it seem like we already know each other and that we’re going to be texting. “you’ re fun to talk to” Here I am bringing the conversation to a more serious state. Mix up playfulness with some seriousness.
  8. 8. always mention that you can cook. It provides an easy reason for her to go to your place or for you to go to her place. You will cook for her. Joking again about being her “secret santa”
  9. 9. Key points: ● Have hypothetical/silly conversations, this is what makes girls laugh, not jokes! ● I am going to buy her gifts and be her secret santa - this is a funny/humorous thing to think about which is why she laughs. ● Ex. “Did I see you grunting at the gym the other day?” Funny/silly/playful ● It takes a little practice to get this down ● One more conversation example but first....
  10. 10. I recommend... ● To take your text game to the next level I recommend “Magnetic Messaging” by my friend Bobby Rio (link below or in upcoming emails) The part of the course called “rejection proof” I think every guy should listen to. ● To understand “sexual texting” better you can get my e-book called “The Crush Formula” (link below)
  11. 11. To show you how it works here is the same playful joke. Same results. She is laughing and enjoying the conversation.
  12. 12. Extremely important concept: Allow women to be feminine. Tell them that you like it when they are. Acknowledge their femininity. It is very attractive if YOU do masculine things and SHE can do feminine things rather than saying, “hey be one of the boys.”
  13. 13. I am acknowledging her femininity and allowing her to be feminine. She absolutely loves it because most guys don’t do this. I am showing that I understand women. Links Below...