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Pak army


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Pak army

  1. 1. Men At Their Best
  2. 2. Pakistan Military is located in Kakul near Abottabad. It was established in Oct 1947. there are three battalion each with four companies. The courses offered are PMA Long Course, PMA Graduate Course, Technical Graduate Course, Integrated Course and Lady cadet Course
  3. 3. Special Services Group (SSG) also known as Black Storks or Maroon Berets are special operational military units of Pakistan Army mandated with 14 primary and special missions. It was established in March 23 1956. its size officially is 7000 men in 10 Battalions however it is classified as increased to 3 Brigades commanded by a Major General
  4. 4. Pakistan Armored Corps is the premiere combat arm of Pakistan Army. Equipped with more than 2000 main battle tanks the corps is organized into 2 armored divisions and a number of independent Brigades. It was established in 1773. during partition Pakistan inherited 6 armored Regiments. Since then it has expanded to 45 Regiment. Based at the garrison of Nowshehra Pakistan Armored Corps is the ‘MAILED FIST’ of Pakistan army and pride of Pakistani
  5. 5. Pakistan Army Aviation had only 4 Auster Airplane in 1947. Pakistan received LI-19s in 1958, OH-13s during Korean conflict. Then 1960s saw the induction of Alloutte-III from France and Mi-8 from Russia. Then PUMA Cargo helicopters from France were inducted in 1978,COBRA from USA in 1985 and Mi-17 helicopters from Russia.
  6. 6. Pak Army Medical Corps is the administrative(non combat) branch of Pakistan Army. Having served since 1947 as support role. It has also the secondary role of providing civil services to wider Pakistani community. Its total manpower is 50000+ with Rgt HQ in Abottabad. Its mission is to support in combat operation It has a wide network of CM Hospitals it has worked with UN in National & International disaster rehabilitation.
  7. 7. Arsalan Ahmed Malik