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Learn about what GreenLite can do for your website!

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GreenLite Overview

  1. 1. Making Great Websites
  2. 2. GreenLite Provides...Website Design & Developmentfor businesses, organizations, and associations
  3. 3. What Makes GreenLite Different? Team of Web Experts • Team has many years of designing, developing, Experienced and writing for the web • Team members follow technology news and areKnowledgeable active in online communities • Team members hold degrees in graphic design, Educated telecommunications, business, and related fields
  4. 4. Meet Your Account Managers Jeff Pompliano Lorely Polanco Marketing Director E-Business and Account Manager Manager
  5. 5. What’s In a Great Website?Design Message Function
  6. 6. Why is Design Important? Did you know…321 • Most visitors will leave your site in three seconds if they don’t like what they see?
  7. 7. How Does GreenLite Design? Audience New Site Needs GoalsExisting DesignBranding New Expertise Website Design
  8. 8. Design Examples Strong BrandingHelps visitors identify and remember you
  9. 9. Potter Park Zoo
  10. 10. MSU Supply Chain Management Association
  11. 11. Georgio’s Gourmet Pizza
  12. 12. i3 Strategies
  13. 13. Central Michigan Graphics
  14. 14. What is Website Content? Words Pictures VideosInformation
  15. 15. How Can Your Message Be Managed? We build all of our websites using a Content Management System (CMS) called Drupal
  16. 16. Our CMS Can Help You... Create Organize Edit Text Pages Menus Show FormatAdd Photos YouTube Content Videos
  17. 17. “What You See Is What You Get” text editor simplifies writing and formatting text.
  18. 18. Permissions system gives you control over content, comments, and users
  19. 19. Drag-and-drop menus are easy to organize
  20. 20. Easy Options for Adding Content Content Writing • GreenLite writes all content and adds it to your new site Content Integration • You provide content and GreenLite adds it to your new site Do-It-Yourself • GreenLite trains you to add content to your new site
  21. 21. Add Features To Enhance Your Site Write Schedule Sell Articles Events Products Display Email Photo Host Videos Newsletters Galleries Connect Custom with Social Content Media
  22. 22. ArticlesPost organization news or showcase your industry expertise by blogging
  23. 23. CalendarSchedule events, register participants, and send scheduled reminders
  24. 24. E-CommerceSell products safely and securely right from your website.
  25. 25. Photo GalleriesShow off custom work in an attractive gallery.
  26. 26. Hosted VideoAdd videos to your site without using 3rd party services like YouTube.
  27. 27. Email NewslettersKeep in touch with clients and supporters by sending designed updates by email
  28. 28. Social Media Integration Use Facebook and Twitter to improvecommunication with customers and supporters.
  29. 29. Custom ContentGreenLite can help you achieve your goals with the web.
  30. 30. How Is A GreenLite Website Made? GreenLite’s IDEA processInitiate Design Enrich Activate
  31. 31. Our ProcessInitiate • Meet your Project Manager Design • Plan goals and project timeline Enrich • Create Information Architecture • That just means “how pages Activate are organized”
  32. 32. Our ProcessInitiate • Review of your existing branding, logos, and colors Design • Create a great new Enrich website design • Review and revise design Activate if needed
  33. 33. Our ProcessInitiate • Turn your design into a working website Design • Install and configure the Content Management Enrich System • Enable any additional Activate features (like a blog)
  34. 34. Our ProcessInitiate • Train you how to use your new website Design • Final website review and Enrich approval Activate • Website Launch!
  35. 35. How Do You Get Started?Just talk to a GreenLite Account ManagerPhone: 517-336-9333Email: info@greenliteweb.comWeb: Thanks for watching!