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Rye catcher overview presentation



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Rye catcher overview presentation

  1. 1. RyeCatcher Overview 1
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction • What You’ll Learn In This Overview • Origin of RyeCatcher • RyeCatcher the company • How does RyeCatcher help students and families? • Day in the life of RyeCatcher user • Benefits of Using RyeCatcher • What schools across the nation are saying? • Adopting RyeCatcher • Summary/Close Out 2
  3. 3. Origin of RyeCatcher RyeCatcher Education’s mission is to ensure that all students, especially those with special needs or who come from at-risk environments, have access to the services they need to flourish in school. RyeCatcher software is used to connect students to resources that support the full range of student needs both in and out of the classroom. RyeCatcher Education was founded by Arthi Krishnaswami in 2014 to realize prototypes she developed in 2012 for the U.S. federal government’s MyData initiative. Since then, RyeCatcher software has served more than 23,000 students. Arthi was inspired by her brother’s experience as a special education student to create a system that would support students and families with special needs. Since then, RyeCatcher software has become a platform that schools can use to create a community of support for every student. 3
  4. 4. RyeCatcher the Company RyeCatcher Education is a public benefit corporation. The company is privately-held with no equity investors or shareholders. The company is headquartered in New York City. Staff and partners are distributed across the United States. 4 Arthi Krishswanami, Founder, CEO, L. Arthi Krishnaswami, Founder and CEO, is an information designer and visualization expert. Arthi has worked with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Department of Education’s MyData initiative to develop prototypes to demonstrate how a trust framework for the exchange of personal student data can drive positive educational outcomes. While at the College Board, Arthi led user-centered redesigns of applications for the SAT, PSAT, and other College Board programs used by millions of students each year. Arthi’s work has been published by Oxford University Press, NOVA Science publishers, the Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and others. Arthi received her A.B. in Public Policy from Brown and her Master of Design in Communication Planning and Information Design from Carnegie Mellon.
  5. 5. What is RyeCatcher? RyeCatcher is online collaboration software that makes it easy for everyone involved in a student’s success to work together. Schools, families, and caregivers use RyeCatcher to determine the kinds of support each student needs, to create a circle of support designed just for that student, and to monitor and measure the outcome of that support. 5
  6. 6. 6 Wraparound - Integrated services for all students
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  9. 9. Our Solution 9
  10. 10. Behavior Intervention 10
  11. 11. Vision Intervention 11
  12. 12. RyeCatcher Platform - Key Features 12 • Family Needs Mapper survey to assess student and family needs • Circle of Support custom student support team of in and out of school caregivers, providers, and resources recommended based on student’s needs • Service Provider Directory of regional caregivers in 35+ categories of social, academic, behavioral, emotional, and medical support to fill a student’s circle • Start to End Academic and Behavior Tracking/Activity Feed of student and family events, outreach and activities to support communication and collaboration among the student’s support team • Reports and visualizations that connect interventions to outcomes—activities and events, special education service tracking, progress monitoring, behavior tracking, RtI, referrals, outreach, attendance, and academics
  13. 13. A Day in the Life of RyeCatcher User 13 TYPES OF ROLES STAFF RECOMMENDED FUNCTIONALITY ADMIN Principal, AP, Dean, Coach, RTI Coordinator, etc. • View and Create Reports • Admin menu … Ryecatcher user account creation, access permissions, manage caseloads school-wide • Student Section… to ensure the right students are in the system • Notes Section… Meetings, Referrals, Observation tracking • Meetings • Check in/Check out MENTAL HEALTH, STUDENT SUPPORT Counselor, Social Worker, Psychologist, Therapists, etc. • Referrals • Private Notes • Meetings • Observation/Behavior Tracker • Incidents • Behavior Tracker • Check in/Check out SPECIAL EDUCATION Teachers, Occupational, Speech & Language, Physical, etc. • Progress Monitoring • SPED Tracker • Meetings • Referrals • Observation/Behavior Tracker TEACHERS Teachers, TAs,Subs, Office staff, etc. • Referrals • Observation/Behavior Tracker • Meetings • Incidents COMMUNITY PARTNERS Tutors, School Volunteers, NonProfits, etc. • Meetings • Incidents • Observation/Behavior Tracker
  14. 14. RyeCatcher can ensure student success by helping…. 14 ● Parents: As parents it’s difficult to keep track of the services given to your child and it can be a hassle to take time off work to sign paperwork for services. RyeCatcher can help parents eliminate the hassle by sending electronic parent consent forms for quicker turnaround of service for children. ● Service Providers: The biggest challenge on supporting our students is understanding the services that are in place in and outside of school. With parental permission, service providers can now communicate and collaborate with schools to ensure supports are aligned and consistent. ● Teachers: With grading and preparing for a classroom lessons, it can be difficult to think about individual student interventions. RyeCatcher can help teachers manage their interventions by referring students for specialized services and monitoring student progress. ● SPED: It can be overwhelming to ensure individual education plans are implemented with fidelity. RyeCatcher allows resource specialist to lookup IEPs and track minutes through our mobile app. No more questioning if a support is part of a student’s plan; all individual education plans are located in one location for easy lookup and checking. ● Mental Health Professionals: Managing a caseload of students on paper can take hours and hours of documentation. Mental Health Professionals can receive notifications from Response to Intervention Teams around student services and adjust supports based on individual and school wide needs. ● Administrators: RyeCatcher gives administrators and leadership teams access to data reports that captures multi-tier support services for strategic planning and scaffolding of services. Now administrators can make data driven decisions to dial back or increase student services.
  15. 15. Benefits of using RyeCatcher 15 ● Student Centered Support: Our software’s primary mission is to ensure student achievement by providing students with a circle of support both in and outside school. ● Parental Engagement: Supporting students start with parental involvement. RyeCatcher engages with and informs parents on the advantages of using RyeCatcher alongside their school and other organizations. ● School-wide Tool: RyeCatcher can serve as a tracking tool for Multi-Tier Support Systems and Positive Behavior Intervention Systems for a school site and can also coexist with any existing school-wide system. ● Implementation and Rollout Plan: RyeCatcher has a team of experienced Implementation managers and leaders to assist with implementation and rollout – all of whom have worked at high performing school sites. ● Security, Compliance and Reporting: RyeCatcher has the latest security and encryption technology to ensure privacy of student information. RyeCatcher can provide easy access to actionable reports that are state and federal compliant, allowing for instant reporting and immediate modifications for student support services.
  16. 16. What schools across the Nation are saying about RyeCatcher? 16 “Ryecatcher was an easy to use tool that allowed me to track student behavior and attendance to group therapy...I loved that the notes were in real time and gave me access to students' progress and parental/teacher communication. Ryecatcher was an excellent compliment to my individual counseling sessions and provided a framework for the interventions I used with my students each week.” - Casey Chambers, School Social Worker “I liked how accessible the site was. Being able to look at the notes that each student had documented was essential in working as an intern. I will never forget the time that an incident occurred and months later documentation was needed. I was able to print off what I had documented and it actually saved someone's job!” - Felisha Mason, Counselor “Rye is user-friendly.....very easy to made tracking your clients easy for not just me but the entire school.” -Jerry Smith, Behavioral Specialist
  17. 17. Contact Information 17 RyeCatcher Education PBC 420 Central Park West, Apt. 4D New York, NY 10025 Steven Lam, Director of Growth and Partnerships ( 510) 847 - 3541