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2013 afgs media kit_v5_2013_03_21 (lite)

  1. 1. A multi-faceted sacred art exhibition May 3-5, 2013 Media Kit | V3 | Updated 11/06/12
  2. 2. Contents •  Quick Links •  About Art for God’s Sake •  Guests of Honor •  Artists •  Poster Contest + Call to Artists •  Event Schedule •  Attendees •  Sponsorships + Advertisements •  Media Gallery •  Contact InformationTo QuickLinks >> WWW.PERIOD.COM    |    HELLO@MAIL.COM    |    +017   2   637  5587    |    MY  STREET  12345,  YOUR  CITY,  COUNTRY    
  3. 3. Quick Links | The hotlinks below will redirect to these specific sections •  Contents •  Featured Artists •  Background Information –  Anthony John Bellomo –  About AFGS –  William Butler –  Mission Statement + Goal –  Kathleen Bordo Crombie •  Guests of Honor –  Sergio De Giusti –  Honorary Chairperson Archbishop Allen Vigneron –  Carol Kabrin –  Honorary Committee –  Dominic Pangborn •  Chairperson Archbishop Allen Vigneron –  Suzanne M. Young •  Vic Faust •  AFGS Volunteers |Committee •  John + Kristan Hale •  Poster Contest •  Elizabeth Lev •  Call to Artists •  Michael J. Malinowski •  Event Schedule •  L. Brooks Patterson •  Attendees •  Antonio + Suzanne Rea •  Sponsorships + Advertisements •  John Sauvé •  Media Gallery | AFGS News | Event Promos •  Monsignor Anthony Tocco | Photos •  Teresa Tomeo •  Contact Information •  Robert Wilbert –  Juror •  Barbara Heller •  Clergy + Religious Artists Clicking on this symbol throughout this document while in presentation view will –  Father J.J. Mech redirect you to this “Quick Links” page –  Father Craig Giera –  Father Bob McCabe –  Brother Michael GaffneyTo Quick WWW.PERIOD.COM    |    HELLO@MAIL.COM    Links >> |    +017  637  5587    |    MY  STREET  12345,   3   YOUR  CITY,  COUNTRY    
  4. 4. BACKGROUND INFORMATIONTo QuickLinks >> 4  
  5. 5. About Art for God’s Sake •  Art  for  God’s  Sake  (AFGS)  is  a  juried,  professional  art  show  that  highlights  sacred   themes.    The  three-­‐day,  mulL-­‐faceted  exhibiLon  includes  an  elegant  opening-­‐night   gala,  interacLve  art  demos,  and  educaLonal  opportuniLes.  It  also  showcases  the   non-­‐juried  artwork  of  well-­‐known  arLsts  and  local  clergy   •  When  |  Friday,  May  3,  2013   thru  Sunday,  May  5,  2013   •  The  inspiring  art  celebraLon,  a  rarity  in  the  Archdiocese  of  Detroit,  will  be  presented   May  3-­‐5,  2013  on  the  campus  of  St.  Anastasia  Roman  Catholic  Church  in  Troy,   Michigan   •  Where  |  Campus  of  St.   Anastasia  Roman  Catholic   •  Inspired  by  the  Holy  Spirit,  Fr.  J.J.  Mech,  Pastor  at  St.  Anastasia  Roman  Catholic   Church,  Troy,  Michigan   Church  in  Troy,  MI,  created  Art  for  God’s  Sake  with  the  basic  goal  of  bringing  any  and   all  people  together,  and  with  art,  presenLng  an  opportunity  to  pray  and  to  get  to   know  the  Lord.    His  hope  is  to  bring  this  art  show  to  the  community  and  to  allow  us   •  A  porLon  of  2013  proceeds   to  immerse  ourselves  in  the  many  ways  that  God  can  reach  out  to  us  through  art.    Fr.   will  benefit   Mech  believes  that  Art  For  God’s  Sake  is  an  upli^ing  declaraLon  and  reminder  that   The  Patrons  of  the  Arts   even  when  Lmes  are  troubled,  the  Catholic  Church  protects  and  honors  the   iniLaLves  to  preserve  the  vast   masterful  beauty  expressed  to  us  by  talented  arLsts  who  are  blessed  with  a  measure   and  unique  collecLon  of  art   of  the  Lord’s  creaLvity   contained  in  the  VaLcan   Museums   •  Prior  to  earning  his  degree  in  Interdisciplinary  Studies  and  his  Master  of  Divinity  at   Sacred  Heart  Seminary,  Fr.  Mech  a`ended  Michigan  State  University  where  he   enrolled  in  an  art  history  course  providing  him  with  his  first  opportunity  to  examine   •  Exhibit  Director  |  Fr.  J.J.  Mech   art.    He  noLced  that  the  Church  inspired  the  majority  of  the  art  studied   •  Fr.  Mech  and  the  AFGS  commi`ee  would  like  a`endees  to  be  inspired  with  the   •  Exhibit  Chair  |  ChrisLne  Broses   transcendent  beauty  of  the  art  and  to  walk  away  feeling  upli^ed  and  with  a  different   understanding  of  the  Lord  To QuickLinks >>
  6. 6. About Art for God’s Sake •  Art  for  God’s  Sake  also  strives  to  support  ar:sts.    A  poster  contest,  high  school  art   show,  and  juried  art  show  will  give  arLsts  the  opportunity  to  become  eligible  for   prizes   •  The  AFGS  poster  contest  will  afford  the  winner  an  opportunity  for  his  or  her  artwork   •  2013  Poster  Contest   to  be  used  in  adverLsing  and  promoLng  the  event,  an  addiLon  to  one’s  porgolio,   and  also  a  $100  prize   •  Prize  -­‐  $100   •  Deadline  –  January  18,  2013   •  During  this  challenging  economy,  arts  programs  o^en  get  cut.    The  commi`ee  is   tying  in  with  local  schools  to  involve  student  arLsts  in  its  high  school  art  show.    The   •  2013  High  School  Art  Show   purpose  of  AFGS  is  not  only  to  display  art,  but  for  it  to  be  uLlized  as  a  catecheLcal   Prizes:   tool   •  1st  Place  -­‐  $100   •  2nd  Place  -­‐  $50   •  Work  from  jury-­‐selected  clergy  arLsts  and  other  arLsts  will  also  be  publicized  in  a   •  3rd  Place  -­‐  $25   catalog  that  will  be  distributed  to  AFGS  a`endees   •  Art  for  God’s  Sake  is  just  that.    It  is  art  for  the  sake  of  God;  it  can  draw  us  to  know   •  2013  Juried  Art  Show  Prizes   Him  more  fully.    Scripture  is  beauLful  poetry  and  the  Holy  Spirit  can  significantly   •  1st  Place  -­‐  $2,500   move  us.    It  is  an  opportunity  to  celebrate  our  history  and  be  li^ed  up.    Fr.  Mech   •  2nd  Place  -­‐  $1,500   would  like  the  community  to  be  drawn  in,  to  be  inspired  and  really  understand  the   •  3rd  Place  -­‐  $1,000   art,  and  thus  gain  a  be`er  understanding  of  who  created  us   •  For  more  about  AFGS,  please  listen  to  Fr.  J.J.’s  inspiring  interview  about  the  launch   of  AFGS  2011  with  Teresa  Tomeo  on  EWTN  Radio  (Internet  connecLon  required)   •  h`p://avemariaradio.net/archiveListen.php?file=cc_20101102_1  To QuickLinks >>
  7. 7. Our Mission + Goal Our Mission To  expose  our  community  to  the  transcendent  beauty   of  art  while  inviLng  arLsts  to  share  their  talents,  so         “the  knowledge  of  God  can  be  be`er  revealed  and  the   preaching  of  the  Gospel  can  become  clearer  to  the   human  mind”  1   1      SECOND  VATICAN  ECUMENICAL  COUNCIL,  Pastoral  ConsLtuLon  on  the   Church  in  the  Modern  World  Gaudium  et  Spes,  22.   Our Goal Our  goal  is  to  educate  and  inspire  the  community  with   sacred  art,  allowing  people  to  spiritually  connect  and   renew  To QuickLinks >>
  8. 8. •  Art for God’s Sake is a combined effort of faithful people who believe in its mission. These dedicated people include participating Teamwork artists, devoted volunteers, + generous attendees, individual donors, and various Community business owners and their staffTo QuickLinks >> 8  
  9. 9. •  AFGS provides artists with a rare and unique platform through which they can showcase their sacred artwork and through their medium express their faith •  Some feedback from AFGS artists: –  “It was an honor to be one of the juried artists. Great show. Hope to do it again next year!” (AFGS Facebook follower) –  “I would love to participate next year!” (AFGS Facebook AFGS follower) –  “It was a wonderful show and I was thrilled to be part of it as a Supports Artists juried artist. Hope you will do it again.” (AFGS Facebook follower) –  “I was honored to be among such wonderful, and creative talent...Congrats to all the artists!!! I hope to meet you some day!” (AFGS Facebook follower) –  “…a few photos I captured while at the event. It was an amazing grouping of artwork - most impressive! Thank you for all of your efforts.” (AFGS Facebook follower) –  “I did participate. I will next time too. Loved it!” (AFGS Twitter follower)To QuickLinks >> 9  
  10. 10. •  Our 2013 motif is the sunflower. We relate to St. John’s work, Iliotropion, which is the Greek word for helianthus (sunflower) •  For St. John, the sunflower was analogous to the agreement of the human will with the will of God. Daily, the sunflower turns its face from one side to the other, following the movement of the sun, much like our turning to God •  Iliotropion, in fact, looks at the Divine and human wills: "The only true means for attaining our happiness in this life and in the next is the constant turning of our attention within Sunflower ourselves, to our own conscience, to our thoughts, words, and deeds, so as to raise them to passionlessness: this will reveal to us our mistakes in life and indicate the only path to salvation. This path is the entire devotion of our whole being, of our whole self with all the circumstances of our life, to the will of God. As a symbol of this our turning to God we may take the growth of the sunflower; let it be ever before our eyes”Source:  h`p://saintjohnwonderworker.org/tobolsk.htm  To QuickLinks >> 10  
  11. 11. GUESTS OF HONORTo QuickLinks >> 11  
  12. 12. Guests of Honor HONORARY CHAIRPERSONTo QuickLinks >> 12  
  13. 13. Honorary Chairperson |Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron •  His  Excellency  Most  Reverend,  Allen  H.  Vigneron,   Archbishop  of  Detroit,  is  the  Honorary  Chairperson  of   Art  for  God’s  Sake   •  He  was  present  at  AFGS  2011  and  is  supporLve  of  the   faith’s  rich  tradiLon  of  sacred  art   •  “The  arts  in  all  their  forms  can  serve  to  elevate  our   souls,  to  inspire  us,  and  to  beauLfy  our  world.    Even   more  importantly,  the  arts  so  o^en  are  able  to  serve   as  powerful  signs  of  God’s  infinite  truth,  goodness,   and  beauty.    The  arts  can  evoke  emoLon,  prompt   reflecLon  and  meditaLon,  and  help  us  to  engage  in  a   more  perfect  worship  of  Our  Lord,  who  created  us   mind,  body,  and  soul”   Website:   h`p://www.aod.org/our-­‐archdiocese/archbishop-­‐allen-­‐vigneron  To QuickLinks >>
  14. 14. Guests of Honor HONORARY COMMITTEETo QuickLinks >> 14  
  15. 15. Honorary Committee ChairpersonMost Reverend Allen Vigneron •  Archbishop  Allen  Vigneron  was  born  in  Mount   Clemens  and  raised  in  Fair  Haven   •  He  is  the  first  naLve  son  appointed  to  be  Archbishop  of   Detroit   •  Installed  as  Archbishop  of  Detroit  in  January  2009   •  Archbishop  Vigneron  has  focused  on  the  revitalizaLon   of  the  local  Church   •  He  has  overseen  a  restructuring  of  the  Archdiocesan   curia;  implemented  a  second  phase  of  Together  in   Faith  parish-­‐centered  strategic  planning;  and  has   implemented  a  five-­‐year  capital  iniLaLve,  Changing   Lives  Together,  which  involves  all  parishes  within  the   Archdiocese   •  As  a  spiritual  leader,  Archbishop  Vigneron  has   encouraged  the  Archdiocese  in  embracing  new   devoLons;  strengthened  Les  with  other  ChrisLan  and   religious  leaders  in  the  area;  and  has  been  a  vocal  and   present  leader  on  the  issues  of  the  right  to  life  and   religious  freedom   Website:   h`p://www.aod.org/our-­‐archdiocese/archbishop-­‐allen-­‐vigneron  To QuickLinks >>
  16. 16. Honorary Committee |Vic Faust •  Vic  Faust  is  co-­‐anchor  of  AcLon  News  This  Morning  and  AcLon  News   at  Noon.      He  previously  anchored  the  6  p.m.  and  11  p.m.  sportscasts   on  AcLon  News  Weekend  and  hosted  the  30  minute  Sunday  Sports   Update   •  Prior  to  joining  channel  7  in  2004,  Vic  worked  at  KQTV  in  St.  Joseph,   MO,  KMIZ  in  Columbia,  MO  and  KOKI  in  Tulsa,  OK  as  a  Sports   Director/Anchor.  He  began  his  broadcasLng  career  as  a  color-­‐ commentator  on  the  Missouri  Tiger  Radio  Network,  following  a  4-­‐ year  football  career  as  a  Tiger   •  When  asked  what  it  takes  to  be  successful,  Vic  says,  "Act  with   integrity,  be  honest,  keep  your  faith  and  bring  your  best  every  day”   •  When  Vic  isnt  chasing  down  a  story  for  Channel  7,  he  enjoys   working  out  and  spending  as  much  Lme  as  possible  with  his  family.   He  is  married  with  three  children  To QuickLinks >>
  17. 17. Honorary Committee | John + Kristan Hale •  Kristan  Hale,  has  been  acLve  in  the  community  and  arts  since   a`ending  Divine  Child  High  School.  She  graduated  with  a   teaching  cerLficate  from  Western  Michigan  University  and   earned  her  Masters  Degree  in  Reading  Recovery  from  Eastern   Michigan  University.  Kristan  is  a  former  Dearborn  Public   Schools  teacher  of  10  years  and  worked  as  an  historical   interpreter  at  Greenfield  Village.    She  is  an  acLve  member  of  a   pending   number  of  organizaLons  including  Legatus,  Detroit  Chapter   •  Mr.  John  Hale  graduated  from  the  University  of  Michigan  and   obtained  his  law  degree  from  the  University  of  Detroit  Mercy.       He  worked  as  a  clerk  for  Chief  JusLce  Riley  on  the  Michigan   Supreme  Court,  was  an  associate  at  Bodman,  Longley,  &   Dahling,  LLP,  and  later  worked  as  in-­‐house  counsel  at  Ford   Website:   Motor  Company   h`p://ctscentral.net/   •  In  2000,  John  le^  the  pracLce  of  law  to  join  Corporate  Travel,   a  family  business,  where  he  currently  serves  as  President  and   •  John  and  Kristan  Hale  reside  in  Dearborn,   co-­‐owner.    Mr.  Hale  is  also  a  member  of  the  Sovereign  Military   Michigan  where  they  maintain  a  tremendous   Hospitaller  Order  of  St.  John  of  Jerusalem  of  Rhodes  and  of   interest  in  the  arts,  parLcularly  the  sacred  arts.   Malta  -­‐  American  AssociaLon,  the  Equestrian  Order  of  the   They  are  the  co-­‐chairs  of  the  Michigan  Chapter   Holy  Sepulchre  of  Jerusalem,  the  Board  of  the  Detroit  Chapter   of  The  Patrons  of  the  Arts  in  the  VaLcan   of  Legatus,  the  Cardinal’s  Club,  and  the  Board  of  Regents  for   Museums   Ave  Maria  University  To QuickLinks >>
  18. 18. Honorary Committee |Elizabeth Lev •  Dr.  Elizabeth  Lev  is  an  American-­‐born  art  historian  who  lives  and  works  in   Rome.    She  describes  herself  as  “a  joyful  member  of  the  Rome  faculty”  at   Duquesne  University’s  Italian  Campus  program,  where  she  has  taught  art   history  since  nearly  the  very  beginning  of  the  program’s  existence   •  Among  a  small  number  of  Americans  who  has  passed  the  stringent   licensing  exam  for  guides  in  Italy,  her  services  as  a  guide  are  in  high   demand  and  she  has  been  privileged  to  accompany  many  disLnguished   visitors,  including  former  First  Lady  Laura  Bush,  through  the  VaLcan   Museums  and  to  other  sites  of  interest  in  Rome  and  beyond   •  She  appeared  in  the  History  Channel’s  program  “Angels  and  Demons   Decoded”  and  served  as  the  host  of  “Catholic  Canvas,”  a  10-­‐part   television  series  on  the  art  of  the  VaLcan  Museums  that  aired  on  EWTN.   •  She  has  wri`en  numerous  arLcles  for  Inside  the  Va5can,  Sacerdos  and   First  Things  magazine,  and  also  writes  a  regular  column  with  Zenit  News   Agency   •  In  addiLon  to  all  this,  Elizabeth  has  found  Lme  to  recently  complete  her   first  biography,  The  Tigress  of  Forli:  The  Remarkable  Story  of  Caterina   Riario  Sforza  To QuickLinks >>
  19. 19. Honorary Committee |Michael J. Malinowski •  The  Knights  of  Columbus  are  Catholic  gentlemen   commi`ed  to  the  exemplificaLon  of  charity,  unity,   fraternity,  patrioLsm,  and  defense  of  the   priesthood   •   The  Order  is  consecrated  to  the  Blessed  Virgin   Mary  and  is  unequivocal  in  its  loyalty  to  the  Pope,   the  Vicar  of  Christ  on  earth.  It  is  firmly  commi`ed   to  the  protecLon  of  human  life,  from  concepLon  to   natural  death,  and  to  the  preservaLon  and  defense   of  the  family   •  As  state  deputy  of  the  Michigan  Knights  of   Columbus,  Michael  J.  Malinowski  is  the  chief   •  Brother  Knights  work  to  fulfill  the  central  mission  of   execuLve  officer  and  chairman  of  the  board   the  Order:  striving  in  charitable  works;  serving  the   of  the  70,000-­‐member  Michigan  State   Church  and  unified  in  following  its  teachings;   Council  of  the  Knights  of  Columbus   supporLng  brother  Knights  in  their  temporal  and   spiritual  needs;  acLng  for  the  good  of  their  country;   •  He  was  elected  state  deputy  in  2012  a^er   and  giving  aid  to  widows,  orphans,  the  sick  and  the   earlier  serving  two  years  each  as  state   poor   secretary,  state  treasurer,  state  advocate,   and  state  warden  To QuickLinks >>
  20. 20. Honorary Committee |L. Brooks Patterson •  L.  Brooks  Pa`erson  is  in  his  fi^h  term  as  Oakland  County  ExecuLve.   Under  his  leadership,  Oakland  County  has  won  the  respect  of  Wall   Street,  retaining  the  coveted  AAA  bond  raLng  with  a  stable  outlook.   Oakland  County  became  the  first  in  the  naLon  to  pass  a  balanced   three-­‐year  budget  in  line-­‐item  detail.  Pa`erson  shares  the  formula   of  Oakland  County’s  success  in  these  trying  economic  Lmes  with   local  government  leaders  at  annual  budget  symposiums   •  Pa`erson  conLnues  to  transform  Oakland  County  from  a   manufacturing  economy  to  a  knowledge  based-­‐economy  through  his   Emerging  Sectors  and  Medical  Main  Street  programs,  AutomaLon   Alley  and  the  recently-­‐established  Economic  Growth  Alliance   •  He  strives  to  improve  the  quality  of  life  in  Oakland  County  from   challenging  Oakland  schools  to  teach  Mandarin  Chinese,  to   Website:   encouraging  kids  to  get  acLve  in  his  Count  Your  Steps  program  to   h`p://lbrookspa`erson.com   creaLng  family-­‐friendly  events  such  as  the  Fire  and  Ice  FesLval  in   Rochester  and  Arts,  Beats  &  Eats  in  Royal  Oak.  Pa`erson  presides   over  4,000  employees  who  commit  to  making  Oakland  County  a   great  place  to  live,  work,  play,  and  raise  a  family  To QuickLinks >>
  21. 21. Honorary Committee |Antonio + Suzanne Rea Tony  earned  a  degree  in  architectural   •  engineering  from  Lawrence  InsLtute  of   Technology  and  opened  his  own  business   in  1972.    He  is  president  of  A.  Rea   ConstrucLon,  Inc.  and  Fairmount   ProperLes,  a  commercial  real  estate  firm.   He  is  also  chairman  of  Thri^y  Florist,  Inc.,  a   retail  florist  chain;  his  eldest  son,  Chris,  is   chief  execuLve.  He  is  a  trustee  or  board   member  of  Legatus,  the  Papal  FoundaLon,   Antonio  and  Suzanne  Rea  of  Bloomfield  Hills,  Michigan,  are  tand  parents  of  five  children,  tand  is   he   the  John  Paul  II  Cultural  Center,   hree   on  the  board  of  regents  at  Ave  Maria   of  whom  have  graduated  from  Notre  Dame.  n  Naples,  Florida   University  i   •  The  Rea  Endowment  has  enabled  the  acquisiLon  of  post-­‐ medieval  materials  from  the  Cinquecento  to  the  contemporary   •  Suzanne  graduated  from  the  University  of   era;  materials  in  Renaissance  Italian  studies,  including  histories  of   CincinnaL  with  degrees  in  fine  arts,  history,   Rome,  Florence,  Venice,  and  Milan;  the  wriLngs  of  world-­‐ and  educaLon.  She  is  commi`ed  to  church,   renowned  thinkers  such  as  Leonardo  Bruni  and  Leonardo  da   school,  cultural,  and  charitable   Vinci;  the  poetry  of  Petrarcha;  the  love  sonnets  of  the  Dolce  sLl   associaLons.  Of  parLcular  importance  to   nuovo;  and  contemporary  Italian  literature,  film,  and  music.  It   Suzanne  is  the  Patron  of  the  Arts  in  the   also  gives  Notre  Dame  the  means  to  acquire  materials  in  Italian   VaLcan  Museums,  dedicated  to  the   art  history,  parLcularly  as  it  is  embodied  in  the  religious  works  of   preservaLon  and  restoraLon  of  all  of  the   art  and  architecture  patronized  by  the  Roman  Catholic  Church   artwork  at  the  VaLcan  To QuickLinks >>
  22. 22. Honorary Committee |John Sauvé •  Sauvé  prompted  the  creaLon  of  the  Brighton  Mayor’s  Commission   on  Art  in  Public  Places  in  Brighton,  Michigan,  and  served  as  its   chairperson.  Under  Sauvé’s  guidance,  the  Commission  developed   the  Brighton  Biennial  Sculpture  Exhibit,  which  installed  28  pieces  of   large-­‐scale  public  art  in  the  City  of  Brighton   •  His  other  accomplishments  include:   –  CuraLng  the  City  of  Birmingham  Cityscapes  Sculpture  Exhibit     –  Conceiving  the  development  of  the  Green  Oak  Village  Place  Sculpture  Park   –  2008:  The  American  InsLtute  of  Architects  recognized  his  Design  of  the  Green  Oak   Village  Place  Sculpture  Park  with  the  Merit  Award   –  Served  as  curator  of  the  Blue  Water  InternaLonal  Sculpture  Exhibit  between  Canada   and  the  United  States   Photo  via  iamthegreatestbh.com   –  Presently  overseeing  the  sculpture  installaLon  in  the  Stone  Ridge  Sculpture  Park  just   outside  Manha`an  in  Upstate  New  York,  the  Lyon  Sculpture  Park  in  New  Hudson  and   the  Detroit  Riverfront  Sculpture  Park   Website:   –  2010:  Sauvé’s  artwork  was  commissioned  by  the  Marc  Ecko  FoundaLon  to  be  the  first   public  sculpture  exhibit  installed  on  New  York  City’s  Highline   h`p://www.sauveargoundaLon.org   –  2011:  As  part  of  the  Art  Chicago  Sculpture  Exhibit,  Sauvé’s  sculpture  was  located  in   front  of  the  Merchandise  Mart  in  Downtown  Chicago   –  InstallaLon  of  the  first  sculpture  on  the  Detroit  Riverfront  in  over  20  years   –  Serving  arts  and  cultural  organizaLons,  including  the  Birmingham  Public  Art  Board,   Michigan  Council  for  Arts  and  Cultural  Affairs,  Michigan  Commission  on  Art  in  Public   •  John  Sauvé  served  as  ExecuLve  Assistant  to  the   Places,  and  Concerned  CiLzens  for  the  Arts   –  John  Sauvé  holds  a  Master  of  Arts  AdministraLon  from  Michigan  State  University  and  a   founding  Director  of  the  Michigan  Council  for   Bachelor  in  MarkeLng  and  Art  History  also  from  Michigan  State  University   Arts,  E.  Ray  Sco`,  with  responsibility  for  the   –  John  has  been  making  sculptures  for  over  thirty  years  out  of  his  studio  in  Brighton,   Michigan  Commission  on  Art  in  Public  Places   Michigan.  In  addiLon  to  making  large  scale  sculpture,  John  enjoys  doing  smaller  scale   work  for  gallery  exhibiLons.  He  has  numerous  group  exhibiLons  and  many  awards  to   his  credit  To QuickLinks >>
  23. 23. Honorary Committee |Monsignor Anthony Tocco •  He  holds  an  MA  in  guidance  and  counseling  from  the   University  of  Detroit  and  an  MDiv  from  St.  John’s  Provincial   Seminary.  Monsignor  has  been  a  vicariate  vicar,  Archdiocesan   Presbyteral  Council  and  College  of  Consultor  member,  and   trustee  of  Madonna  University.  He  is  a  member  of  the   FoundaLon  Commi`ee  for  St.  Vincent  de  Paul  Society  with  a   parLcular  emphasis  on  improvement  to  Camp  Ozanam.   Monsignor  Tocco  was  a  member  of  the  Board  of  Directors  of   Marian  High  School  and  the  Board  of  Trustees  of  Madonna   University.  He  has  been  a  co-­‐chair  of  the  SOCK  event  for   several  years,  having  been  personally  commi`ed  to  the  work   of  the  Capuchin  Soup  Kitchen  since  ordinaLon   •  Reverend  Monsignor  Tocco  is  the  founding  father  of  the   Great  Lakes  Chamber  Music  FesLval  sponsored  by  St.  Hugo,   •  Reverend  Monsignor  Anthony  Tocco  is  a  naLve   Kirk  in  the  Hills  Presbyterian  Church  and  Temple  Beth-­‐El,  all   Detroiter,  the  twel^h  of  thirteen  children.  He  was   in  Bloomfield  Hills   ordained  a  priest  of  the  Archdiocese  of  Detroit  on   •  In  1987,  Monsignor  Tony  was  appointed  by  Cardinal  Edmund   June  5,  1965;  his  first  assignment  was  as  Assistant   Szoka  to  act  as  Site  Director  for  the  visit  of  the  Holy  Father   Pastor  of  St.  Veronica’s  parish,  East  Detroit;  he   then  moved  on  to  St.  Margaret  of  Scotland  Parish   •  Monsignor  Tony,  a  member  of  the  College  of  Consultors  of   in  St.  Clair  Shores,  and  is  now  pastor  of  St.  Hugo   the  Archdiocese  of  Detroit,  was  asked  by  Cardinal  Adam   of  the  Hills  Parish,  Bloomfield  Hills.  He  was   Maida  to  take  charge  of  the  restoraLon/renovaLon  of  the   elevated  to  the  Honorary  Prelature  of  Monsignor   Blessed  Sacrament  Cathedral   on  May  14,  1990  by  the  Holy  Father  To QuickLinks >>
  24. 24. Honorary Committee |Teresa Tomeo •  Teresa  Tomeo  is  a  veteran  broadcast-­‐journalist  with  more  than  20  years   of  experience  as  a  radio  and  TV  news  reporter  and  anchorwoman  mainly   in  the  Detroit  area   •  Teresa  first  served  as  an  award-­‐winning  radio  reporter  and  radio  news   anchor  receiving  recogniLon  for  her  work  from  the  Associated  Press,  The   Detroit  Press  Club,  and  the  American  Women  in  Radio  and  TV.  She  has   worked  as  a  reporter/anchor  for  WKBD-­‐TV  50  and  at  Detroit’s  ABC   affiliate,  WXYZ-­‐TV  Channel  7,  covering  some  of  the  most  significant   stories  of  the  ‘90s,  including  the  Oklahoma  City  Bombing  and  the  1995   visit  to  the  United  States  by  Pope  John  Paul  II   •  In  2000,  Teresa  decided  to  leave  the  secular  media  to  help  families  and   other  concerned  ciLzens  engage  the  culture   Website:   •  She  is  now  an  author,  a  syndicated  Catholic  talk  show  host  on  her  own   h`p://www.teresatomeo.com   program,  Catholic  ConnecLon,  on  Ave  Maria  Radio,  a  professional   speaker,  and  a  media  consultant.  Most  recently,  she  was  invited  to  Rome   to  be  one  of  only  260  internaLonal  delegates  to  parLcipate  in  the  20th   anniversary  of  Mulieris  Dignitatum,  a  “Congress  on  Women”   •  Teresa  emceed  AFGS  2011  and  returns  to  AFGS  as  part  of  our  2013   Honorary  Commi`ee  To QuickLinks >>
  25. 25. Honorary Committee |Robert Wilbert •  His  philosophy  and  methodology  have   deeply  interconnected  the  arLsts  in  our   cultural  community   •  Mr.  Wilbert’s  art  has  been  exhibited  at  The   Metropolitan  Museum  of  New  York,  The   Pennsylvania  Academy  of  Fine  Arts,  and  The   Detroit  InsLtute  of  Arts   •  Mr.  Wilbert  was  the  main  juror  for  Art  For   •  The  art  of  Mr.  Wilbert  conLnues  to  show  at   God’s  Sake  2011   the  Detroit  InsLtute  of  Arts  today   •  He  was  born  in  Chicago,  Illinois   •  Robert  Wilbert  now  teaches  painLng  at  The   Birmingham  Bloomfield  Art  Center   •  In  his  40-­‐year  tenure  in  painLng  instrucLon   at  Wayne  State  University,  he  became  a   widely  admired  and  beloved  mentor  To QuickLinks >>
  26. 26. Guests of Honor JURORTo QuickLinks >> 26  
  27. 27. Juror | Barbara Heller •  Barbara  Heller  is  the  Chief  Conservator  at  the  Detroit  InsLtute  of  Arts   •  At  the  November  1989  annual  meeLng  of  the  Michigan  Museums  AssociaLon,  Barbara   presented  a  session  on  Disaster  Planning  and  MiLgaLon  sponsored  by  the  Michigan  Alliance   •  The  session  was  important  not  just  to  museums  but  to  all  insLtuLons  and  organizaLons  that   house  irreplaceable  resources   –  h`p://www.dia.org/art/disaster-­‐and-­‐conservaLon-­‐resources.aspx  To QuickLinks >>
  28. 28. ARTISTSTo QuickLinks >> 28  
  29. 29. Artists CLERGY + RELIGIOUS ARTISTSTo QuickLinks >> 29  
  30. 30. Clergy + Religious Artists|Fr. J.J. Mech •  Fr.  Mech  transferred  to  Sacred  Heart  Major  Seminary   and  conLnued  to  pursue  this  passion  by  working  with   watercolors  and  eventually  being  hired  by  area   churches  to  design  and  create  their  Paschal  Candles.     He  also  created  the  Seminary’s  welcome  banner  for   Pope  John  Paul  II’s  visit  to  Detroit   •  Fr.  Mech  was  inspired  by  the  abundance  of  Pewabic   Tile  on  campus.    His  own  low-­‐relief  Lle  work  includes  a   fi^ieth  anniversary  limited  ediLon  piece  for  Our  Lady   of  Lore`o,  where  he  also  created  the  stone-­‐and-­‐wood   presider’s  chair  and  the  Lles  for  the  side-­‐altar  shrine  to   the  Blessed  Virgin   •  Fr.  J.J.  Mech  grew  up  in  Dearborn  Heights,  MI.    He   •  Fr.  Mech  brings  this  art  show  to  the  community  to  help   a`ended  Catholic  schools  for  12  years  before  going   us  fully  celebrate  our  conLnually  developing  idenLty   to  Michigan  State  University.  There,  he  had  the   as  a  parish,  and  to  allow  us  to  immerse  ourselves  in   transforming  experience  of  taking  an  art  history   the  many  ways  that  God  can  reach  out  to  us  through   class,  where  he  was  introduced  to  a  grand  love  of   art.    The  pastor  believes  that  Art  For  God’s  Sake  is  an   art,  as  if  “God  had  turned  on  a  light  switch”   upli^ing  declaraLon  and  reminder  that  even  when   Lmes  are  troubled,  the  Catholic  church  has  always   protected  and  honored  the  masterful  beauty   translated  to  us  by  the  expressive  talents  of  those  who   are  given  a  measure  of  the  Lord’s  creaLvity  To QuickLinks >>
  31. 31. Clergy + Religious Artists|Fr. Craig Giera •  Fr.  Craig  Giera  received  a  Bachelors  in  Fine  Arts  at  Wayne   State  University  with  a  double  concentraLon  in  painLng  and   sculpture   •  Fr.  Giera:  “Before  hearing  ‘the  call,’  I  lived  my  life  as  an  arLst.     I  always  tried  to  further  my  creaLvity  and  develop  my   technical  ability  in  whatever  media  I  used.    I  entered  school   and  received  a  Bachelors  in  Fine  Arts  at  Wayne  State   University  with  a  double  concentraLon  in  painLng  and   sculpture.    Once  school  was  over,  I  had  some  success   displaying  and  selling  my  art  at  different  venues.    A^er   working  for  a  number  of  years  in  a  gallery,  I  began  a  new   body  of  work  in  order  to  apply  to  graduate  school.    In  the   paint  and  solitude  I  heard  God  and  found  myself.      Art  was   the  forum  where  I  was  able  to  discern  my  vocaLon  and   where  my  prayer  became  alive.    I  was  ordained  a  Catholic   Priest  on  May  22,  2010  and  I  am  currently  the  Associate   Pastor  at  St.  Fabian  Parish  and  St.  Colman  Parish  in   Farmington  Hills,  MI”  To QuickLinks >>
  32. 32. Clergy + Religious Artists|Fr. Bob McCabe •  My  main  interest  in  photography  is  taking   pictures  of  people.    Many  of  them  are  informal   portraits;  others  examine  the  human  condiLon,   focusing  on  the  needs  of  those  who  are  poor  and   struggling.    Some  of  these  photographs  appeared   in  the  December  2009  issue  of  the  Hour  Detroit   magazine   •  I  was  ordained  to  the  priesthood  for  the   Archdiocese  of  Detroit  in  1995.    I  am  currently   serving  as  the  pastor  of  St.  Pius  X  parish  in   Southgate,  Michigan   •  As  a  priest,  it  is  very  important  to  have  a  creaLve   outlet.  Photography  affords  me  a  beauLful   opportunity  to  see  God  working  in  the  creaLve   •  “My  fondest  memories  from  my  high  school   process.  When  I  take  pictures,  I  never  know  what   years  were  those  spent  taking  pictures  and   the  end  result  will  be.    God  coordinates  so  much   working  in  the  photo  lab  (dark  room).    It  was   of  what  takes  place.    The  who,  what,  where,  and   the  first  Lme  I  really  excelled  in  any  parLcular   how  a  picture  will  be  taken  normally  is  unknown   area.    The  creaLve  process  captured  my   to  me  when  I  set  out  to  take  pictures   imaginaLon.  During  my  college  years  at  Mercy   •  I  once  asked  a  friend,  who  was  returning  from   College,  I  took  many  photography  courses.     fishing,  if  he  had  a  good  day.    He  said,  ‘Bob,  every   Although  photography  has  always  been  a   day  fishing  is  a  good  day.’    I  feel  the  same  way   great  passion  of  mine,  I  didn’t  pursue   whenever  I  return  from  having  taken  pictures”   photography  as  my  livelihood  To QuickLinks >>
  33. 33. Clergy + Religious Artists|Br. Michael Gaffney •  Br.  Gaffney  then  moved  to  Detroit  where  his  work  is  to  handle   the  creaLve  side  of  fundraising  for  the  Capuchin  Soup  Kitchen,   Missions,  Father  Solanus  Casey  Center  and  the  needs  of  the   Capuchins’  Province.    He  a`ended  the  Center  for  CreaLve   Studies  and  has  created  a  variety  of  artwork  for  the  Province   and  for  various  ministries  and  individuals   •  His  forms  of  work  include:  Graphic  Design,  IllustraLons,   Photography,  Sculpture,  Sketching,  Drawing,  PainLng,  Pen  &   Ink-­‐PoinLllism,  Iconography,  Large  Street  Banners  and  Signs,   Logo  Designs  and  various  other  means  of  art   •  One  of  his  largest  creaLons  has  been  for  the  Capuchin   Cemetery  in  Wisconsin  as  well  as  for  the  Capuchin  Province  of   •  Brother  Michael  Gaffney  is  a  Capuchin   St.  Mary  in  Yonkers,  New  York  of  a  life  size  Bronze  Sculpture   Franciscan  living  in  Detroit,  Michigan  and   called,  “ The  Embrace  of  Sister  Death.”    Recently  he  did  the   originally  from  North  Dakota  and  Minnesota.   painLng  of  the  meeLng  between  St.  Andre  Besse`  and  Father   He  entered  the  Capuchin  Order  a^er  High   Solanus  which  was  featured  in  the  Michigan  Catholic  and   School   hangs  in  the  Chapel  of  St.  Bonaventure  Monastery  and  the   •  He  worked  at  the  St.  Lawrence  High  School   Bronze  Statue  of  St.  Anthony  for  Our  Lady  of  Good  Counsel  in   Seminary  in  Wisconsin  as  a  printer  mainly  of   Plymouth,  Michigan   work  involving  fundraising  for  the  school.    It   •  Several  of  his  bronze  reliefs  of  Francis  and  Clare  displayed  in   was  there  that  he  had  the  opportunity  to   the  Capuchin  College  in  Rome,  the  Capuchin  Friary  in  Assisi,   expand  his  love  for  the  Arts   and  the  Capuchin  Friary  in  Peru.  Br.  Gaffney  is  grateful  for  all   that  he’s  been  able  to  create  and  to  share  To QuickLinks >>
  34. 34. Artists FEATURED ARTISTSTo QuickLinks >> 34  
  35. 35. Featured Artist|Anthony John Bellomo •  A.J.  Bellomo  is  a  sculptor,  designer,  and  former  art   educator.  His  works  have  ranged  from  commercial   construcLon  and  community  space  design/landscape,   to  residenLal  building/renovaLon  and  private   gardens.  From  religious  art  to  signage  with  sensiLvity   and  warmth,  wood  carvings  have  dominated  his   works   •  Bellomo  describes  himself  as  “an  arLst  with  many   hats”  who  offers  himself  to  people  and  their   community  as  an  empty  vessel  when  invited  to  do  so.     He  takes  their  “communion  of  dreams,  prayers,  and   stories”  spills  them  out,  and  makes  art   •  Bellomo’s  boyhood  dream  was  to  build  churches.  He   •  As  a  member  of  the  Society  for  the  Arts  in  Health   also  loved  woodcarvings.  A^er  receiving  a  degree  in   Care,  Tony  enjoys  helping  those  who  need  some  extra   educaLon  from  Wayne  State  University  and  becoming   special  care.  This  coaliLon  of  arLsts  and  medical   a  member  of  The  NaLonal  Teachers  AssociaLon,  he   professionals  are  documenLng  empirical  data  on  art   began  teaching  art  in  1970.    He  later  became  a   experiences  in  a  health  care  se€ng  and  the  posiLve   licensed  residenLal  builder  in  Michigan  and  began   effects  art  has  on  all  involved   doing  residenLal  renovaLons,  developing  shopping   •  Tony  has  been  part  of  building  Cathedrals  and   centers,  and  creaLng  daycare  environments.    In  all  his   Temples,  Mosques  and  Synagogues  all  his  life.  Holy   projects,  Tony  does  research  into  the  owners’   places  all:  homes,  schools,  gardens,  hospitals,  malls   personaliLes,  needs,  and  desires  so  that  his  work   and  even  a  tree  house.  By  listening  to  others  and   tends  to  improve  lives  in  addiLon  to  structures.  He   helping  them  put  a  shape  to  their  dreams,  he  has   hopes  that  people  interact  with  the  spaces  he  builds   realized  his  own  To QuickLinks >>
  36. 36. Featured Artist|William Butler •  William  Butler  is  an  established,  naLonally  known  arLst.  He   creates  inspiraLonal  Studio,  Live,  and  Commissioned  works  of  art;   his  painLngs  have  been  purchased  from  coast  to  coast.   William  strives  to  use  his  talents  for  God’s  glory,  bringing  more   than  twenty  years  of  experience  as  an  arLst  and  a  graphic   designer  to  each  painLng   •  William,  his  wife  Ronja,  and  their  boys  recently  moved  from  Des   Moines,  Iowa,  to  Camden,  New  Jersey,  to  open  William’s  gallery  &   studio  and  to  expand  their  business:  Thomas  LiD,  a  socially   conscious  company  creaLng  inspired  art,  design  –  and  soon   clothing  –  as  a  brand  of  love  and  jusLce.  Camden  is  a  city  riddled   with  crime  and  poverty;  however,  the  Butler  family  desires  to  help   bring  restoraLon  to  its  people   •  The  Butlers  were  blessed  to  parLcipate  in  Art  for  God’s  Sake  in   2011  and  look  forward  to  presenLng  a  live-­‐art  experience  in  2013   Websites:   h`p://thomasli^.com   h`p://art11one.com  To QuickLinks >>
  37. 37. Featured Artist|Kathleen Bordo Crombie •  Kathleen  Bordo  Crombie  is  a  naLonally  recognized  contemporary  basket  arLst  with   gallery  representaLon  and  pieces  in  several  private  collecLons  and  has  exhibited   her  work  at  the  Sybaris  Gallery,  Cra^  Alliance,  Appalachian  Center  for  Cra^,  and   the  Works  Gallery  amongst  others   •  She  taught  contemporary  basketry  workshops  at  mulLple  naLonal  venues   including  the  Detroit  InsLtute  of  Arts,  the  Center  for  CreaLve  Studies,  the  TexLle   Arts  Center,  Pi`sburgh  Center  for  the  Arts  and  the  Telluride  Basketry  Symposium.     In  1994  she  presented  “In  the  Making:  A  Look  at  Contemporary  Basketry”  as  a   guest  lecturer  during  the  “Warped  NoLons:  TradiLonal  and  Contemporary  Basket   Forms”  exhibiLon  at  the  Detroit  InsLtute  of  Arts   •  Since  2005,  and  being  influenced  by  Pope  John  Paul  II’s  “Le`er  to  ArLsts”,   Crombie’s  arLsLc  interest    moved  from  contemporary  basketry  to  tradiLonal   iconography.    Having  studied  iconography  with  Peter  Pearson  at  St.  Michael  Sacred   Art  InsLtute  at  Enders  Island,  CT,  Dmitri  Andrejev  of  the  Prosopon  School  of   Iconology  at  ConcepLon  Abbey  at  ConcepLon,  MO,  and  with  Fr.  Damian  Higgins   from  Mount  Tabor  Monastery  in  California,  she  enjoys  the  flexibility  of  working   with  either  acrylic  or  egg  tempera  paints   •  The  six-­‐foot  high  cut-­‐out  icon  of  the  “Corpus  of  Christ,”  was  originally  created  for   the  Archdiocese  of  Detroit’s  Women’s  Conference  in  2006  and  2007  and  is   currently  installed  for  public  veneraLon  in  the  EucharisLc  Chapel  of  Our  Lady  of   Good  Counsel  in  Plymouth,  MI.    “Our  Lady  of  Philermos”  icon  was  commissioned   by  the  Order  of  Malta,  American  AssociaLon  –  Michigan  Chapter  and  is  displayed   for  public  veneraLon  at  the  Cathedral  of  the  Most  Blessed  Sacrament  in  Detroit,   MI.    Other  selected  and  commissioned  icons  in  private  collecLons  include  St.   Gemma  of  Galgani,  St.  Patrick  of  Ireland,  St.  Teresa  of  Avila,  and  St.  John  the   Evangelist.    A  life-­‐size  icon  of  The  Divine  Mercy,  commissioned  by  the  Servants  of   Jesus  of  the  Divine  Mercy  for  the  Divine  Mercy  Center  in  Eastpointe,  MI  will  be   solemnly  blessed  and  installed  for  public  veneraLon  on  the  Feast  of  Our  Lady  of   Sorrows  on  September  15,  2010  To QuickLinks >>
  38. 38. Featured Artist|Sergio De Giusti •  His  commissioned  works  include:   –  Twenty  panels  for  the  State  of  Michigan  Library   and  Archives  Building  in  Lansing   –  Four  bronze  panels  on  the  life  of  Dr.  MarLn  Luther   King  for  Eastern  Michigan  University  in  YpsilanL   –  In  Detroit,  in  The  Italian  Consulate  offices,  The   Rick  Finley  USDEA  Building,  Wayne  State   University,  and  The  Blue  Cross  &  Blue  Shield  of   Michigan  building.    Most  recently,  De  GiusL   finished  29  bronze  reliefs  for  The  Labor  Legacy   Monument  in  Hart  Plaza   •  Exhibits   –  The  Detroit  InsLtute  of  Art   –  The  Newark  Museum     –  The  Tampa  Museum     Website:   –  The  Minnesota  Museum  of  Art     h`p://www.arggs.com/wp-­‐content/uploads/2010/01/ –  The  Smithsonian     SergioDeGiusL_Resume.pdf   –  The  BriLsh  Museum,  London     •  Sergio  De  GiusL  was  born  in  Maniago,  Italy.    He  is  a   –  The  Council  of  Cultural  Affairs,  Stockholm     sculptor  who  received  his  BFA  and  MFA  from  Wayne   –  The  Hungarian  NaLonal  Gallery,  Budapest     State  University   –  The  InsLtute  of  Culture,  Zacatecas,  Mexico  To QuickLinks >>
  39. 39. Featured Artist|Carole Kabrin •  Her  clients  include:  ABC  Network,  CBS  Network,  NBC   Network,  CNN,  FOX  Network  News,  ESPN,  The   Associated  Press,  The  Detroit  Free  Press,  The  Detroit   News,  Monthly  Detroit  Magazine,  and  all  of  the  local   television  news  staLons  in  the  Detroit  area   •  She  completed  an  internship  with  Walt  Disney  Studios  in   feature  animaLon.    Ms.  Kabrin’s  work  has  appeared  in   several  documentaries,  most  notably  Michael  Moore’s   “Bowling  for  Columbine”  and  a  documentary  on  the   Slu€  trial  with  Court  TV   •  Over  a  dozen  Kabrin  originals  are  on  view  at  the  U.S.   District  Court  House  in  Detroit.    Ms.  Kabrin’s  work  is  in   two  collecLons  at  the  University  of  Michigan,  one  of   which  is  adorning  the  walls  of  the  student  lounge  at  the   Website:   University  of  Michigan’s  Law  School.    Most  recently,  Ms.   h`p://carolekabrin.com   Kabrin  had  a  one-­‐woman  show  at  the  Birmingham   Community  House  in  Birmingham,  Michigan.  Yearly,  Ms.   Kabrin  parLcipates  in  the  Pioneer  Building  Annual  Open   House,  which  is  a  part  of  the  Art  Detroit  tour.  Ms.   •  Carole  Kabrin  is  an  Emmy-­‐award  winning  arLst,  a  naLve  of   Kabrin’s  work  is  in  the  collecLon  of  hundreds  of   Detroit   a`orneys  and  judges  naLonwide   •  For  over  35  years,  Ms.  Kabrin  has  covered  famous  trials  and   •  Ms.  Kabrin  is  an  adjunct  instructor,  teaching  Drawing  the   hearings  for  local  and  network  television  news  as  an  arLst   Human  Figure  and  CreaLve  Vis,  at  the  College  For   reporter.  The  Supreme  Court  of  the  United  States  in   CreaLve  Studies,  in  Detroit.  She  holds  a  Bachelor’s  and  a   Washington  D.C.  was  her  main  assignment  for  over  12  years,  on   Master’s  Degree  in  Fine  Art  from  Wayne  State  University   exclusive  retainer,  with  ABC  network  news  To QuickLinks >>