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Creative leadership DanTube Arthur Zwertvaegher - Please read the Descript…


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Slide 1 : Presentation

Slide 2 : The following text is about a story that I have kept in mind during my research. It may help you to understand my point of view and explain where my reflection has come from .
I’ve always wondering how far can someone goes in virtual relationship with an other. Last year, during my internship, I was indeed very well integrated in my team and everything was fine until my supervisor send my a friend request on Facebook. I wasn’t expected that and I was kind of confused : is it because we are working well together or that because he wants to spy what I’m doing during my working-time and during my private time. Or both . Of course , due to the content of my Facebook page I’ve explained to my colleagues that it was pretty impossible for me to accepted there requests , suggesting if it wasn’t rather a better idea to add them on a professional network.

Recently, I wanted to share a video with my ex-colleague but I didn’t accepted them on Facebook and for me, sending a mail was a way too “impersonal”. It was a video that I proudly discover. Sending them and e-mail was one of the best way to loose my “discoveries”.
Today a lot of people sends information, videos, blogs by e-mailing but the main problem of this way is :
1°) some people who may be interested in will not be as receivers.
2°) some (I am a part of them) doesn’t want other people to look after being number 1.

Slide 3 : Major Threats doesn’t come from the tool itself, but by the users : If it is only a video channel, any IT will be needed.
Others threats are linked more generally with the Internet problems such as :
Inappropriate content & language
Understaffing (more than 40 000 users) or undercrowed tool.

Slide 4 : If Danone wants to engage people to post on “DanTube”, they have to make people confident with the network and proposing them something more than other social network done. They also have to make alive their network in order to rouse the curiosity of users and by this way, integrate this tool to their everyday life.

For example: I propose that DANONE creates a newsletter in order to present topics that will be propose every week. Users will be allowed to post video-Comments-Blogs-URLs in order to answer or to complete the topic. At the end of the week, a Jury will choose the “best video” & viewers will selected their own one (by thumb up system).
The best content will be post in front page, just bellow the subject. At the end of the year, the user who have the post “Best contents” win a Price.
This way, there will be two kinds of prices : Recognition and material prices.
This website must be adapted to computers as to mobile. Employees will check it during ride or during lunchtime.

Slide 5 : Concept Presentation

Slide 6 : Conclusion

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Creative leadership DanTube Arthur Zwertvaegher - Please read the Descript…

  1. 1. ArthurZwertvaegher
  2. 2. Social relations on the Internet- Private life / professional life- Sharing is a way to carry on a KnowledgeBut it’s also a way to loose it. How to Interconnected people, giving them an added value witch can be benefic for everyone ? Please Read the notes bellow this presentation
  3. 3. Nobody care about the Tool Inappropriate contentInappropriate language
  4. 4. Conclusion- Creation of a interconnected company- Share of knowledge- Team spirit- New way to valorize the company