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Arteca technical and test center


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A brief view of our New Technical and Test Center

Published in: Engineering
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Arteca technical and test center

  1. 1. Technical and Test Center TTC
  2. 2. ARTECA TTC General overview  With the latest test equipements, and an expert team, ARTECA’s laboratory is ready to perform material and functional test for their product on automotive, railway and industrial sectors. 700 sqm under controled climatic conditions Material test, mechanical, vibration, fatige,… we’re ready to perform most of test required by the automotive and railway industry 1
  3. 3. ARTECA TTC 2 Chemical laboratory: rubber We’re ready to perform all the test required by the international rubber standards Tensile strength Elongation Density Rheology Ageing Compresion Set Oil Resistance Ozone Resistance …
  4. 4. ARTECA TTC 3 Chemical laboratory: metal and phosphate control Several equipments to verify metals (hardness, magnetic particles,…)  Chemical control of the phosphating bath
  5. 5. ARTECA TTC 4 Dimensional control
  6. 6. ARTECA TTC 5 Mechanical test: Compresion and Tension Static and dynamic machines till 30 Tn
  7. 7. ARTECA TTC 6 Mechanical test: Torsion
  8. 8. ARTECA TTC 7 Mechanical test: fatigue We’re equiped with two multi axial fatige test bench, allowing simulate several real conditions of the parts in 2 axe
  9. 9. ARTECA TTC 8 Vibration test (NVH) Our Vibration Control Area is equiped with the latest test methods for modal analisys
  10. 10. ARTECA TTC 9 Vibration test NVH 4 electrodynamic shaker up to 2700 N 1 impact hammer measurement system
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