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ABB certificate ocs ac450 processor os500 os


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ABB automation treining

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ABB certificate ocs ac450 processor os500 os

  1. 1. Mrs Amen Te Electrical Engineer Norwegian Cruise Lines has successfully completed the ABB Automation Training Course : 1%/ iaintenanee ct" ABB GCS System : A€45@ Preeesser and ®S5W flperater Station Va. ‘.1? Ti wk. -t. «;: z-: <.? z»-‘ _, . F? U held from January 30"‘ to February 3 "l 2006 at : Training Center of ABB Process Solutions & Services Spa Molo Giano Genova, Italy ‘¢$"§b‘-Q‘ Ar‘ , ~ I I . m11‘iilrf" w . ' Leading Instructor : Mr Giovanni Carra’ Genova , February 3'" 2006 % / Emilio Marcolini ABB PS&S Spa Training Center Mngr