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Blu-ray technology and a brief preview of it's features.

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  1. 1. Compact disc(CD)-650/700 MBSpecialty-We’ve been using it for • Digital versatile disc(DVD)over 20 years • Specialty-it offers highWavelength of laser-780nm quality sound and videoColor of laser-RED • Wavelength of laser-650nm • Color of laser-red Blu-ray(bd)-25/50GB Specialty-Can store huge data in small space Color of laser -blue
  2. 2. •Blu-ray was developed byBDA, a group representingmakers of consumerelectronics, computerhardware, and motionpictures•It uses blue-violet laserdeveloped by Shuji Nakamuraat Nichia corporation Mr.Shuji Nakamura
  3. 3. Format of BDIt comes in four different types1. BD-ROM(read only)-for reading the recorded content2. BD-R(recordable)- for pc data storage3. BD-RW-for pc data storage in writable form4. BD-RE(rewritable)-for HDTV recording
  4. 4. Single layer Double layerThe format offers more than five timesthe storage capacity of traditional DVDsand can hold up to on a single-layerdisc and on a dual-layer disc. Thisextra capacity combined with the use ofadvanced video and audio codes willoffer consumers an unprecedented HDexperience.
  5. 5. SINGLE DOUBLELAYER LAYERA single-layer Blu-ray disc can hold A double-layer Blu-ray disc25GB of data, a dramaticimprovement over DVDs 4.7GB. can hold 50 GBThis is enough for approximately 2.5 This is enough for approximately 4.5hours of high-definition video or 13 hours of high-definition video or 20hours of standard-definition video. hours of standard-definition video.
  6. 6. Pits: Spiral grooves that run from the centre of the disc to the edges Bumps-other sides of these edges(0.15 MICRONS) Track pitch-Distancebetween the two tracks Mode of storage-disc stores digitally of the pits on encoded data in PITSsurface(O.32 MICRONS)
  7. 7. Pits contain bumps.Data is recorded within the layer provided within the Blu-ray Disc (BD)Discs store digitally encoded video and audio informationin pits -- spiral grooves that run from the center of the discto its edges. A laser reads the other side of these pits -- thebumps -- to play the movie or program that is stored on theDVD. The more data that is contained on a disc, the smallerand more closely packed the pits must be. The smaller thepits (and therefore the bumps), the more precise thereading laser must be.DATA TRANSFER RATE-36MBPS
  8. 8. CD DVD Blu-rayRecording laser 780nm 650nm 405nmwavelengthThickness 1.11 0.6 0.1Recording capacity 0.65gb 4.7gb 23305gb 25025gbLine speed 1.20m/sec 3.49m/sec 5.28m/s 4.92m/s
  9. 9. COMPARISON BETWEEN BD AND DVD BD DVD1. Can store large 1. Cannot store large amount of data amount of data2. It uses blue-violet 2. It uses Red-laser ray..hence it can ray..hence it cannot be concentrated be concentrated accurately and accurately and hence hence the data the data cannot be can be compressed compressed 3. Its thickness is 0.63. Its thickness is 0.1
  10. 10. A single sided 25 gigabyte Blu-ray disc hosts the capacity of approximately 36CDs.T o enable this huge capacity, the Blu-ray disc incorporates a track pitch of0.32 microns, compared to the 0.74 microns track pitch of DVD disc. Thediameter of the laser spot is about one fifth as that of DVD. Because of the blueviolet laser short 405 nano meter recording wavelength and the object lenseslarge 0.85 numerical aperture, the recording layer must be situated extremelyclose to the disc surface.
  11. 11. BLU RAY ‘S DURABILITY ADVANTAGE Various hard coating technologies make Bly ray disc most durable and family -friendly” Hard-coating technology provides resistance to: - Finger prints - Marks - Scratches - Dust Much more ROBUST than today’s polycarbonate-based CD/DVD’s (and HD DVD’s)
  12. 12. FEATURES OF BDWith BD we can: Record HDTV without any quality loss Instantly skip to any spot on disc Record one program while watching other on the disc Create playlists Edit or reorder programs recorded on disc Automatically search for an empty space on the disc to avoid recording over a program Access to web to download subtitles and other extra features And many more…
  13. 13. Capacity: 25GB (single layer), 50GB (dual layer). Tested up to 100GB, the theoretical limit is 200GB.Compression: MPEG-2, AVC MPEG-4, VC-1Max Resolution: 1980x1080/24p, 601, 50iMax Video Bitrates: 40MbpsAudio Codec: Linear PCM, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS HDMax Audio Streams: 32 streamsBackers: Sony, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, LG Electronics, Matsushita (Panasonic), Mitsubishi, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sharp, TDK, Thomson Multimedia. Possibly Microsoft.Compatibility: Backwards-compatible with standard DVD.Interactivity: Java-based