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The Mississippi River

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  1. 1. The Mississippi River A kid has to be lucky to have good and inspiring teachers. In my 3rd grade I had such a teacher. He taught us Geography, World History and French. His fascinations were rivers and most of all, the great Mississippi. His dream was to cruise the Mississippi on a paddlewheeler. The assignments were to read the stories of Mark Twain. I fulfilled his dream. In 1984 on a visit to St. Louis, I took a short cruise on a paddlewheeler and also visited Mark Twain's (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) boyhood home. The Mississippi River, is the second-longest named river in North America, with a length of 2320 miles (3733 km) from Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico. The longest named river in North America is its tributary, the Missouri River, with a length of 2341 miles (3767 km) from the confluence of the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin to the Mississippi River. Taken together, the Jefferson, Missouri, and Mississippi form the largest river system in North America. If measured from the source of the Jefferson to the Gulf of Mexico, the length of the Mississippi-Missouri-Jefferson combination is approximately 3900 miles (6275 km), making the combination the 3rd longest river in the world. The uppermost 207 mi (333 km) of this combined river are called the Jefferson, the lowest 1352 mi (2175 km) are part of the Mississippi, and the intervening 2341 mi (3767 km) are called the Missouri. Arthur
  2. 2. Ol' Man River Old man river, that old man river, He don't say nothin', but he must know somethin' That old man river, he just keeps rolling along. He don't plant tater's, and we all know he don't pick cotton. But them that plant 'em, are soon forgotten, that Old man river, he just keeps rolling along, oh yes he does. You and me, we sweat and toil, Our bodies all achin' and racked with pain, now listen! Lift that bar, you'd better, tote that bail, And if ya' get a little drunk, You'll land in jail. I'm so weary, and sick of tryin', I'm tired of livin', but afraid of dyin'. That, that god-darn' old river, he just keeps rolling along. Keep on rollin' along. Keep on rollin' along. Old man river don't you stop your way. Keep on runnin' from the north, the south, the east or west, you gotta roll it ... Ol’ Man River by Paul Robeson
  3. 3. Map of the Mississippi River
  4. 4. Confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers at Cairo, Illinois.
  5. 5. The source of the Mississippi River on the edge of Lake Itasca
  6. 6. Mississippi River in New Orleans.
  7. 7. The Lock & Dam at Dubuque, Iowa.
  8. 8. River traffic in New Orleans
  9. 9. The Mississippi River just north of St. Louis
  10. 10. The Dubuque-Wisconsin Bridge. The bridge connects Dubuque, Iowa with Grant County, Wisconsin.
  11. 11. The Stone Arch Bridge, the Third Avenue Bridge, and the Hennepin Avenue Bridge, in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  12. 12. The Delta Queens
  13. 13. Natchez, Mississippi
  14. 14. The Dan River Queen
  15. 15. Katrina, Mississippi River
  16. 16. Vicksburg on the bluffs as viewed from across the Mississippi River.
  17. 17. Mississippi River Steamboat
  18. 18. Mississippi River Boats
  19. 19. Mississippi River Lock #6
  20. 20. Steamboats on the Mississippi
  21. 21. Mississippi River at dusk
  22. 22. The Mississippi at Minneapolis
  23. 23. "The Great Mississippi Steamboat Race"
  24. 24. St. Louis, Missouri
  25. 25. The St. Louis night skyline,
  26. 26. 1888 German map of New Orleans
  27. 27. Quincy, Illinois
  28. 28. Hannibal, Missouri
  29. 29. Mark Twain's boyhood home, in Hannibal, Missouri
  30. 30. Memphis, Tennessee
  31. 31. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  32. 32. Mississippi River Bridge at Natchez, MS
  33. 33. Vicksburg, Mississippi
  34. 34. The Siege of Vicksburg, 1863
  35. 35. Slaves in Vicksburg Mississippi
  36. 36. The great Mississippi River flood of 1927
  37. 37. Delta Queen
  38. 38. Delta Queen
  39. 39. Mississippi River Delta