Major reports authored by Arthur Fliegelman


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The following is a list of major topical research reports authored by Arthur Fliegelman while employed at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Moody's Investors Service and Salomon Brothers. These reports span a wide variety of insurance and investment related issues including regulatory requirements, insurance company investing, insurance-linked securities and catastrophe bonds, credit losses, statutory and GAAP accounting, investment laws, variable annuities, equity index annuities and a wide variety of other related topics. Not included in this list are any credit research reports on specific insurance company credits.

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Major reports authored by Arthur Fliegelman

  1. 1. Arthur Fliegelman's Major Topical Research Reports at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Publication Title U.S. Government-Related and Foreign Debt Holdings Within the U.S. Insurance Industry The Insurance Industry’s Exposure to Commercial Mortgage Lending and Real Estate: A Detailed Review of the Life Insurance Industry’s Commercial Mortgage Loan Holdings (Part II): The Insurance Industry’s Exposure to Commercial Mortgage Lending and Commercial Real Estate Investments: An Overview (Part I) A Comprehensive Overview of the Insurance-Linked Securities Market Insurance Companies’ Highly Controlled Use of Derivatives Has Also Resulted in Protection from the Rogue Trader Problem Insurance Asset Management: Internal, External or Both? Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities and the U.S. Insurance Industry Insurance Industry Holdings in Countries Recently Noted as Facing Financial Difficulties VIX: Betting on Tomorrow Insurance Linked Securities: Recovering Slowly After the Crisis Changes in Sovereign Yield Spreads Over Time: U.S., Germany and the Euro Zone The Euro Zone: What Has Happened and Where is it Going? Date Link May-13 December-12 link link October-12 link May-12 November-11 link link August-11 July-11 June-11 February-11 February-11 link link link link link
  2. 2. Arthur Fliegelman's Major Topical Research Reports at Moody's Investors Service Publication Title Credit Issues and Trends for U.S. Life Insurance Life Settlement Market Presents Challenges for Life Insurers, but Longevity Risk Could Help Earnings Revenge of the Mutuals No Rating Implications from Revised CML Capital Requirements Credit Implications of the Term Asset Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF): Cash Buyers - Insurers Credit Implications of U.S. Financial Stability Plan and Stimulus Act: The FSP Rebuffs Life Insurers Variable Annuity Writers Hedging Programs Tested by Market Turmoil Pension Protection Act of 2006: Substantial Opportunities for Retirement Products and Service Providers over the Long-Run Variable Annuity Writers Improve Hedging for Embedded Options: Moody's Releases Results of VA Hedging Survey Date Link Assorted November-09 August-09 June-09 link March-09 February-09 August-08 January-07 March-06 Pssst! Wanna Buy a Used Life Insurance Policy? Life Settlements: Where Life Insurance Meets the Capital Markets February-06 New Accounting Guidance May Result in Significant Charges to Earnings of Financial Institutions if Interest Rates Rise October-04 Trying to Fill a Leaky Bucket - Variable Annuity Sales and Surrenders of U.S. Life Insurers Some Reserve is Better Than None: Reserves for U. S. Life Insurers Under SOP 03-1 Investors Public Access to Information in the U.S. Life Insurance Industry U.S. Life Industry Exposure to Parmalat is Manageable, but AFLAC Had Surprisingly Large Position The Real Truth: Bond Credit Losses of U.S. Life Insurers Investment Challenges in 2003 for U.S. Life Insurers Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Where Did the Capital Go? Deteriorating Asset Quality: U.S. Life Insurers' Exposure to Below Investment Grade Bonds Surges Big DAC Attack: Variable Annuity Writers Remain Vulnerable Ghost of Bubbles Past: Equity Markets Haunt Variable Annuities Troubled Credits: Pressure on the U.S. Life Insurance Industry and its Ratings Increases July-04 July-04 March-04 December-03 October-03 April-03 link March-03 March-03 February-03 October-02 August-02 The U.S Payout Annuity Market: The Risks Are Real, But So Are the Opportunities September-02 Financial Reporting & Derivatives & the Effect on U.S. Corporations September-01 Retail Note Issuance Programs: The New Frontier link July-02 U.S. Life Industry Exposure to WorldCom: Manageable, But Indicative of More Credit Problems to Come June-02 Moody's Notching Practices for U.S. Life Insurers May-02 Changing Paradigms: Revised Financial Reporting for Special Purpose Entities May-02 Life Insurance Investment Management in the New Millennium December-01 Equity Index Annuities: Complexity Personified November-01 Winners and Losers: Retail Financial Services in Transition February-01 Effect of FAS 133 on U.S. Life Insurers: Still Evolving, but Unlikely to Have Major Credit Implications link February-01 Variable Annuity Sales and Surrenders: What is Really Going on Bells and Whistles: Credit Implications of the New Variable Annuities November-00 October-00 One Step in the Right Direction: The New C-3a Risk-Based Capital Component June-00 Institutional Investment Products: The Evolution of a Popular Product April-00 link Financial Modernization and the Effects on Moody's Ratings of Financial Institutions Goodwill Hunting: A Rating Agency's Perspective on Proposed Changes to Accounting for Business Combinations The Unicover Facilities: Can the Principal Parties Find a Way to Turn a Mountain Back into a Molehill? Jack Be Nimble: The Credit Impact of Structural, Regulatory, Tax and Financial Reporting Developments on the U.S. Life Insurance Industry February-00 January-00 December-99 October-99 link
  3. 3. Arthur Fliegelman's Major Topical Research Reports at Moody's Investors Service Publication Title Date As Good as It Gets: Investment Trends in US Life Insurers March-99 A Pool and Its Money Are Soon Parted: Turmoil in Workers' Compensation Reinsurance March-99 The "Equity Tax" Revisited: Who Will Pay the Tax if All the Mutuals Are Gone? Emerging Markets Investments of U.S. Life Insurance Companies March of the Mutuals: A Rapidly Evolving World Moody's Approach to Rating Capital Notes of Life Insurance Companies March-99 February-99 May-98 December-96 Link
  4. 4. Arthur Fliegelman's Major Topical Research Reports at Salomon Brothers Publication Title Date FAS 115 Transition Period to Become Effective Tomorrow November-95 S&P Unveils a New Interest Rate Risk Component to Their RBC Model November-95 FAS 115 Reassessment Period Expected Soon October-95 The Plot Thickens: NAIC to Consider Development of an Alternative Model Investment Law September-95 The End is Near?: An NAIC Model Investment Law Update September-95 A Quick and Surprising End: NAIC Decides to Continue Treatment of Most CMBS as Securities July-95 Are We Nearing The End: NAIC San Diego Model Investment Law Meeting June-95 Wither Now: Conference Call With VA Insurance Commissioner Steven Foster June-95 Down the Home Stretch: Kansas City and St. Louis Model Investment Law Meetings June-95 Not Just in Time: The NAIC Model Investment Law in Review June-95 NAIC Treatment of Equity Linked Securities April-95 CMBS on Ice: NAIC De Facto Moratorium April-95 NAIC San Diego Model Investment Law Meeting April-95 NAIC Model Investment Law Update Going Slow: NAIC Model Investment Law Miami Meeting March-95 March-95 NAIC Review of Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities February-95 NAIC Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities Report February-95 NAIC Treatment of CMBS and Equity Linked Securities February-95 NAIC Model Investment Law: Getting Serious - 8/12/94 Exposure Draft Released January-95 NAIC Miami Model Investment Law Meeting January-95 NAIC Commercial Mortgage Securities Review January-95 NAIC Commercial Mortgage Securities Review December-94 Commercial Mortgage Loan Regulatory Activity at New Orleans NAIC Meeting December-94 Surplus Notes and RBC Look Through October-94 NAIC Model Investment Law: Minneapolis Hearing September-94 The Regulatory Viewpoint: 1994 Insurance Investment Trends Seminar September-94 Commercial Mortgage Loan Regulatory Activity September-94 NAIC Model Investment Law: The Compromise Begins September-94 Surplus Notes: Prospects and Uncertainties Surplus Notes: Prospects for Risk-Based Capital Look Through NAIC to Release Model Investment Law in August August-94 July-94 July-94 Surplus Notes: NAIC Summer Meeting Activity June-94 Surplus Notes: More Confusion Then Ever May-94 Available for Sale by Acclimation: A Survey of FAS 115 Elections May-94 NAIC Model Investment Law Update May-94 Surplus Notes: Past, Present and Future? April-94 Accountants 4, Regulators 0: BestWeek Opinion Accounting Watch: A Rapidly Evolving Accounting Framework NAIC Model Law Reassessment DPAC to Rescue: Liability Accounting and FAS 115 April-94 February-94 January-94 January-94 Insurance Policy Liability Accounting Under Review Because of FAS 115 December-93 Mortgage Research Update: Insurance Regulators Review Mortgage Derivative Investments December-93 NAIC Model Investment Law: Review of Working & Technical Resource Groups Meetings November-93 NAIC Model Investment Law Update October-93 Real Estate Market Review: Insurance Companies and the Real Estate Market October-93 SEC Comments Regarding FAS 115 Implementation October-93 NAIC Model Investment Law Update September-93
  5. 5. Arthur Fliegelman's Major Topical Research Reports at Salomon Brothers Publication Title Date Ready or Not: FAS 115 and Marketable Securities Accounting August-93 NAIC Model Investment Law Update August-93 Regulation Watch: Investment-Oriented Regulatory and Accounting Activity Insurance Company Investment Accounting Update and Practice Survey Insurance Company Investment-Oriented Regulatory and Accounting Activity Update Insurance Company Mortgage Portfolio Quality Insurers and FASB's Investment Accounting Exposure Draft NAIC Model Investment Law: A Timely Step Forward NAIC Asset Valuation Reserve and Risk-Based Capital Highlights May-93 March-93 February-93 January-93 November-92 April-92 December-91 Insurance Company Investments and Solvency: Comments to NAIC Solvency Symposium May-91 The Impact on the High Yield Market of New and Potential Insurance Industry Regulations October-90