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Photography: New York Dream series by Xavier Dumoulin


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French photographer Xavier Dumoulin presents his most recent work: the New York Dream series. Check it out on Artistics:

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Photography: New York Dream series by Xavier Dumoulin

  1. 1. PRESS RELEASE Paris, February 2018 PHOTOGRAPHY 
 New York Dream, a dream-like vision of the “Concrete Jungle” by photographer Xavier Dumoulin. French photographer Xavier Dumoulin who is part of the Artistics gallery unveils his new series, New York Dream: a photographic reference to a “perception” of New York, somewhere between fascination and dread. By choosing this north American megalopolis as the subject of his latest series, Xavier Dumoulin, a nature lover who puts his environmental concerns at the centre of his work, has preferred to render the all too violent reality more abstract. The concrete and steel jungle, the energy consuming beast and giant of waste generation, New York - independent of its attraction- is an ecological nightmare. Hence the motion blurring effect, present throughout the series: the only way for the photographer to distance himself from the harsh reality and only capture the emotion emanating from the beauty of the city, tall, vertical and brimming with perspectives. In the series “New York Dream” Xavier Dumoulin provides us with “an impression, a sensation, a New York dream.” “Going from dream to r e a l i t y w a s n o t possible. I preferred to keep it blurred in an attempt to capture the essence of these p a n o r a m a s b y detaching myself from the harshness of the symbol.” The photographs of the “New York Dream” series in limited edition prints are on sale through
  2. 2. PRESS RELEASE Paris, February 2018 ABOUT THE ARTIST XAVIER DUMOULIN Xavier Dumoulin’s photographic work focuses on very current environmental issues and discloses, incredibly poetically, a growing dichotomy between man and his environment. Light pollution, global warming… his photographs testify to an ever more invasive human presence and even a parasitic one for nature, which is inevitably transformed as a result of it. Xavier Dumoulin lives and works in Pau, France. His work is often exhibited in Parisian galleries and has obtained several awards. ABOUT THE ARTISTICS GALLERY Artistic is an online contemporary art gallery based in Paris which was founded in October 2013 by Sonia Rameau. Today the gallery represents more than 30 international artists and offers a choice of 1400 original works: paintings, sculptures and photographs. Press relations : +331 40 28 92 28 -