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Cmmi model – capabilities maturity model integration


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CMMI MODEL – Capabilities Maturity Model Integration

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Cmmi model – capabilities maturity model integration

  1. 1. CMMI MODEL – CapabilitiesMaturity Model IntegrationA process improvement approach Presented by: Momina Saleem Ghania Mansoor Saman Maqsood
  2. 2. According to the Software Engineering Institute (SEI, 2008), CMMI helps1. integrate traditionally separate organizational functions2. set process improvement goals and priorities3. provide guidance for quality processes4. provide a point of reference for appraising current processes
  3. 3. AREAS OF INTEREST • These are three areas of interest of CMMI along with their model codes1. Product and service development — CMMI for Development (CMMI-DEV)2. Service establishment, management, and delivery — CMMI for Services (CMMI-SVC)3. Product and service acquisition — CMMI for Acquisition (CMMI-ACQ)
  4. 4. CMMI REPRESENTATION• Continuous RepresentationThe continuous representation is designed to allow the user to focus on the specific processes that are considered important for the organizations immediate business objectives, or those to which the organization assigns a high degree of risks.• Staged RepresentationThe staged representation is designed to provide a standard sequence of improvements, and can serve as a basis for comparing the maturity of different projects and organizations
  5. 5. REASONS FOR APPRAISAL• To determine how well the organization’s processes compare to CMMI best practices, and to identify areas where improvement can be made• To inform external customers and suppliers of how well the organization’s processes compare to CMMI best practices• To meet the contractual requirements of one or more customers
  6. 6. RESULTS • Increases of performance in following;1. Cost2. Schedule3. Productivity4. Quality5. Customer satisfaction
  7. 7. Comparing CMMI with ISO 9001 andMalcolm Baldrige• ISO 9001 is the ISO Standard for Quality Management System (QMS)• Malcolm Baldrige is the most widely used organizational framework for performance excellence in U.S. and the basis for national Baldrige Award in U.S. It also provides criteria for an organizations self-assessment.