VMware End-User Computing & vSphere with Operations Management Sales Cheat Sheet


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At-a-glance cheat sheet to help you better identify the opportunity to sell VMware End-User Computing solutions and vSphere with Operations Management. Learn about the benefits, your customer challenges and get insight into the questions to ask.

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VMware End-User Computing & vSphere with Operations Management Sales Cheat Sheet

  1. 1. vSpherewith Operations Management WHATIS IT? vSpherewith Operations Management combinestheworld’s leading virtualisation platformwith best-in-class management capabilities.This new solution enables usersto gain operational insight into avSphere environment while optimising capacity. TARGETAUDIENCE > AnyexistingvSphere customerwithvSphere Essentials Plus orhigherand interested in maximisingthe capacityand performance oftheirexisting vSphere environment > AnyexistingvSphere customerwithvSphere Essentials Plus interested in expandingtheirvirtualisation deployment > Whitespaceornewprospectswithover20 hostsinhigh-endSMBsegments CUSTOMER CHALLENGES > Operational challenges caused byrapid deployment orexpansion ofvirtualisation > Lack ofoperational insight intotheirenvironment > Visibilityofcapacityto avoidwastedtime and money > Protection ofVM’s and availabilityinthe event ofadisasteroroutage BENEFITS > Reducethe downtime ofapplications by36% > Reduce diagnostics and problem resolutiontime by26% > ImproveVMwarecapacityutilisationby40%andconsolidationratiosby37% > Doublethe ITsavings ofvSphere QUESTIONSTOASK > Would it be ofvalueto be ableto restart aVM in lessthan 5 minutes? > Howdoyou protectyourVM’sfromfailure? > Areyou planningto expandyourvirtualisationfootprint beyond 3 nodes? > Is it avalueto have continuous availabilityofyourVM’s? (e.g. secondVM always readytotake overifprimarydies) > Wouldyoufindvalue in load balancing and improved sharing between vSphere hosts? > Areyou interested in non-disruptive storage migration? > Would you find value in improving the management ofyour virtualisation network? > Is maintaining regulatorycompliance importanttoyourbusiness? HorizonView WHATIS IT? VMwareHorizonView™deliversdesktopservicesfromyourcloudtoenable end-userfreedom and ITmanagementandcontrol. Enablesecure,scalable,and reliabledesktop services unmatchedbyphysicalPC’sallwithoutcompromising onuserexperience. TARGETAUDIENCE > Organisations upto 250 users > Targetverticals include Healthcare, Public Sectorand Financial Services CUSTOMER CHALLENGES > Traditional desktops are costlyand difficultto maintain > Proliferation ofnewdevices, platforms and applications creates additional complexity > Securityand compliance concerns > End-usersmoremobileandhavehigherexpectationsonhowtobeproductive > Demandsforbusiness agilityand responsivenessto competitive pressure > Time consuming desktop and application patching BENEFITS > Simplified ITmanagement > Increased securityand control > Reduced ITcosts > Increased end-useraccess andflexibilityforWindows desktop services > Enable secure accessformobile/remoteworkers > Superiorexperienceforeveryuserpersona QUESTIONSTOASK > Areyourusers expecting accesstothe systemstheyusefrom new platforms? Doyou needto securelyfacilitatethese users? > Doesyourorganisation have ageographicallydisperseworkforce? > Wouldyou like an economical and securewayforthemto use yoursystems overthe LAN,WAN and public infrastructure? > Whattypes ofuserpersonas does ITsupport inyourorganisation? > Which personas areyou consideringfordesktopvirtualisation? > WoulditbehelpfultolearnhowdesktopvirtualisationcanreducedesktopTCO? > Would it be helpfulto learn howdesktopvirtualisation can enforce policies, enforce datacompliance and enable more datasecurity? Horizon Mirage WHATIS IT? VMwareHorizonMirageisanimagemanagementsolutionthatseparatesthePC intologicallayersthatareownedandmanagedbyeitheryourITorganisationor theend-user.YoucanupdateIT-managedlayerswhilemaintainingend-userfiles andpersonalisation.Tomaximiseend-userproductivity,snapshotsandbackups oflayereddesktopimagesenablequickrecoveryorrollbackincaseoffailure. TARGETAUDIENCE > TraditionalViewcustomersegments > Anyorganisationthat is usingVieworotherVDI solution is atarget asthey mayunderstandthe benefits ofcontrol but mayhave usersthat cannot practicallyusetraditionalVDI > Customersthat have been hesitantto useVDI because of the backend datacentre requirements CUSTOMER CHALLENGES > Executives, professionals and poweruserswanttotailor theirPC’s > Locking down PCswith Group Policyorothertechniques is not an option forsome users > VDI notviableforsome users > Spending considerabletime and resourcestriaging PC’s > Time consumingto upgrade OS and applications > ITtasks are disruptiveto end-users and decreasetheirproductivity > Costlysupportforbranch offices Sales Cheat Sheet vSphere with Operations Management & End-User Computing
  2. 2. arrowecs.co.uk BENEFITS > Centralised image managementwith local execution > The creation ofvirtual “layers”onthe PC including OS, apps and data withoutthe use ofahypervisor > An alternativetotraditionalVDIforcertain use > Seamless ITOS and application updateswithout end-userdisruption > End-userempowermentto remediate issues ontheirown > An alternativeto manual and laborious OS (WinXPtoWin7) and other application upgrades > Asimple disasterrecoverysolution QUESTIONSTOASK > Doyou have userswhowere not goodfitsforVDI? > Ifyou are not usingVDI,what ifyou could get manyofthe benefits but withoutthe network and datacenterresource requirements? > HaveyoutriedlockingdownPC’swiththingslikeGroupPolicy?Wasitsuccessful? > Would it be helpful ifsome users could install some personal appswhile corporate standard OS, apps, dataand settingswere always maintained? > Doesthe help desk and desktop support spendtoo muchtime chasing down userissues caused bychangesthe users madetotheirPC’s? > Would it be helpful ifend-users could restoretheirPC’swhentheybreak something dueto achangethattheymade and avoid calling someone? > Wouldyou benefitfrom asolutionthat could help speed upyourremaining Windows XPmigration? > Do users expectyourorganisationto restoretheirPC image iftheirPC is stolen/lost/broken? HorizonWorkspace WHATIS IT? VMware HorizonWorkspace simplifiesthe end-userexperience and reduces ITcosts bycombining applications and datainto asingle enterprise-class aggregatedworkspace, securelydelivered on anydevice. Forthe administrator, the result is simpler, centralised, policy-based management and end-users gain freedom ofmobilitythrough anytime, anywhere access. TARGETAUDIENCE > Organisations upto 250 users > Organisationsexperiencingmultipledeviceproliferationacrosstheorganisation CUSTOMER CHALLENGES > NewDevices and Platforms ofaMulti-DeviceWorkplace > Proliferation ofSaaS, MobileApplications and aneedto provide legacy enterpriseweb applications is increasing management complexity > File collaborationwith colleagues, customers and partners > Newsecurityand compliance requirementsfordataand applications availabletothe mobileworkforce BENEFITS > Enables anewand improvedwaytoworkforboth ITand end-usersviaan aggregatedworkspace > Allowseasy,secureandflexibleaccesstoallapplications,dataanddesktops > Greatercontrolviacentralised policies, useridentity, andvisibility > Lowercosts ofmanagingthe end-userenvironment > End-users enjoyhighlyavailable and easyaccessto applications and data from anymobile device QUESTIONSTOASK > Doyou subsidise orallowyourusersto purchasetheirown device, programs, orservices? > Areyou leftwith increased burdens ofaccess, support and security? > Doyou have challenges delivering consistent userexperiences across avarietyofdevices and platforms? > Doyou have needto provide mobile datasharingtoyourworkforce? > Doyoufindyourworkforce applyingtoo manyunsecured orcloud-based document sharing services such as DropBox? > Areyou concernedwith dataleakage orunsecureforms offile sharing? > Doesyourbusiness handle sensitive information such as: intellectual property, legal documents, personallyidentifiable information,financial data, orgovernment classified data? > Areyou required by3rd partycompliance, government regulations oraudit policiesto demonstrate secure accessto sensitive information? Horizon Suite WHATIS IT? VMware Horizon solutionstransformtraditionalWindows PC’s into centralised servicesto simplifyITcontrolwhile extending desktop servicesto newplaces. HorizonViewvirtualises desktops intothe datacentreto enable roaming accessto centralised desktop services and increased securityand compliance byremoving dataand applications offthe endpoint. Horizon Mirage enables centralised management ofWindows desktop imagesthat are deployed locally onto desktops and laptops. TARGETAUDIENCE > vSphere customerbasewith approx 30%virtualisation > Minnimum of250 desktops > Previous HorizonViewcustomers > Manydistributed sites/branches > Offline and Roaming Laptop users > Existing HorizonViewcustomers > PreviouslylostViewopportunity > KeyverticalsincludeFinancialServices,Government,EducationandHealthcare CUSTOMER CHALLENGES > Challengeswith image management and migration complexity > Needto delivereffective cost management,while maintaining high levels ofbusiness agilityduring aWindows 7 Migration > Difficultiesdeliveringend-usersupportformultipledevices,OSandappsinuse > Seek cost efficienciesthrough BYOD initiatives and enabling newdevices such as Macs and iPads > Cost Control and ITOpEx efficiency > Time and resources devotedto being ontop ofSecurityand Compliance requirements BENEFITS > Streamline and simplifyoperations byturning disparate operating systems, applications and datainto centralised services > Centralised services mean end-userassets can be managed, secured, backed up and kept currentfrom asingle place > Empoweruserswiththefreedomto choosethe right deviceforeachtask > Galvanise productivitybydelivering aconsistent, intuitive and collaborative computing experience across all devices QUESTIONSTOASK > Howareyou enabling devicesforthe corporate network? > Howareyou providing secure mobile accessforyourworkforce? > What’s preventingyoufrom reducing desktop costs orstoppingyou doing morewiththe same/less resources? > Howquicklycanyou deployadesktopto aworkerin anothercountry? > HowmuchITtouchandinfrastructureisrequiredtomanagebranchoffices? > Howmuch downtime doyourremote employees experience dueto desktop issues? > Howreliable isyourcurrent desktop environment? > Howcanyou provide continuous availabilityto desktops even inthe event ofadisaster? For more support selling vSphere with Operations Management or End-User Computing solutions contact your Arrow ECS Account Manager, email vteam@arrowecs.co.uk or call 0118 913 0690