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Arslan CV 2016


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Arslan CV 2016

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae ARSLAN SHEIKH Cell #: +92-334-3569624. E-Mail: Address: House # 113/12 near Qubaa Mosque Malir Colony Karachi. CAREER OBJECTIVE: To source a challenging position in an organization that offers opportunities for professional growth and careers oriented development with a cordial working environment. A highly skilled accomplished and talented Assistant Network / System Administrator, Hardware Maintenance, Network Troubleshooter, IP CCTV Engineer, IP PABX, IP Phone (VoIP), GPU Based Media Server & VMS (Video Management System) Operator with extensive hands-on experience with a wide range of Electronic Security System & Honeywell Analog / IP CCTV & Fire Alarm Products. Having more than 9 years of working experience in the mentioned field. Looking for a challenging position to contribute my skills and knowledge in a renowned organization. CAREER SUMMARY  More than 6 years of work experience as an Assistant Network Administrator.  Two Years and 8 months of work experience as a Senior I.T, CCTV & Video Management Systems Support Engineer.  6 Months of work experience as a CCTV Control Room & Fire Alarm Operator.  8 Months of work experience as a Bio-Medical Technician,  Configuring and Maintaining NVR, DVR, HVR, Recording Server, VMS Server, Access Control Machine, Face Detection Time Attendance Machine, IP PABX, IP Phone (VoIP) and Other Security Equipment / Panels.  Wide Knowledge about PTZ Cam, Panoramic Cam, Fish Eye Cam, Fish Eye DE-Warping, Thermal Camera & Thermal Imager Software (Sync Imaging Mode).  Wide Knowledge about Honeywell IP CCTV Products & Fire Alarm Panel and Systems.  Working with IR illuminator, External IR and integration with IP PTZ Cameras.  Implement Video Wall with Multi Display Technology, and Multi GPU Matrix Display.  Exposure to Configuring & Troubleshooting LAN and WAN, Modems, SFP Module, Cisco Switches, installation and integration of networking equipment.  Prepare and Configure Active Directory Domain Controller (ADDC), DHCP & FTP Server.  Implementing Security Policies at Organizational level.  Experience of dealing with vendors to buy equipment for the infrastructure – analyzing and finalizing the right equipment, as per the requirements.  Making wireless IP Surveillance system with Ubiquiti Wireless Network Products.  Micro Equipment level repairing of IP PTZ Cameras, Analog Cameras, and Video Recording Devices.
  2. 2. I.T & TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE:  Strong knowledge about Video Management Systems, Video analytics & Intelligent Modules of Video Management Software.  Strong knowledge about GPU based Media Server Making & Customizing.  Strong knowledge about GPU Accelerated CCTV HD Video Decoding & Management.  Strong knowledge about CCTV IP Cameras, HD Cameras, AHD Cameras, Fish Eye Cameras, Fish Eye De-Warping & Analog Cameras.  Super Strong Knowledge about IP Cameras Encoding,H.264-H.265 Compression, Bit Rate & Frame Rate Management, Dual & Tri Video Stream Management, Built-in Recording Space Management, Network Configuring, Port Configuring, PoE Cameras Settings, ICR, WDR, DNR, BLC, Alarming & Motion Detecting with Area Masking Config.  Knowledge about CooVox IP PABX System (IP Phone VoIP).  Strong knowledge about DVR, NVR (External Input/output Integration, RS-232 & 485, Alarming & Motion Detecting, Video Analytic Config, Storage Management with DAS & E-SATA) and other security equipment with online configuration.  Strong knowledge about Genius Vision VMS, Macroscop VMS, Aimetis VMS, Wavestore VMS, AplusView VMS, Samsung Magic Info, Axxon VMS, Milestone VMS Surveillance System with Intelligent Video Analytics.  Strong knowledge about Video Wall, Video Wall Processor, SMD, Video Wall Panels, GPU Based Video Wall, Surround View & Matrix View video configuration and commissioning.  Knowledge about Honeywell Fire Alarm Panel Systems and other security devices.  Knowledge about Door Lock Systems, Access Control Systems & Its Integrations.  Knowledge about PTZ Cameras, PTZ Keyboards, PTZ Network Keyboards, PTZ Presets.  Knowledge about GSM Security Systems, Biometric Devices Security Systems.  Knowledge about Fiber Optic Digital Media Converters, Network Media Converters.  Strong Knowledge about making customized Rack mount Network Video Recorders.  Strong knowledge about network hardware including servers, routers, and other computer devices.  Knowledge about Windows XP, Vista, Seven, 8, 8.1,10, Win Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2.  Wide Knowledge System Hardware (Processor, Ram ddr1, ddr2, ddr3, Hard Drive SATA, IDE, All types of Motherboard, Power supply etc.)  Ability to Configure RAID Controller of All types.  Strong Knowledge of NAS Drives (Network Attached Storage), DAS Drives (Direct Attached Storage) & SAN (Storage Area Network).  Proficiency in NVR (Network video Recorder) Servers.  Possess in-depth knowledge of various telecommunication systems.  Depth knowledge about Ubiquiti Wireless products P2P, Point to Multi Point & Mesh Network connectivity (Omni Antenna, Sector Antenna, Nano Stations Etc.).  Well understanding of Bridging and switching concepts and LAN technologies.  Sound knowledge of routing protocols IP addressing and Subnetting, Routing concepts & Port forwarding.  Repairing computers, cameras, video recording devices, and other electronics equipment.  Using SMD tool for micro component level repairing.
  3. 3. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:  From January 2014 to August 2016 as a SeniorTechnical, I.T & Video ManagementSystemSupport Engineer in Hilite TechnologiesPvt. Ltd. Karachi. Responsibilities:  Install and program the CCTV systems in the light commercial, residential & industrial environment.  Designed the site drawings, presentations and install the system accordingly on the plans drawn earlier.  Giving demos to the Customers, with High Quality Products.  Survey sites and making complete plan of the project. (Pre Sales).  Making Estimation, BOQs, Project Plan, Quotations for the Project.  Making initial diagrams of the site on AutoCAD & MS Visio Pro etc.  Checking Testing and installing Thermal Camera with duo Cam (Analog & IP Based)  Maintain Office Server Backup, E-Mails & QuickBooks Backup.  Configuring & Testing Video Management Software’s Intelligent Video Analytics.  Making different video demos about various types of Intelligent Video Analytics.  Manage huge range of IP Cameras archiving Storage Server.  Manage Video Management Software Server & other hardware equipment.  Responsible for testing of Ubiquiti Wi-Fi Products for wireless video surveillance system(P2P & Point to multi point Connectivity).  Responsible for testing and configuring Access Control Devices, Time Attendance Machines(ZKTeco), Face Recognition& other security equipment for customer.  Configuring DVR, NVR, HVR, for online connectivity for remote& local surveillance.  Testing and Integration of IR illuminator & External IR with IP Cameras & Analog Cameras.  Upgrading DVR, NVR, HVR & IP Cameras firmware, hardware resetting & password cracking of all types of NVR, DVR & HVR.  Making online PTZ Presets for customer and integrate with PTZ Keyboard and online testing with dual WAN& VLAN connectivity.  Making Video Recording Server according to VMS’s hardware requirement for windows based surveillance systems.  Equipment level repairing of PTZ Cameras, IP Cameras, Analog Cameras & Video Recording Systems, (OSD Cable Changing, CCD Changing, PTZ Motor Repairing), in free time. Supervised Projects: Generation School(Karachi). System: CCTV& Video Management System. Role: Installation, Programming and Commissioning with Control Room Designing. Product: Advert Cameras, Cisco, Allied Telesis Switches & Macroscop VMS. Hub Pak Salt (Karachi). System: CCTV & Video Management System. Role: Installation, Programming and Commissioning with Video Management & Splitting VIA Panasonic HD Projector & Video Splitter. Product: Advert Cameras, Cisco, Switch & Standalone Advert Network Video Recorder.
  4. 4.  From July 2013 to December2013 as a CCTV Control RoomOperator in THE PLACE (Nuemultiplex Cinemas)D.H.A. Karachi. Responsibilities:  Maintain NVR &Server for Network Video Recording with IP Cameras.  Manage NAS (Network Attached Drive) and DAS (Direct Attached Drive) for Recording.  Connect and Maintain Remote Client PC with NVR Server.  Desktop PCs Maintain and Operating Systems & other Applications Installed.  Using AplusView Surveillance Software with 150 CH (2 Megapixel IP Camera) Management.  Handled the Problems of IP Cameras, PTZ Cameras&Managed / Unmanaged Switches.  Manage / Configure Cisco Switches for PoE - IP Cameras.  Handled the tasks of maintaining various software and hardware systems.  Responsible for checking Camera Security Alarms and Fire Alarms.  Handled the tasks of Recording and preserving confidential information.  Resolved problems, Queries, Emergencies and complaints affecting quality or availability of services.  Provided technical advice to IT Staff and other departments on Software, Systems, Hardware, and Data Communication.  6 Years (2007 to 2012) as an Assistant Network Administrator in THE PAFARS COMPANY. Pvt. Ltd. Karachi. Responsibilities:  Learning & Working within a TCP/IP Network environment, Including DHCP, FTP, DNS & AD Server.  Troubleshooting wireless & wired connectivity problems.  Responsible for routine IT desktop software problem support such as Email, Office, Windows Network, Virus etc. for all staff.  Deploying new hardware, server backups & evaluating new software & security risks.  Installation & troubleshoot issues related software.  Ensuring proper working of all the equipment.  Co-coordinating with vendors for internet linkage.  Ensured that Computer Related equipment are under the supervision of concerned Head of I.T.  Performed service and maintained telephones and telephone systems like PABX.  Maintain and Troubleshoot Printing Network.  Maintain all Switches, Routers & Bridge Connection.  Daily check network security protocols, anti-virus and firewall configuration.  Secure & Backup all Database & SQL Server.  Configure & Maintain Remote Connections & Servers.  Solve all Hardware & Software main issue.  Check & Maintain All Equipment on Daily Basis.  Making backup of all computer weekly in external backup drive.  Repairing computers & network tools.  Report all Daily Activities Directly to The G.M via E-Mail.
  5. 5.  1 Year as a Network Troubleshooterin INFO NETWORKKarachi. Responsibilities:  Troubleshoot via Ping to all User connectivity.  Troubleshoot Fiber Optic Media Converter.  Troubleshoot all Network Switches 10/100/1000 & POE.  Troubleshoot all Network Computers & Servers.  Troubleshoot CCTV IP Cameras DVR & NVR.  Cable testing & Punching, Fiber testing & Fiber splicing knowledge.  Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Repairing Display problem.  Installing Video Card & Professional Cards for Video Wall & Matrix Display.  Troubleshooting Video Cards & Video Wall & Multi Display problems.  Installing Network Security Equipment (Finger Print Scanner, Door Lock, and Hand Punch) & All IP Base Equipment.  8 Month as a Bio-MedicalTechnicianin BAQAI HOSPITAL. Nazimabad. Karachi. Responsibilities:  Maintain & Repair Bio-Medical Equipment.  Daily Check NIBP Monitors, Suction Machine, Centrifuge Machine& SPO2 Probs.  Troubleshoot Centrifuge Machine, Infusion Pump, NIBP Monitors& Its accessories. SOFTWARE SKILLS:  QuickBooks and its Database Management, with Server and Multi User Connectivity.  MS Office 2007, 2013 & 2016 Professional Plus with Visio Professional.  MS Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Win Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 & 2012 R2.  Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, PDF Editing.  Little bit Autodesk Auto Cad LT Design.  Little bit Adobe Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Adobe Flash & Premiere  Video Management Software (AplusView VMS, Macroscop VMS, Aimetis VMS, AXON VMS, Milestone VMS& Genius Vision VMS).  GPU Based Video Conversion, Rendering & Multi Display Software. MISCELLANEOUS SKILLS:  Strong Communication / Public speaking skills.  Hard Working & Punctual,Effective troubleshooter and solving problems rapidly.  Excellent technical knowledge of all phases of application systems.  Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.  Possess good management and organizational skills.  Ability to handle multiple tasks and work under pressure.  Able to multi-task and effectively manage time with little supervision.  Understanding plans and specifications to identify the types and grades of materials and equipment needed to ensure compliance with project requirements.
  6. 6. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION: 01. Matric in General Electrician (T.S.C) Technical Board 2004 Govt Jamia Millia Vocational Institute Malir Karachi. 02. H.S.C Karachi Board 2006 Govt National College. 03. D.A.E in Electronics Technical Board 2009 Govt Jamia Millia Polytechnic Institute Malir Karachi. SHORT COURSES:  MS Office 2007 Advance.  C.I.T Complete with Hardware & Troubleshooting.  Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator Basics.  MCSE & MCSA Basics.  CCNA & CCNP Basics. PERSONAL INFORMATION:  Father‘sName: Abdul Kalam.  Religion: Islam.  Nationality: Pakistani.  D.O.B: 29th Aug 1988.  N.I.C # 42201-3585627-5.  Marital Status: Married. LANGUAGE SKILLS:  English Language.  Urdu Language. REFERENCE:  Reference will be furnished upon request.