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Examples of alternative media


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Examples of alternative media

  1. 1. Examples of Alternative Media Artworks This slideshow is intended to inspire exploration for your Assemblage Project.
  2. 2. Felipe BarbosaWork deals with ideas of branding and art history.
  3. 3. Andrés BasurtoUses fragile materials like glassto create new structures usingmosaic techniques
  4. 4. Monica Canilao Uses mixed media to construct objects that reflect memories and heritage.
  5. 5. Klaus Dauven Reductive drawings that remove naturallyoccurring marks in order to create new images.
  6. 6. Gabriel Dawe Three-dimensional drawings that utilize thread and pattern.
  7. 7. Baptiste Debombourg Work deals with the deconstruction of environment in order to challenge.
  8. 8. Baptiste DebombourgFound objects – making a statement about space
  9. 9. Brian DettmerWork deals with record of history and deconstruction.
  10. 10. Brian Dettmer
  11. 11. Rosemarie FioreUses stencils and fireworks to create bombastic imagery.
  12. 12. Sayaka Kijita GanzUses abandoned industrial materials to create naturalistic imagery & portrays movement.
  13. 13. Sayaka Kajita Ganz
  14. 14. José Enrique Porras GómezCreates woodcuts out of unexpected materials
  15. 15. Hiroyuki HamadaUses industrial objects and processes to create objects that appear artifact & mysterious.
  16. 16. Hiroyuki Hamada
  17. 17. HaroshiUses the wood from skateboards to recontextualize the forms.
  18. 18. Haroshi
  19. 19. Luiz HermanoWorks with wire frames to guide the making of ephemeral sculptures.
  20. 20. Luiz Hermano
  21. 21. Lionel SabattéIn this instance uses found lint to produce these animals.
  22. 22. Mia PearlmanMakes paper sculpture that appear to be formed by the walls of the gallery.
  23. 23. LuzinterruptusExperiments with materials that perform within a space; such as these floating, ghost-like figures.
  24. 24. Luzinterruptus