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Colour : an Element of Art


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An Element of Art: Colour

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Colour : an Element of Art

  1. 1. An Element of Art
  2. 2. COLOUR WHEELHUE VALUE Refers to The lightness the names or darkness of of colours a colourPRIMARY INTENSITY Red The purity of Yellow a hue Blue SECONDARY Orange Violet Green
  3. 3. SANDY SCHIMMELCommunication Pink and Yellow COMPLIMENTARY Colours opposite on the colour wheel Orange & Blue Green & Red Enhance each other when placed together
  4. 4. AUGUSTE RENOIR Fruits from the Midi, 1881Cool colourscontrast with Warm colourswarm colours project forward, Cool coloursDark forms recedehave contrastagainstlightness. White is a highlight Complementary colours show depth and volume for example the shadow of a green apple will contain some red.
  5. 5. Franz Marc The Large Blue Horses 1911• Arbitrary Colour has no realistic or natural relation to the object that is depicted but may have emotional or expressive significance• Complementary Colours make each other appear brighter and more intense when placed next to each other.
  6. 6. Gustav KimtJudith,1909 • Decorative use of colourHowardArkley
  7. 7. Tom RobertsShearing the Rams,1890 • Descriptive colour used to suggest the hot dry dusty atmosphere
  8. 8. Janet Laurence Verdant Studio 2003• Cool colour• Monochromatic: various values of the same hue – dark to light• White to create emphasis• Secondary colour
  9. 9. Jeffrey SmartStudy for Holiday • Warm colours dominant • Blue is complementary and used to highlight
  10. 10. Vincent van GoghSunflowers, 1888 • Emotional use of colour to express feelings about a subject rather than to describe • ‘Instead of trying to reproduce exactly what I see before my eyes, I use colour more arbitrarily to express myself forcibly.’ - Vincent van Gogh
  11. 11. Pablo Picasso The Tragedy,1903 (Blue Period)• Symbolic colour used to suggest the sombre mood and sadness• Monochromatic colour scheme
  12. 12. ANDY GOLDSWORTHY• Natural hues• Range of shades• White used to highlight• Cool colours