Unlocking the Value of Delivering Services Event – Monday 18th March 2013 – VMware VSPP


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  • vCloud Datacenter Service compliments your private cloud and/or internal datacenter by providing enterprise class hybrid cloud built on same infrastructure as your private cloud.
  • VMware is not only the fastest growing software company and market leader in the to enterprise clients. VMware is also leading the charge to the Public Cloud by providing , not competing with, our Service Provider partners with solutions to build, manage and deliver multi-tenant clouds that offer the greatest reduction in IT cost and complexity and significantly increased business agility.
  • In this slide, Service Providers can see how VMware is building software and services to help them monetize the growing demand for cloud. VMware has a complete suite of products designed to help every Service Provider to offer high margin differentiated cloud services. At the bottom of the stack we have vSphere which is the foundation for cloud infrastructures providing the best platform with high availability, performance and SLAs to run any application in the cloud. vCloud Director, vShield and Chargeback provide the multi-tenancy, isolation and metering needed to manage customers in the cloud. On the top left we have vCenter Operations which is a new offering from VMware aimed at reducing operational complexity in the core stack with performance and SLA management capabilities, capacity forecasting and management. vCenter Configuration Manager allows you to sell compliance services to your customers for their workloads. ON the top right we have vCIM which is aimed at reducing the operational complexity involved in onboarding customers, defining and managing products and going to market through partners.
  • Unlocking the Value of Delivering Services Event – Monday 18th March 2013 – VMware VSPP

    1. 1. VMware Service Provider Program 3.0 Colin Thompson Manager Service Providers UK& Ire cothompson@vmware.com © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
    2. 2. VMware Based Infrastructure as a Service - Conceptual View Enterprise Customer Service Providers VMware Cloud Management VMware Cloud Management App App Loads Loads VMware vSphere VMware vSphere Hybrid Cloud Private Cloud Composition of 2 or vCloud Powered more interoperable clouds, enabling Services/Public data and application VMware focus portability Cloud to deliver the best of both worlds2
    3. 3. 2 vCloud Markets Channel & Start Up DaaS SaaS PaaS IaaS 3
    4. 4. The Leading Public Clouds Partner with VMwareProven in the Trenches •9,500+ VSPP partners •4 out of 5 of Public Cloud IaaS Gartner Magic Quadrant Service Providers •75% of ALL named Service Providers in the Gartner report Source: Gartner (December 2011)4 Confidential
    5. 5. VMware is the Service Provider-Proven Market Leader VSPP Momentum • 213 % growth in ’11 YoY Revenues • 149% growth in ‘11 YoY Agreements • 100 % growth in ’11 YoY Registrations • 9,500+ VSPP partners • Deployments in 60+ countries5 Confidential
    6. 6. Pay as you Go/ Pay as you Grow Consumption Model Ability to subscribe to specific VMware products Aligns to the way hosters charge their customers Tailored entry points to suit all sizes of Service Providers Low start up costs - minimal upfront capital investment 12-month fixed price contract Allows VSPP partners to mix and match various products during a given month Includes Support for the products rented Includes contractual amendment to VMware EULA, allowing VMware products to be used in a hosted environment Provides VSPP partners with an OpEx strategy for investing in VMware infrastructure6 Confidential
    7. 7. Subscription Point Plans – Think Cell Phone Minutes Work with a VMware Authorized Aggregator • Aggregator Search Available on Partner Locator  http://partnerlocator.vmware.com/ • Each product available on the contract has an associated point value • Rental requires minimum monthly commitment – 12 months • ALL contracts include EULA amendment to allow use of VMware products in hosted environments • Contract Minimum Monthly Commitment Levels  360 Points  1,800 Points  3,600 Points  10,800 Points  18,000 Points  30,000 Points  Custom SKU7 Confidential
    8. 8. VSPP Program – Easy To Grow • Minimum 4 VCP and • Sign Contract with Aggregator at 18,000 or 30,000 points or above Premier •MDF Funds available Premier •2000 GB of vRAM for Cloud Test environments • Minimum 2 VCPs and Enterprise • Sign Contract with Aggregator at 3,600 Enterprise or 10,800 points or above •IUL Licenses at discount, 500GB of vRAM for test environments • Minimum 1 VCP and Professional • Sign Contract with Aggregator at 360 or 1,800 points or above Professional •NFR Licenses, 100GB of vRAM for test • Online Application + Registered Registered Clickthrough Agreement *Note without the partner status you can sign all pts plans without the VCP requirements now8 8
    9. 9. vCloud Powered Services VMware-compatible IaaS cloud services Cater to a broad range of audiences and use cases Validated by VMware A Service Provider Technology Badge Momentum in 2012 Technical criteria • 150+ services across 30 countries • Service is based on VMware vSphere and • Continued interest from our partner vCloud Director ecosystem • Exposes the vCloud API • Strong validation of demand from • Supports OVF for image import and customers export Eligibility criteria • Minimum 3600 point contract in the VSPP9 Confidential
    10. 10. Current VSPP Products & Point ValuesVirtualization & Cloud Infrastructure Platform Product/ Bundle Points / Metric Product/ Bundle Points / Metric Month MonthNEW VMware vCloud 10 1 GB Reserved VMware vCenter 7 1 GB RAMService Provider RAM (based on Operations ManagementBundle – Premier Plus monthly usage) Suite Enterprise EditionVMware vCloud Service 7 1 GB Reserved NEW VMware vCenter 3 Virtual orProvider Bundle – RAM (based on Protect Standard for PhysicalPremier monthly usage) Server MachineVMware vCloud Service 5 1 GB Reserved VMware vCenter 2 Network DeviceProvider Bundle – RAM (based on Operations Adapter forStandard monthly usage) Network DevicesVMware vCloud 1 1 GB ReservedIntegration Manager vRAM VMware vCenter 5 Physical Stem Operations Adapter for 3rdVMware vCloud 4 Virtual Machine Party Data SourcesNetworking and Security Cisco Nexus 1000V 34 CPUVMware vCenter Site 24 Protected VirtualRecovery Manager MachineVMware vCenter Server 486 Protected vCenterHeartbeat Server 10 Confidential
    11. 11. VMware Cloud Management – What’s New in Q4 2012NEW vCenter NEW vCloud Automation Center NEW IT BenchmarkingOperations 5.6 Management On VSPP 2013 Roadmap (formerly Dynamic Ops) Service Suite vCloud Automation Center IaaS PaaS DaaS vCloud Other Hyper- Service Service Hardware vCloud Director & Connector Providers Providers visors vCenter ITOperations Business Mgmt Software Software vFabric Mgmt Defined Defined Application Networking & Storage & Security Availability Mgmt vSphere vCloud Suite NEW vCenter Protect For NEW vFabric Application Server Director 5.0 11
    12. 12. Introducing the New vCloud Premier SP Bundle 50% off a` la carte price VMware vCloud Service VMware vCloud Service VMware vCloud Service Provider Bundle – VMware vCloud Provider Bundle –– Provider Bundle Premier Plus Edition Service Provider Premier Edition Premier Edition VMware vCenter Operations VMware vCenter Operations Bundle – Standard Manager 5.6 (Inc. Manager 5.6 (Inc. Edition Chargeback and vCenter Chargeback and vCenter VMware vCenter VMware vCenter VMware vCenter Chargeback VMware vCenter Chargeback Configuration Manager and Configuration Manager and Chargeback Manager Chargeback Manager Manager Manager Hyperic) Hyperic) Management and Management and Automation Automation VMware vCenter Server VMware vCenter Server VMware vCenter Server VMware vCenter Server VMware vCenter Server VMware vCenter Server VMware vCloud Network VMware vCloud Network VMware vCloud Network VMware vCloud Network and Security Advanced and Security Advanced and Security Advanced and Security Advanced Cloud Management Cloud Management VMware vCloud Director VMware vCloud Director VMware vCloud Director VMware vCloud Director VMware vCloud Director VMware vCloud Director Distributed Switch Distributed Switch VMware vSphere VMware vSphere VMware vSphere VMware vSphereVirtualization Platform Virtualization Platform VMware vSphere VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus Enterprise Plus Enterprise Plus Enterprise Plus Enterprise Enterprise VMware Production VMware Production VMware Production VMware Production VMware Production VMware Production Technical Support Technical Support Support Support Support Support Support SupportPrice per GB reserved vRAM / mo 5 points 7 points 10 points 12
    13. 13. Management Value Proposition for Service Providers Infrastructure Ops SP Product Managers and Ops NOC team Resellers and Providers Increase Increase Improve SLAInfra Operations Management withManagement margins revenue SP Operations Automaton andcapabilities to better with value Operations Automation Service Definitions, Reseller to manage a vCloud Infrastructure Operations capacity Availability Availability, performance, capacityoperate a cloud vCenter Operations Management,1.0 added vCIM Customer business efficientlyinfrastructure utilization services Lifecycle Management • Self-learningservice ofConfiguration Integrated capacity • / Complianceefficiently. “normal” analysis and vCenter Configuration Manager Patching, updating, audits • Compliance as a performance forecasting service conditions vCloud Infrastructure • Decision support & • AutomatedInfrastructure Service Consumption • Service healthcapabilities to automation via service vCD modeling, Cost UI, Chargeback Patching anddeliver a cloud and baseline views, catalog, self-service UI alerts, Provisioninginfrastructure trending reports Service Director vCloud Delivery Multi-tenancy,service. resource abstraction • Application • VM right sizing and Provisioning • Smart alerts of impending capacityCloud Security vShield Firewalls, VPNs, Anti-Virus through blueprints performance reclamation Resource Management degradation vSphere / vCenter Virtualization, HA, DRS Users/customers 13
    14. 14. vcloud.vmware.com14 Confidential
    15. 15. VMware Grid –http://www.vmwaregrid.com Service Provider Campaign – Real World Advantage JOINT CAMPAIGNS Utilize VMware Partner Ready Campaigns to easily launch customized and co- branded e-mail campaigns Campaign details at: http//:www.vmwaregrid.com15
    16. 16. Other Marketing Opportunities ■Joint Case Studies ■ Event Speakers ■ Run an event at VMware Frimley ■ MDF Funding available for vCloud and Premier partners ■ Website in a box16
    17. 17. Partner Central is your key to unlock these AssetsPartner Central is the exclusive online information resource,providing a single dedicated web portal for all VMware Partners. Itoffers everything you need to build a successful virtualizationpractice including access to training, product information, salestools, and marketing campaigns.17
    18. 18. Joining the VSPP ProgramEntry Requirements • Complete on-line application and click thru agreement  www.vmware.com/go/vspp  If you are already a VMware partner use the Cross Enrollment link in Partner Central • Verified as Service Provider • Set to VSPP Registered level • No Fees at any level18 Confidential