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Challenge assumptions 2


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Challenge assumptions 2

  1. 1. Venture Lab Challenge Assumptions 2 Solutions!...for the miss sleepZzZzZzZ Arthur de Castro Rosalves Sudário
  2. 2. 1. organize work schedule2. organize university schedule3. finish college!4. change work!5. complete reports within certain6. set a time to sleep (on most days)7. set a time to wake up! (on most days)8. practice exercises (on most days...)9. DO YOGA!10. change to a new residence
  3. 3. 11. change to a new residence, in the beach!12. change to a new residence, in thecountryside!13. change to a farm!14. finish the project "TCC" before thedeadline15. contract trainee!16. OPEN YOUR COMPANY!17. dont drink coffee and energy drinksafter 17h00, except in partys or lunch18. avoid nicotine
  4. 4. 19. avoid much drinks (except weekend!!!!)20. avoid much refrigerant21. avoid snooze :(22. do not leave things to the last minute23. avoid the "sleep time" of TV;24. buy air-conditioners for the avoiddiscomfort with temperature;25. make acoust isolate in your bedroom!26. avoid sleep much later27. revise your posture!28. ENJOY THE WEEKEND!!! o/
  5. 5. 29. not workaholic!!30. readings do not very long before bedtime31. do meditation!!!32. avoid drugs without doctors indication33. avoid fight and discussions34. DONT WORRY, BE HAPPY!35. set priorities36. study for exams ahead!37. try not accumulate works38. take a breath, relax!
  6. 6. 39. take time of day for relax40. take one day for relax!41. TAKE A VACATION!42. do not be thinking about the next day43. take a good shower before going to bed44. have a healthy diet45. take it easy46. drink chamomile tea before going to bed47. listening quiet music (preference, lyricsor unplugged)48. avoid fried food
  7. 7. 49. avoid the fast foods50. relax your mind51. ask for caress52. make caress53. dont avoid sleep is coming54. DONT NOT STAY UP LATE ONFACEBOOK!55. tweet less56. do not stay up late watching series57. drink water, lots of water58. let the worries for the next days
  8. 8. 59. TURN OF YOUR iPHONE!60. relax your brain61. change your pillow with some frequency62. change your mattress63. stay offline64. practice walking65. avoid stay nervous66. run! but not very late67. avoid excessive light in the bedroom68. reduce number of college classes69. plan your day
  9. 9. 70. try not change your daily routines(except weekends o/)71. NO STRESS!72. avoid bringing work home73. divide tasks74. find one doctor75. avoid stress in the traffic76. do not leave for tomorrow what you cando today77. talk with your friends, its good!78. drink a beer!(only weekends and vacations)
  10. 10. 79. TAKE A TRIP!80. turn off TV 10 min before to going to bed81. sure to look at the emails in the morning82. make light snacks before bed83. avoid activities that arouse during thenight84. dont use drugs85. do not watch tv too late86. practice swimming87. playing one game for lose stress88. game a bit to unwind
  11. 11. 89. avoid leaving the TV with lound90. change your position in the bed91. FIND ONE POSITION COMFORTABLE!92. if its cold, dress warmly93. avoid check emails, and use laptop in the bad94. dont sleep with smartphone near to pillow95. make your bedroom, in your sanctuary ofthe sleep!96. do not be anti social97. attention to your emotions98. drink a passion fruit juice99. control the breathing
  12. 12. 100. if symptoms persist, a doctor should beconsultedBUT, THE SLEEP IS COMING! :)