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Test Planning_Arsala


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Test Planning_Arsala

  1. 1. Innovation Group Global Solutions Test Planning and Test Documentation Presented by: Arsala Dilshad Dated:13th November,2015
  2. 2. Agenda • Definitions of test planning and test plan • The overall objective of the test plan • Detailed objectives of test planning and test documentation • What types of tests to cover in test planning documents • A strategy for creating test plans and their components • Components of test plans • Types of Test Plan • IEEE Template for Test Plan
  3. 3. TEST PLANNING Test planning is an ongoing process and you make test plan for your testing activities execution. During this process, you execute following activities: • Use analytical tools to develop test cases • Adopt and apply a testing strategy • Create tools to control the testing • Communicate
  4. 4. TEST PLAN The ANSI/IEEE Standard 829-1983 for Software Test Documentation defines a test plan as: “A document describing the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of intended testing activities. It identifies test items, the features to be tested, the testing tasks, who will do each task, and any risks requiring contingency planning. “
  5. 5. Objectives of writing a test plan Two main objectives of a test plan: • Test plan as a product • Test plan as a tool
  6. 6. THE TEST PLAN AS A PRODUCT • Design verification test • Regression test • Managing and Organizing test effort • Alter the test plan as per client type • Manufacturing and Production test • Acceptance Testing
  7. 7. THE TEST PLAN AS A TOOL • Tool for managing testing activities • Communication • Valuable tool to find bugs • A structured, organized test flow
  8. 8. OBJECTIVES OF TEST PLANNING AND DOCUMENTATION Good test documentation provides following benefits: • Facilitates the technical tasks of testing • Improves communication about testing tasks and processes • Provides structure for organizing, scheduling and management of project
  9. 9. Test Documentation Detailed Benefits Facilitates the technical tasks of testing • Improve coverage • Avoid unnecessary repetition • Analyze the system and spot good test cases • Improve test efficiency • Check for completeness
  10. 10. Test Documentation Detailed Benefits Improves communication about testing tasks and processes • Helpful for other stakeholders of project in respect of testing • Communicate the thinking behind the tester's strategy • Elicit feedback about testing accuracy and coverage • Communicate the size of the testing • job • Divide the work
  11. 11. As a project management support tool, the test plan provides the following benefits: • Reach agreement about the testing tasks • Identify the tasks • Structure ,Organize and Coordinate • Improve individual accountability • Measure project status and • Improve project accountability Test Documentation Detailed Benefits
  12. 12. TYPES OF TESTS TO COVER IN TEST PLAN Important types of tests for selection in a test plan: • Control flow • Configuration/compatibility • Stress tests • Regression • Beta tests/Acceptance test • Release tests • Utility test
  13. 13. A STRATEGY FOR DEVELOPING COMPONENTS OF TEST PLAN • Evolutionary development of test plan • Where to focus next • Most likely errors • Most visible errors • Most often used program areas • Distinguishing urea of the program • Hardest areas to fix • Where and how to add depth • Decision trees • Lists • Test matrices
  14. 14. COMPONENTS OF TEST PLANNING DOCUMENTS We organize our test planning around: • Lists – List of reports – List of input and output variables – List of features and functions – List of error messages – List of compatible hardware – List of compatible software – List of compatible operating environments
  15. 15. COMPONENTS OF TEST PLANNING DOCUMENTS • Tables – Table of reports – Table of input values and output values – Decision table – Printer compatibility table • Outlines Function list • Matrices – Hardware matrix – Hardware combination matrix – Environment matrix
  16. 16. Types of Test Planning Documents • Master Test Plan: A single high-level test plan for a project/product that unifies all other test plans. • Testing Level Specific Test Plans: Plans for each level of testing. – Unit Test Plan – Integration Test Plan – System Test Plan – Acceptance Test Plan • Testing Type Specific Test Plans: Plans for major types of testing like Performance Test Plan and Security Test Plan
  17. 17. IEEE Template for Test Plan Test Plans follow a strict structure to ensure all aspects of testing are covered. This is stated by the ANSI/IEEE 829-1988 Test Plan Structure:
  18. 18. A CLOSING THOUGHT • Many testers generate too much paper • Main task of a tester • Select a test document type carefully