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This document outlines a brand starter package designed to form the basis for consistent and meaningful development of your web-based business, marketing and promotional material. It combines consultancy, design and development of a template for on-going development.

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Brand starter cxx 2

  1. 1. Brand Starter Make a lasting first impression .
  2. 2. © Knightsbridge Connexxions Brand Starter A strong brand is invaluable to your business. Even a modest amount of time invested at an early stage will give you the foundations for a strong business. Your brand is the source of a promise to your consumer. It's a foundational piece in your marketing communication and one you do not want to be without. This document outlines a brand starter package designed to form the basis for consistent and meaningful development of your web-based business, marketing and promotional material. It combines consultancy, design and development of a template for on-going development. The branding process helps you: • Establish underlying marketing business drivers • Identify the your core messages and propositions • Develop concrete visual and verbal elements • Establish certainty that the visual identity is right • Create guidelines that will inform on-going design Your web brand should: • Be flexible (work hard for you) and cost efficient • Be pragmatic, maximise cross media application • Be credible and in line with your brand promise • Encourage the right prospects to make contact • Provide focus and clarity for your company • Provide synergy between expectation and reality • Effectively express the key points of difference For information on how we can help you achieve a lasting impression from the very start, contact Knightsbridge Connexxions: +44 7776 230 950 +44 7970 942 928 “Arthur hit the mark first time. I put this down to his excellent insight into strategic branding, supported by an equally impressive capacity to translate this into a strong design. Arthur's a pleasure to work with, he's efficient and intentional without compromising on the creativity and inspiration.” STEPH BEITZEL, Aussiepreneurs
  3. 3. 2014| 3 Brand diagnosis and research WHAT I DO 1. Frame-of-reference. (Competitors, audience, business profile, opportunities, threats and mandatory elements – key factors that may affect the new brand’s development. 2. Semiotic analysis. Review all available material in terms of unconscious social and cultural coding. 3. Compare. Desk research to review naming and brand conventions against those that already exist. 4. Promise. Agree audience profile, business positioning, key messages, options and constraints on the project. 5. Logo & Layout. We’ll show you recommendations on a visual approach for your website, together with initial proposals for your logo. Before I start on the creative process, I get under the skin of your organisation, your customers, your proposition, your product architecture, your opportunity. My purpose is to discover the brand essence, or DNA of your brand promise. KNIGHTSBRIDGE
  4. 4. Proof of concept and web style prototype Taking on board the feedback to my initial ideas and diagnosis of your business, the next stage allows me to develop a proposed graphical theme, proving by examples that the selected theme will work. WHAT I DO 1. Logo refinement. of the selected logo. 2. Graphic elements. Proposals: colour scheme, typographical conventions and graphical devices. 3. Proof of concept. I apply the theme elements to website key pages, including at least one scenario to ensure that the design offers maximum scope for engagement as well as content range. 4. Demonstration. I’ll present my outcomes, making a case for how it will benefit your business. © Knightsbridge Connexxions L A S H E S
  5. 5. Design Web & Visual Identity Templates When developing a new identity, it’s essential that it be applied consistently across all media. To achieve this I’ll prepare a master set of graphical elements together with a set of template guidelines for the web developer to follow. WHAT I DO 1. Logo files. Print version, web version 2. Web style PNG or PSD template files providing pixel perfect layout variations, colour ways, typographic conventions, navigation and structural recommendations. I’ll work with the developer to ensure that my proposals match his ability to deliver them. 3. Digital Stationery Letterhead and Email style guide 4. Business Card Business card design (Print not included) 2013| 5 KNIGHTSBRIDGE
  6. 6. What is a brand? A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of a seller and to differentiate them from those of their competitors. The objectives that good branding achieves: • Deliver the message clearly • Confirms your credibility • Connects emotionally • Motivates your audience • Creates user loyalty To succeed in branding you first aim to understand the needs of your customers and prospects. You also consistently integrate your brand strategies throughout every place where you make contact with your customer. Your brand resides within the hearts and minds of customers, clients, and prospects. It is the sum total of their experiences and perceptions, some of which you can influence, and some that you cannot. About Arthur op den Brouw “Be prepared for the unexpected! Arthur never fails to delight and inspire with his creative thinking and undeniable design skills. I have enjoyed working with him since 1993 and hopefully will continue to do so for many years to come!” CHRIS CULLEN © Knightsbridge Connexxions 2014| 6 KNIGHTSBRIDGE Arthur is a brand strategist, designer and artist, and has worked for a wide range companies delivering effective branding and marketing services within budgets of all shapes and sizes. His blue-chip yet affordable approach helps small businesses punch above their weight, streamline communication and improve their abily to make sales. Arthur ran brand agency Designation for twelve years until 2009 when he joined forces with Ruba Jurdi to set up Knightsbridge Connexxions, a media & marketing agency specialising in the Luxury, Travel and Innovation sectors in London and the Middle East. For information on how to achieve a lasting first impression, speak to Ruba or Arthur: // +44 7970 942 928 // +44 7776 230 950