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Security brochure 2012_ibm_v1_a4

  1. 1. Security_Brochure_2012_IBM_v1_DNS_training_v20 aw 21/02/2012 15:22 Page 3 Arrow ECS IBM Security Solutions Safeguarding data Securing business World-leading security portfolio
  2. 2. Security_Brochure_2012_IBM_v1_DNS_training_v20 aw 21/02/2012 15:22 Page 1 Translating outstanding industry knowledge into practical solutions As the UK’s leading security distributor, Arrow ECS can offer your customers the benefits of: With infrastructure-wide experience and specialist knowledge in the security area, Arrow ECS can help your customers to safeguard their business by controlling and protecting data at • Our Security Centre of Excellence every point. • Partnerships with world-class security We have market insight and the technical understanding to solution vendor draw together the different technology elements into solutions that meet your customers’ escalating needs to address security and compliance issues. • A dedicated security team accredited to the highest levels of certification Working with Arrow ECS, we can help organisations tackle security proactively and experience the business benefits that come from good governance. 0800 983 2525 IBM Product Security Portfolio
  3. 3. Security_Brochure_2012_IBM_v1_DNS_training_v20 aw 21/02/2012 15:22 Page 4 The security landscape is changing dramatically The world is moving towards data centre centric and cloud computing, and this trend is changing the way that IT infrastructures are deployed. Whilst the benefits of this technology transition are well understood, it introduces a whole host of new risks and security considerations. ! Increasing user mobility and usage of smart phones, tablets and PDAs at the edge site has introduced new security risks with mobile users wanting to access Tivoli identity and Encryption Access Assurance centrally held data and applications anywhere, anytime. App Tivoli Endpoint Manager Endpoint Suite Se ! Business and personal use of technology will increasingly converge as users synchronise and run their work, social Head and educational lives through a single device opening up Office potential security loop holes. Rational AppScan ! High dependance on the Network coupled with Q convergence of the Internet, Wide Area Network (WAN) NAC Q Authorised Third and Telecommunications services introduces new security, Wireless Party Access Networking performance, and management issues. Rational AppScan Tivoli identity and Access Assurance Prove Authentication Tivoli Endpoint Manager Endpoint Suite F Policy NIPS IDP / IDS QRadar Rational AppScan Managed Firewall QFlow Firewall Customer / Public Cloud Access and Internet Email Filtering ISP Load Balancer Internet / V Cloud Mobile Workers and Small Offices Rational AppScan Proventia Web Filter Lotus Protector Content and Web Filtering WAN Accelerator Encryption Router Firewall Managed Firewall Rational AppScan Tivoli Endpoint Manager Endpoint Suite Tivoli identity and Access Assurance Authentication 1 Endpoint SSL VPN
  4. 4. Security_Brochure_2012_IBM_v1_DNS_training_v20 aw 21/02/2012 15:22 Page 5 ! Corporate data must be segmented, encrypted, backed up and monitored Archiving and to prevent corruption and Traditional illegal access. Tape Solution Storage 3 Data Centre ! Consolidation into the data centre and virtualisation Pool Tivoli Key Guardium introduces risk due to Virtual Tape Library (VTL) Lifecycle Manager Tivoli Endpoint Manager Encryption (Data and Applications) multiple applications and data being concentrated onto virtualised hardware SA Endpoint Security (Host Servers) N /N Application AS Rational AppScan platforms. Fa Servers br Application ic Servers Content Security (Host Servers) Rational AppScan QRadar VFlow NIPS IDP / IDS WANal AppScan NAC Accelerator Dashboard Core Guardium Router WAN Managed Firewall Accelerator Monitoring QRadar QFlow Load Balancer Virtual Server Protection N.O.C. Reporting DMZ 1 Firewall WAN Intranet Webserver DMZ 2 Proventia Web Filter External Web Webservers Filtering (FTP / WWW) Global WAN Company !PS Accelerator Security IDS External Policy Corporate governence and SSL Access QRadardar QRadar SIEM QFlow risk management is now aow Router major consideration in 2 Network network security planning. NAC NIPS Lotus Protector Remoteail Sitering Encryption SSL VPN Endpoint Suite Tivoli Endpoint Manager Key Technologies 4 Compliance Data and Application Security Content Security • Encryption • Email Filtering • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) • Web Filtering • Application Control • Alerts • Vulnerability Testing Performance and Infrastructure • Load Balancing • WAN Acceleration
  5. 5. Security_Brochure_2012_IBM_v1_DNS_training_v20 aw 21/02/2012 15:22 Page 6 Breaking it down, making it secure New data centre centric and cloud infrastructures can be broken down into the four key areas of Endpoint devices and access, the Network including Internet/WAN, the Core Data Centre and finally across all of these the need for a comprehensive Corporate Governance and Compliance strategy. These four key areas must now be considered when developing a comprehensive network and data security strategy. Key technology components can be combined to address the full spectrum of individual and collective security challenges in the modern world. 1 Security for the Desktop and Endpoint • Safeguard data on the endpoint device • Separate work and personal activity • Protect devices against theft and illegal access • Anti Virus, encryption, spyware and malware protection • Authenticate and ID users • Track stolen devices, disable data and file access 2 Security for the Network • Deploy Firewalls to protect key access and exit points • Filter emails for harmful and inappropriate content • Encrypt data in transit across the Network • Filter, monitor and control website downloads and activity • Deploy access authentication and intrusion detection 3 Security for the Data Centre • Deploy dedicated Firewalls to protect key assets • Apply access and authentication controls at all levels • Create DMZ and restricted areas • Deploy intrusion protection and alerts • Separate and encrypt business critical data • Filter and control inbound / outbound content 4 Compliance for the Infrastructure • Implement audit and tracking controls • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) • Backup and recovery • Login and access procedures • Resilience and data protection • Reporting, visibility, tracking and accountability Network Security Endpoint Security Compliance • Firewalls • Authentication and Tokens • Monitoring and Data Capture • Intrusion Detection Prevention / • Single Sign-On • Policy Management System (IDP / IDS) • Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private • Dashboards • Wi-Fi Network (SSL VPN) • Reporting Tools • Network Access Control (NAC) • Endpoint Suite (Anti Virus, Spyware, • Log Correlation Malware, etc) • Rational AppScanty
  6. 6. Security_Brochure_2012_IBM_v1_DNS_training_v20 aw 21/02/2012 15:22 Page 2 About Arrow ECS Arrow ECS is an information technology distributor specialising in providing end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions including data storage, servers, enterprise software, network security, unified communications and virtualisation. Working with our channel partners, we optimise the efficiency with which organisations can store, manage, protect and deploy their data, equipping them with secure access to business-critical information any time, from any location, on any device. Our deep technical understanding is reinforced by strong business relationships and continually monitoring rapidly changing IT markets for the latest product advances and emerging technologies. Through close alliances with the world’s leading IT vendors, we deliver innovative solutions, complemented by an impressive portfolio of expert professional services and IT training. With over 25 successful years in the IT industry, we have the skills and experience to support our channel partners from initial consultation, planning and design, through engineering build to implementation. In doing so, we enable our partners to deliver even more value to increase their customers’ competitive edge. Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions (ECS) is a business segment of Arrow Electronics Inc. More details are available at Head Office London Office Reading Office Nottingham Office Nidderdale House Fourth Floor Building 1320 Security Centre Beckwith Knowle The Royal Exchange Arlington Business of Excellence Otley Road London Park Woodside House Harrogate EC3V 3LN Theale, Reading Osier Drive HG3 1SA Tel: 020 7786 3400 RG7 4SA Sherwood Park Tel: 01423 519000 Fax:020 7786 3444 Tel: 0118 971 1511 Nottingham Fax:01423 519250 Fax:0118 971 1522 NG15 0DS Tel: 01623 500200 Fax:01623 500201 0800 983 2525 Copyright ©2012 Arrow ECS. All rights reserved. Company registered number 3952678.