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Pleasure idea iridium_ee


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Iridium company presentation: key idea, services and experience

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Pleasure idea iridium_ee

  2. 2. Increasingly more of uncertainty
  3. 3. On-line research & social networks insights Creative workshop Ethnographic research Trends review Increasingly more of "breakthrough" tools
  4. 4. Increasingly harder to see the whole picture
  5. 5. Increasingly higher speeds and less time
  6. 6. There are good executives but few specialists
  7. 7. Consumer research: who they are, what they do, what they focus on Analytics = summing up and linking to the past experience Emotional benefits: understanding of "what consumers feel" Trends: which changes affect the category? Creative thinking: how to see the unusual in the usual?Therightstudy Theresearchproject,whichyieldsIDEAS Company’s Culture and Strategy: what can be achieved and what cannot
  8. 8. find an idea >>> move from the intuitive understanding to a formalized description>>> test the idea >>> adjust it>>> make it work>>> Ways to handle ideas
  9. 9. These are consumer surveys focused on emotional benefits. Technical, social and consumer trends. "Strange People" & “Ultimate Users". Brainstorming, sinectics, TRIZ (the theory of inventor's problem solving), role models and intuition, “the consumer’s view" and social networking SOURCES OF IDEAS
  10. 10. SOURCES OF IDEAS. CONSUMER RESEARCH: Consumer research* * To learn more about the research tools and techniques, call + 7 495 995 8268 >> Self actualization: «what I am» benefits Self expression and self identification Emotional benefits Rational benefits Segmentation by benefits and requirements to brands, communications and products A segmentation of consumers based on the consumer benefits seeking to reveal and study the emotional benefits for consumers Segment 4 17% Family reunion traditions Segment 2 12% New colors of life Segment 2 18% Not just a taste Segment 3 22% Vivid socializing Break the ice Segment 1 12% Time for oneself Feelings of childhood Segment 1 12% Time for oneself Out of home as if at home Bright break Benefits Relax and get away from problems Cheer up Nice atmosphere for communication Stimulate the brain Experience a taste of life Feel the warmth and coziness Consumption situations OfficeHome
  11. 11. SOURCES OF IDEAS. CONSUMER RESEARCH: Consumer research* >> * To learn more about the research tools and techniques, call + 7 495 995 8268 Qualitative surveys and ethnography. Stress upon the search of ideas to develop emotionally intensive communications If we want to become a popular brand, we must learn what consumers like and find a way to link up our product to the liking object Mood Job Hobbies Event Game Relations Role model The new woman first of all wants to follow her nature and looks for a magazine that teaches to be a woman Events Major events: private life and career. Need a magazine inspiring with examples from the life of celebrities Game Spare time: out and useful. Need a magazine that gives ideas for entertainment Relations Looking for a new model of relations between the sexes. Need a magazine to show partner relations from different points of view Job Making money is a female objective. Show me how Hobbies Hobbies are associated with beauty and fashion. Fashion for me and not vice versa. Need a magazine that helps me become fashionable and maintain my individuality
  12. 12. SOURCES OF IDEAS. TECHNICAL AND CONSUMER TRENDS: * To learn more about the trend identification and usage techniques, call + 7 495 995 8268 Trends * Using the development patterns of technological and social systems, creating product concepts, models and prototypes >> Changing role models for men and women: independent women and emotional men & The future of hand-washing products: what will it be?
  13. 13. SOURCES OF IDEAS. ETHNO STUDIES: * To learn more about the ethno tools and techniques, call + 7 495 995 8268 Ethnography * Studying consumers in their actual life environment. Photo and video images, journals, observations (including the participation of the Client). This type of research is a way to get product and communication insights in a more specific and lively format >>
  14. 14. SOURCES OF IDEAS. “ULTIMATE USERS" AND "STRANGE PEOPLE" ☺: "ultimate users" and "strange people" * Reason analysis of shopping, values, perceptions of the category and substitutes. An attempt to redefine the market boundaries that make up consumer values. "Strange People" are experts with an unusual vision for the market, typically the media folk. >> * To learn more about the research tools and techniques, call + 7 495 995 8268 "Onset": consumers who are about to abandon the category "Rejecters": consumers who have chosen a substitute category "Aliens": consumers who are not aware of the need or use "the other" technology "Heavy users": consumers who buy / consume a lot "Trendsetting referrers": consumers who consume a lot, innovators and early followers, well versed in products and actively advise friends mass market "Trendsetting experts": consumers who consume a lot, innovators, well versed in products
  15. 15. SOURCES OF IDEAS. SOCIAL NETWORKS: Social Networks * Content analysis of the social networks, frequency, overall tone, audiences, dynamics, topics. Through the development patterns of social systems we can identify new and interesting topics, be one step ahead of competitors. Needed for the search of communication topics and product insights, new ideas to "go viral". >> * To learn more about the research tools and techniques, call + 7 495 995 8268 Topic Anti-topic Dissatisfied Advocates Fighters Enhancing topic Shifting topic Meta-topic
  16. 16. SOURCES OF IDEAS. BRAINSTORMING: * Learn more about the approaches to brainstorming at or call + 7 495 995 8268 Brainstorming * Different approaches to brainstorming. Cross- functional team. Strategy visualization: "strategic canvas". Lateral thinking and TRIZ techniques. Game techniques and "Consumer Theater". Visualizing ideas and prototyping >>
  17. 17. FORMATS OF IDEAS Brand concepts, communication concepts, product and service concepts, visual communication concepts (package, advertising, corporate identification)
  18. 18. Prompt prototyping is the key for success of innovation. Need to formalize the idea.
  19. 19. Brand concept Style, communication concept Product / service concept Concepts are directions and boundaries for the development of formal solutions: product, packaging, style and service.
  20. 20. FORMAT OF IDEAS. BRAND CONCEPT: Concept 1 Concept 2 "Individuality" Consumer insight: "furniture should emphasize my personality and individuality of my business" Brand promise /benefit: "Ramart understands you and your business by offering customized solutions" RTB / benefits confirmation: a wide product range, possibilities to customize the product, a bright and diverse communication style Key brand attributes: choice, emotions, movement, understanding, dynamic style "Relaxation" Consumer insight: "I’d like that our visitors could get a chance for some relaxation, get rid of bad thoughts and tune in a positive way" Brand promise /benefit: "Ramart upholstered furniture is the office furniture for relaxation, helps relax, win over customers’ liking and loyalty of the staff" RTB / benefits confirmation: "soft" style furniture (gentle colors, smooth shapes), ease of communication Key brand attributes: lightness, softness, space, escape, "for me", like home
  21. 21. FORMAT OF IDEAS. COMMUNICATION CONCEPT : Light communicationLight communication Consumer insight:Consumer insight: I am fond of interesting meetings, newI am fond of interesting meetings, new acquaintancesacquaintances…… II’’d like to be the center of peopled like to be the center of people’’s attention,s attention, see the rapt views and easily make new friends. Yet I donsee the rapt views and easily make new friends. Yet I don’’t feelt feel like drinking strong spirits to achieve all that. I wish juice clike drinking strong spirits to achieve all that. I wish juice couldould have a similar magic effect on mehave a similar magic effect on me…… PradisPradis LightLight--proposal&RTBproposal&RTB:: lightlight cocktails based oncocktails based on naturalnatural French winesFrench wines with various flavors.with various flavors. Nearly a juiceNearly a juice, it gives me, it gives me self confidence and makes me cheerful.self confidence and makes me cheerful. PradisPradis LightLight draws the attention, makes the impression!draws the attention, makes the impression!
  22. 22. FORMAT OF IDEAS. PRODUCT CONCEPT: A product (service) concept development should include the involvement of the Client’s R&D team. Consumer insight: "... I’d love to feel a real taste, as that in the village ...." Proposition: ".... The milk collected from farms in the Vladimir Region, processed without boiling in a sparing mode, with a floating richness ... " RTB: the Vladimir Region farms, pasteurization and short shelf life, floating richness
  23. 23. FORMAT OF IDEAS. PRODUCT CONCEPT: Consumer insight: ... I wanna enjoy the taste, yet with no extra calories .... " Proposition: ".... Yogurt with sugar, however this sugar is not digested as well as fibers... “ RTB: Special sugar processing: changed polarity of molecules ("chirality") A product (service) concept development may require the involvement of TRIZ experts, conducting R&D and patent protection. Traditional yogurt Innovative calorie-free yogurt
  24. 24. FORMAT OF IDEAS. PACKAGE CONCEPT: how to achieve the "authentic traditional nature"? A new way to pack products, a carton chest with stories inside.
  25. 25. FORMAT OF IDEAS. PACKAGE CONCEPT: how to make "a journey of tastes"? A new way to pack products, another product structure, add-on elements.
  26. 26. Flexible approach to concepts, lots of visual materials, designs, consumer tests – stress upon the emotional engagement and comprehension of the benefit / value IDEA CHECK-UP
  27. 27. Product / service Assessing product and service attributes – both individually and along with the price and communications A chance to get ‘confidence samples’ of people susceptible to slight differences in taste for organoleptic tests Testing both the concepts and ready-made materials Assessing communication effects and demand simulation PC-based simulation of actual interaction between communications and consumers Using the market simulation methods and offering dedicated software to assess the demand at different price levels and characteristics of a product / service IDEA CHECK-UP. MARKETING MIX TEST: Communications or package Price
  29. 29. >> Interactive communication projects often have a complex and cross-functional structure, which requires an array of various specialists and contractors. Eventually, the meaning and content of the idea is getting lost. At the other extreme, the project becomes too costly where a chain ad agency is involved. >> We can take over control of such a project substantially lowering the costs associated with subcontractors through a clear delimitation of tasks and isolation of the creative component (which is often duplicated by all contractors in the project). Also, the need for additional staff is no more relevant. Make the exact idea work at reasonable costs
  30. 30. >> Introduction of innovation - in products or services, brand, communication, culture - requires support of the staff. The function of "inspiring introduction of innovations" typically falls "in between" the marketing and HR departments. Eventually, such projects are pumped through the internal communication channels chaotically, in the "shifting the responsibility" atmosphere, without clear target setting and without a clear performance assessment. >> We can act as the integrator, and work together to achieve the necessary support for changes by the staff. Win over staff support
  31. 31. Cultivating innovations >> While introducing new products in large companies we are often faced with tremendous resistance - the product has not proved itself yet, the risks are considerable and managers fear for their careers. A conflict with the current culture is possible. >> We can take over the "seeding stage" of the project and bring it to the level of a "robust start-up", and then hand it over to the "parent company", including the staff.
  32. 32. * To arrange a face-to-face meeting and case-study presentation, call + 7 495 995 8268 OUR EXPERTISE
  33. 33. We look at the reality rather than trying to squeeze it into a format of a "research product". It’s convenient with us: we cherish the Client We offer interesting and practical ideas We know how valuable attention to detail is We are reasonable when dealing with budgets We really know how to work in cross- functional teams We support the introduction of the found ideas Any project is a journey. It’s great to have the right people by your side! ☺
  34. 34.
  35. 35. Приходите пообщаться в Сигарную комнату для революционеров! Ждем Вас! Да-да, именно Вас! ☺ Pleasure to create working ideas. Iridium.