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Article33 jointresearchscheme

  1. 1. Article 33 Joint-Research Scheme (AJRS) Call for CandidatesArticle 33 Indonesia is a research-based advocacy Non Governmental Organization. Its areas of focus are social policy,governance of extractive sector, and climate change. Article 33 Indonesia has established cooperation with local,national and international partners to deepen understanding of and promote policy improvements in these areas.Deepening understanding of these areas is imperative. To this end, under the Article 33 Joint-Research Scheme (AJRS),Article 33 Indonesia offers opportunity for bachelor and graduate students (S1 and S2) to be a guest researcher,undertaking policy research for their thesis at the institute. Financial support is ensured under this scheme. The firstbatch of AJRS is applicable for 2013.What does Article 33 Joint-Research Scheme (AJRS) offer What does Article 33 Joint-Research Scheme (AJRS) expectyou? from you?1. Financial supports as follows: 1. A last-semester student at any Indonesian higher education A. Monthly stipend in the amount of Rp 3,000,000,-/month institution who is about to write his/her final assignment or for 4 to 6 months. thesis. Field of discipline includes economics, public B. Additional support for thesis writing in the amount of administration, political science, sociology, statistics, Rp 5,000,000,-. environmental studies, forestry, and conservation biology. C. Research grant for primary data collection (applies only 2. Good command in English (speaking, reading and writing). to field research) 3. Being able and available to travel to any area in Indonesia2. Mentoring system from policy analysts and senior for field visits and data collection activities (Article 33 researchers at Article 33 Indonesia. Indonesia will cover travel expenses).3. Up-to-date thematic knowledge. 4. Based in any part of Indonesia, although during the4. A possibility as a co-author in paper(s) for peer-reviewed research he/she is expected to stay in Jakarta. international scientific/policy journal. 5. Choosing research theme(s) of interest from the list of themes offered by Article 33 Indonesia below (maximum 2 This support themes).will be provided in 6. Being active in student organizations, either intra- or extra-integration with campus, would be an added-value.ongoing research/advocacy projects Applicationin Article 33, either Applicants are requested to submit:funded by externaldonors or being a. An application letter with applicants information, studentpart of a standalone registration status, and statement of interest.research under- b. Curriculum vitae (CV)taken at Article 33Indonesia. c. An essay about personal potentials and achievements as well as the reasons why he/she is eligible for AJRS (maximum 2 pages)Research themes d. A general outline of the planned research (1 page)Theme 1: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy at sub-national level All documents should be sent to this e-mail address:Theme 2: The coal question – Regulations and practices of coal under the subject “Article 33 Joint-revenue management Research Scheme (AJRS)” no later than the 10th DecemberTheme 3: Extractive resources management and regional 2012. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.developmentTheme 4: The Indonesian asymmetry: Fiscal decentralization inAceh and PapuaTheme 5: Possibilities and policy options for Oil Fund in November 2012IndonesiaTheme 6: Deforestation and revenue sharing arrangements inthe forestry sectorTheme 7: Climate financing for climate change adaptation inIndonesia Chitra Retna S. Executive DirectorFor candidates who managed to get this scheme, the theme Article 33 Indonesiacan be discussed together with Article 33 for Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam 1M No. 10sharpening/adjustment, including the possible emergence of a Jakarta Selatan 12820, INDONESIAnew theme. T/F +62-21-83787963 |