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New Horizons for End-User Computing Event - VMware


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Slides presented by VMware at our Partner Enablement Event - 'New Horizons for End-User Computing' - 2nd May 2013

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New Horizons for End-User Computing Event - VMware

  2. 2. 2The Shifting LandscapeDelivery MethodsDevicesApplicationsWork Style
  3. 3. 3Consumerisation?
  4. 4. 4Three Trends are Forcing Massive Change on ITNew DevicePlatforms A new way to work Not just Windows anymoreNew UserExpectations Collaboration with partners,contractors, and customers Productivity through better technologyNewApps SaaS, mobile apps Quantity is increasing
  5. 5. 5How we work is changing....Work From DeskGet it from ITPCCollaborate within theofficeData Silos Data EverywhereCollaborate withanyoneBYOD / TabletsSelf ServiceWork From Anywhere
  6. 6. 6Challenges….Data EverywhereCollaborate withanyoneBYOD / TabletsSelf ServiceWork From AnywhereIP Control and Management
  7. 7. 7Today’s Users are Demanding MoreDiverse AppsDifferentDevicesUbiquitousAccess
  8. 8. 8VMware EUC VisionEnable our Customers’ Journey to the Post-PC era.Files, apps and state follow users intelligently and securely across all devices
  9. 9. 9End User Computing is on the Verge of a Massive Transformationof information workers usethree or more devices for workto increase productivitySources: IDC, BGR, Forrester03006009002009 2010 2011 2012Smartphones and tablets PC shipmentsEXPLOSIVEGROWTHin shipments ofsmartphones andtabletsFLATpc shipmentsDevice complexity% OS Neutral % Browser Specific % WindowsApps in the Enterprise1996CROSSOVERPOINT2011 20200%100%50%R a t i o o f m o b i l e a p pdevelopment projects tonative PC projects in 2015New Apps“9 out of 10 companiesreport the use of consumertechnologies in theworkplace”CONSUMERIZATION OF IT, BYO74%employees use consumertechnologies due to lack ofcompelling alternativesf r o m I THigher User Expectations
  10. 10. 10IT Has to Manage a Much More Diverse End-UserLandscapePersonal DevicesCorporate DevicesDiverse AppsDiversePlatformDataEverywhereDiverseDevicesMobile
  11. 11. 11Which do you look to manage….orData Devices
  12. 12. 12Virtual DesktopsWindows ApplicationsCloud ApplicationsApp PublishingData ServicesEnd User WorkspaceCloud IdentityFoundationADApp Entitlement andTrackingDevice & Data AccessManagementAdmin ConsoleWe had a vision…Single Sign On, Self ServiceUnified Application CatalogRich User ExperienceMobile Applications
  13. 13. 13VMware Horizon is the Platform for Workforce MobilityTransform: Simplifydesktops, diverse appsand data into centralizedservicesDeliver: Empower yourworkforce with flexible accessacross devices, locations andconnectivityBroker: Manage & Securecentrally and broker services toyour workforce by policy
  14. 14. 14What’s Included in the Horizon Product FamilyVMware Horizon SuiteComplete desktop andapplication virtualizationLayered Windows imagemanagementMulti-device workspace forIT servicesHorizon WorkspaceHorizon MirageHorizon ViewNEWv5.2NEWv4.0NEWv1.0NEWv1.0
  15. 15. 15VMwareHorizonSuiteHorizonMirageMirageFusion ProHorizon ViewViewThinAppvSpherevCenterWorkstationHorizonWorkspaceData (formerly Octopus)MobileApplication ManagerThinAppHorizon Suite BreakdownProject AppBlast: branded “Blast”integrated in all three categories
  16. 16. 16Legacy into a ServiceTRANSFORM
  17. 17. 177XP
  18. 18. 187XP
  19. 19. 19VIEW
  20. 20. 20OverviewBenefits QoS for high quality VOIP Seamless end user experience Follow me desktop and communications Leverage existing investments - no additionalpurchase Scalable, high performance solutionView Media Services for Unified CommunicationsIntegrated and scalable UC and virtual desktop solution UC integration via View APIs Integrated call control within desktop Separation of VOIP encoding and decoding atclient media engine Direct point to point call connection
  21. 21. 21Horizon View Media Services for 3D GraphicsVirtual Shared Graphics Accelerator (vSGA)OverviewBenefits Enables enhanced 3D workloads like CAD Maximize the value of GPU resources withmultiple VMs sharing a GPU Full compatibility with hosts lacking physicalGPUs (for vMotion, etc). Leverages new vSphere 5.1 capability… Enables shared access to physical GPUhardware for 3D and high performancegraphical workloads. Desktops still see abstracted VMware SVGAdevice for maximum compatibility & portability.
  22. 22. 22Horizon View Support for MSFT Lync 2013OverviewBenefits Microsoft Lync client support on Viewdesktops Support for Microsoft Lync 2013 with RichMedia Services Supported with PCoIP & RDP Phase 1 – Windows thin and thick clients Improved collaboration capabilities withMicrosoft Lync and Office applications Rich audio and video chat for improvedcommunications
  23. 23. 23Horizon Workspace Brokering of View DesktopsOverviewBenefits Enhanced Usability: One stop shoppingfor end user access to all their corporateworkloads. View Desktop pools are connected intoHorizon Workspace after provisioning Workspace provides a single access point fordesktops, data & apps. Workspace supports SSO brokering user toavailable desktops based on entitlement policy
  24. 24. 24HTML Access to Horizon View DesktopsOverviewBenefits Install-Free access to Desktops Clean, integrated, browser-basedexperience Access View Desktops from deviceplatforms where no native client is available Remote protocol delivered through anyHTML5 capable web-browser Access through View Portal or Horizon UI Routes to existing View desktop Leverages View Security Server for networkrouting when available
  25. 25. 25Horizon View Clients with Unity TouchOverviewBenefits Makes using Windows apps on mobilemuch more usable and mobile centric Best-in-class Windows apps experience onthe iOS & Android devices that are used bykey decision makers Focus on applications, not the desktop Easier to launch apps Easier to switch between running apps Easier to open/find files Easier to use minimize and quit apps
  27. 27. 27Your PC is made of a lot of different thingsBackgroundWallpaperOperatingSystemApplications MoreApplicationsCustom settingsDataDrivers
  28. 28. 28These things can be put into two categoriesBackgroundWallpaperOperatingSystemCoreApplicationsMoreApplicationsCustom settingsDataDriversThings the End-User wants tomanage and controlThings IT wants to manage andcontrol
  29. 29. 29Horizon Mirage acknowledges and works with these layersUser Data & ProfileSome ApplicationsOther ApplicationsOperating SystemDriversEnd-User ControlledIT Managed Layers can be updated separately but aremerged together at the endpoint Logically layers each end user’s PC. Does not actually shift contents around on PC. Empowers IT to perform granular operations onsome or all PC layers (without affecting otherlayers when not appropriate). User-Installed apps are installed manually byend users and are synchronized and preservedfor use during migrations or desktop recovery.Mirage Images
  30. 30. 30MIRAGE
  31. 31. 31MIRAGECentralManagementLocalExecution
  32. 32. 32Key Mirage Solutions
  33. 33. 33The Multi-deviceWorkspaceDELIVERBROKERServices fromthe Middle
  34. 34. 34 34
  35. 35. 35
  36. 36. 36 36
  37. 37. 37Horizon Suite Packaging
  38. 38. 38
  39. 39. 39Thank YouQUESTIONS?