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California Wine Valley Tours


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California Wine Valley Tours

  1. 1. California wine valley toursCalifornia is known throughout the world as a location for some of the best winescurrently available for sale. This is really saying something when you take intoaccount how widely produced good wine is. Many countries in Europe produceexcellent wine, as do more than one in South America. South Africa is a location forsome quite delicious varieties, while Australia has shown a long-running ability toremain around the top of wine lists no matter where you travel. The fact, therefore,that California wine valley tours are a popular pursuit not just for wine lovers withinthe US, but for people from the very locations mentioned above, shows just howseriously the state is taken as a wine-producing region.California is home to some of the most celebrated producers of wine currently sellingtheir product worldwide. Ernest and Julio Gallo, a pair of names that even wineskeptics would immediately identify with good wine, have produced much of theirwine from this very part of the world. In fact, if California was a separate country, itwould be the country with the fourth-largest wine production in the world. It producesa third as much wine again as Australia, itself a major producer of the grapes that gointo making great wines. It does not just produce quantity however, as was proved byan event in 1976 known as the Judgment of Paris, when British wine merchant StevenSpurrier invited several Californian wine producers to participate in a tasting event inParis.The idea behind the event was to compare the best wines of the Californian regionwith the best of French. Under rigorously-controlled blind tasting conditions, theCalifornian wines proved to be vastly more popular than the French brands. Sincethen the respect which had previously escaped the Californian industry has beenslowly dissipating, and anyone who pays attention to the reputations of global wineproducers knows that a glass of something from California can make for a verypleasant drink. It is partly down to the cosmopolitan, layered history of the state –with no small influence from Spanish and Italian winemakers being prevalent in grapevarieties used – and partly to the quality of the soil and the climatic conditions inCalifornia that wine drinkers think so fondly of many Californian labels.So popular now is Californian wine – not just within the US, but far and wide – thatCalifornian wine tours are big business. There are so many options available, evenfrom a cursory glance on the Internet, that it really is up to you which you choose togo on. If you are in a position to keep going back, you can even “do the region” if youlike, giving yourself some idea as to what your favorite Californian wine is, andgaining a broad appreciation of just what an achingly beautiful state California can beinto the bargain. One thing is for sure – a Californian wine tour is just the thing foranyone who wants to learn about the best of American wine production old and new.Find the Rates on California Vacation Packages here