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Loisirs Numériques


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Loisirs Numériques

  1. 1. Moving Images IndustriesLyon, make your own story!
  2. 2. Video Game CiNema aNd aNimaTioN © Aga rtha Lyon metropolitan area, 2nd region in France Facts and figures: Studio avec mon jardinier for interactive digital entertainment with • 2 region in the industry after Paris nd video game makers: Atari (Developer), Did you know? • 1 region to invest in films with the creation of Rhône-Alpes Cinema st © Jean Becker | Dialogue Namco Bandaï (distribution) and Electronic Arts (distribution) d • 650 companies in the image industry in Rhône-Alpes And also: Infogrames was founde in Lyon in 1983! • 3 production studios > Around 30 development studios in Rhône-Alpes (including Ubisoft in Annecy) • 28 cinema festivals > 6 video games publishers > 23 research labs (INRIA-LIRIS…) Rhône-Alpes Cinema: a cinema production Did you know? > International competitive cluster in video-games ranked #6 in the world a leader in Europe company for which the Region is the majority share- of cinema Lyon was the birthplace holder n of the in 1895 with the inventio • Invests in co-production of feature films in Rhône-Alpes region production Development studios (Lyon) Middlewares & services Publishers & distributors • Develops cinema activities in the Rhône-Alpes «cinématographe» and Agharta Anatole Atari • Average investment of 3.5 M€ (most significant regional funding for support of of the first cinematic film brothers. Arkane | Color Cross Artefacto B2B Games creation and production) per film by the famous Lumière Artefacts © Little Worlds Studio DL3D Digital Bros • 200 feature film co-produced since its creation in 1990 and 150 directors Dig Dog Studios Donuts EA supported Eden Games Gamr7 Namco Bandaï Étranges Libellules Genezis Nobilis Ivory Tower Krysalide Ubisoft CITIA Animated > Cinema & Audiovisual Kalméo Probayes Film Center Arskinova Les Tanukis Ome Game Cap Canal -Wii Little Worlds Studio | Alice in wonderland Haute Orange © Etranges Libellules CLC Productions Mobile Interactions Group SDI Media Rhône Savoie Cocottesminute Productions Bourg en Bresse Phoenix Take Off E-Magineurs Smack Down Productions Ain Annecy France 3 s © Tanuki | Bubble Cub LYON Gebeka Films (distribution) Mona Lisa Production Loire Cinema Video St Etienne Games Chambéry Rhône-Alpes Cinema Soft ADS Savoie Serious Games Studio Anatole Isère • Forecast: 66% of European decision makers gaming for Toondra Prelight Films declare their will to integrate serious Grenoble Yeti Production training in the next 5 years Valence • “Plan France Numérique 2012” Immersive Solutions Gamr7 Ardèche 8: (Digital France Plan) launched in 200 Qoveo Documentaries Request for PointCube > Animation & Interactivity - Launch of a Serious games SimlinxDaesign (Annecy) Center Bilboquet (In Lyon and beyond) proposal Donut’s (Valence) Lussas MINATEC Micro and reness for the Les Tanukis Drôme - Increase the private sector’s awa Omegame (Valence) Nano-technology Center La Cartoucherie (Valence) SBT use of video games techniques Folimage (Valence) B2B Games Les Tanukis (Lyon - Valence) - 30M€ funding La Cartoucherie Pinka (Annecy) Animated Film Center Prelight (Lyon) Team To (Valence) A high concentration of freelance illustrators and renowned La Poudrière School Talents working for video games, animation and comics… . Juliet © Cocottesminute Prod © Les Tanukis | Lovely uctions | Rien qu’un jeu © Cassiopea - Phoenix Lanta (Survivor) | Games June’s blog © Smack Down | Koh er DS © Studio 24 | Kaamel ott© Artefacts | Moto Rac
  3. 3. a sTroNG ClusTer dediCaTed siTes iN lyoNiN CreaTiVe iNdusTries: Come and join them, and make the most of attractive land and property opportunities!Cluster dedicated to video games, animation, TV, multimedia and cinema • Lyon Vaise digital cluster: 150 • Pixel, Lyon’s very own cinecittà: • More than 100 members focus on the content industry including Atari, EA, Folimage, companies specializing in ICT and 2500sqm dedicated center for Teamto, etc. digital entertainment, including HD audiovisual production and • More than 25 million € raised in 3 years and 20 R&D projects financed per year such market leaders such as Atari, images Next to Studio 24, which as the Garden project… . Cegid, Orange and Namco Bandaï hosts the filming of the successful • 100 projects financed for commercial development, mostly internationally. on a 20 hectares fast growing serie of Kaamelott by Alexandre • More than 1000 of training for employees organized per year. Pixel by night district. Astier. • More than 10 international events attended for its members… . iNTerNaTioNal eVeNTs Join Imaginove and develop your projects in the dedicated place for image industries! To BoosT your BusiNessa hiGhly qualified workforCe A wide range of schools and specific training establishments for your needs in Interactive Entertainment, covering skills in engineering, graphics and Lyon Game Connection: computer programming: Serious Games Expo: a business convention for publishers and > The Emile Cohl School of Graphic Arts: innovative training methods developers in the video game industry This event (former Serious Games EUROBOTICA (Lyon): in the field of image creation. and a real opportunity for professionals sessions) has now become the European tradeshow dedicated to > Factory Lyon: New images school (Gaming Flash, webdesign, 3D FX, to show their game concepts and their reference event for professionals Personal and Services Robotics, sound, acting, filming & production…) development abilities. An average of in the Serious Games sector. organised by Syrobo, the European 800 visitors and 220 exhibitors with 35 > ESIA 3D Lyon (3D infography). robotics industrial union. nationalities represented. > Gamagora, the 1st professional university program in France dedicated to Interactive Entertainment in association with Imaginove which regroups companies such as Atari, EA, Eden Games…. And also: Cartoon Movie (Lyon): Gobelins (Annecy), La Poudrière (Valence, dedicated to animated movie). a European Forum for feature animation films coproduction with 500 professionals and 30 countries represented each year. Success story ONIO, IX, The Lyon GIx NAP. Raphaël COLANT RE ZOPOLE / LYON access ARKANE STUDIO S, re and optimal Creative Director as) Facilitated, secu the guarantee of Lyon, Austin (Tex to th e network with optic ks to the dense its reputation as the high speed than Lyon has earned Over the years, video games. Th e local fibre network. w best place in Fr community is ance for making dedicated, mul ti-cultural and highly atforms. Did you know? of production pl experie nced in all types Clint Eastwood was the godfather of the Festival Lumière (Lyon): The International Animation first edition of the Lyon international festival dedicated to Film Market (Annecy): Lumière Film festival cinema organized by the Lumière launched in October Institute and will award the Prix THE event for co-producing, 2009. Lumière to a modern film director buying, selling, financing and in recognition of his/her works distributing animation content launched in 2009 across all platforms io ud St © Agartha © 2K Games & Arkane | Bioshock 2 © Emile Cohl, School of Graphics Arts
  4. 4. CompeTiTiVe CosTs iT’s iN lyoN, aNdfor your business Nowhere else! The 2nd largest city in France and the capital of the Rhône-Alpes region (with a population of over 6 million people and the 5th highest regionalAmong the most competitive business real estate prices in Europe, GDP), Lyon offers a rare combination of economic strength and a highLyon ranks 2nd in foreign real estate investments in France with: LOwER COST THAN OTHER standard of living. MAjOR EUROPEAN CITIES > 4.6 million sq.m. of office space (equals to Barcelona) Primes rent excl. tax (€/sq. m/year) > Hub of the European TGV system placing Lyon only 1hr55 from Paris > 300,000 sq.m. of office space and 650,000 sq.m. (a TGV train every 30 minutes during peak hours) of warehouse and business real estate are immediately available London West End 1020 > An international airport connecting Lyon to over 100 national Paris Business District 780 and international destinations with a low cost flight hub > 65,000 sq.m. of new office space is delivered every year Milan 550 (on average) > 3rd city in France for its quality of life and leisure & activities (Le Dublin 540 Point, 2008)UNESCO’s 2nd largest urban World Heritage Site and the Franfurt 456 European capital of gastronomy Amsterdam 330 > One of France’s leading tourist areas, just 1 hour from 190 Alpine © Prelight | Pic & Plok Barcelona 282 ski resorts, 30 minutes from the Beaujolais wine country and 2 hours Brussels 275 from the beaches of the Mediterranean. Lyon 260 > Major Cultural Events: the Light Festival, Les Nuits Sonores Source: CB Richard Ellis - March 2009 (electronic music festival), the Dance Biennial, the Contemporary Art Biennial, the Lumière Festival, The Fourvière Nights… and much more! by Direct flights to train 53 international destinations: by flight Amsterdam, Basel, Barcelona, Berlin, © Eden Games | Alone in the Dark 5 by Bologna, Brussels, Copenhagen, motor way Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gothenburg, COST OF LIVING London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Prague, Rome, Stuttgart, Zurich… 100 110 111 114 118 122 124 126 London 1h45 Amsterdam — + 1h20 Brussels 3h45 Frankfurt Three TGV high-speed train on rc h st a m ris n on ue 1h20 Am lon ila Ba nic da ag Ly nd Pa 1h20 stations for local, national and M u er e Pr Lo M Paris European destinations. 4h 1h50 Index calculated on the basis of ten criteria: Basic food items, alcohol and tobacco, household products, cosmetics, home services, utilities, France’s most extensive restaurants, transportation, sport and leisure. 1h15 Zurich (Source: Mercer human Resource Consulting - 2008) © Etranges Libellules | Arthur et les Minimoys motorway network 1h40 Geneva Lyon 1h50 1h15 Milan 1h30 1h45 Turin France’s leading public French Alps transport system outside 3h 1h40 Paris: Marseille 4 subway lines, 4 tramway lines, 2 funicular lines and nearly 100 1h20 Barcelona bus lines serving more than 55 Madrid 1h45 towns within a 60-km radius. © Folimage | Mia © Cocottesminute Productions | Profession Humanitaire © GEBEKA Films (distribution) |
  5. 5. succeed faster! 1009-GBBenefit from Aderly’s expertise, based on more than 30 years of experience in business projects: Photos credits: © Marie Perrin - © www.b-rob.comYour move made easy by customized services and a professional team:Information on the region, its economy and industrial baseReal estate solutions adapted to the constraints of your activity (space, logistics, connectivity,equipment…)Introduction to the network of actors from the Creative Industries sector and interface with theright contactsAssistance in your dealings with the local authoritiesAdvice on administrative formalities, tax and financial mattersHelp in recruiting trained and qualified staffAssistance for your existing staff relocating to Lyon (housing, school enrolment, jobsearch for spouse, etc.). Are you looking to set up A business? ContACt us! Lyon Area Economic Development Agency Place de la Bourse - 69289 Lyon Cedex 02 - FRANCE / +33 (0)4 72 40 59 63 /