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Networking infographic


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Infographic: the do's and don'ts of effective business networking.

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Networking infographic

  1. 1. DoZ°6*Do/4'1‘; NETWORKING Good business networking can at times be a challenge. However developing an excellent technique will help grow your business and pay dividends in the long term. J HOVG G plcln Be reactive Know which groups to -l-Grgeir iust anyone target Leave networking to Have a follow u Ian J p p the future Knowing who to target, how to reach them, and having an Much energy will be wasted efficient follow up plan are the on a networking strategy building blocks of a successful without a focus. business networking plan. Cultivate relationships . Think only short term over time gains J Understand what you WON To achieve Enter networking without a clear aim J Be generous with JU, ,St; rC‘)cfr3,rC(7;'Y‘: ’ | ‘i3r? eT, ,he your time While it is important to understand what you want to achieve with your networking Always understand the strategy, it is of equal importance to be importance of "long term" prepared to give generously of your time relationships with clients. and money if required. Like any skill, good networking needs to be developed regularly. Get into the good habit of putting aside time each week to nurture business relationships, use various networking platforms and develop this art to grow your business. lnfographic created by Article Writers Australia , ,° q wwwarticlewriterscomau i; V! (02) 9634 3181