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Business Analytics as a Service


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Assimil8’s experience of developing a dedicated SaaS capability.

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Business Analytics as a Service

  1. 1. BUSINESS ANALYTICS AS A SERVICE Assimil8 's experience of developing a dedicated SaaS capability Presented by Karl Mullins Assimil8
  2. 2. Briefing Part 1 – What Do We Do – – – – A little about Assimil8 What is the Service and offering Why SaaS Is important to our mid-market clients How does this help our clients Part 2 – How Did We Get There – What did we did internally – Our journey to get to a point of delivering solutions Part 3 – WIIFM?
  3. 3. About Us “Achieve More” with Assimil8 BI, TM1 & EP Expertise Value Added Technologies Business Analytics as a Service • IBM Premier Business Partner • IBM Ready for Cloud Services • IBM Cognos Sales, Consultancy, Training & Support Provider • Software Development IBM Cognos Recruitment Specialists
  4. 4. What Is Analytics?
  5. 5. What Does SaaS look Like?
  6. 6. What Does SaaS look Like?
  7. 7. Assimil8 Business Analytics as a Service is... – Scalable, Modular Analytics service – BI and Performance Management Solutions • By Size • By Industry Sector • By Service component – Customised client branded portal technology – Version Control & Regression Testing – Automatic documentation capabilities – Geo spatial capabilities from ESRI – Self Service Password Module
  8. 8. Service On IBM Cloud Hosting External Sources External Services IBM SoftLayer Data Warehouse USER Organisation ADMINISTRATOR USER
  9. 9. Underpinned with.. Support and Value Added Services – Instance provision, Software Images & Virtual Machines – Dynamic Storage – Internet Transfer – Secured LAN – User/Group security management – Monitoring Services – Maintenance Services – Economies of scale – Disaster Recovery and Backup Planning – Notification Services – Solution integrity and Continuity
  10. 10. Why Is SaaS Important to our Clients Mid Market Companies would like to perform better but; • • • • • • • • • • Times of Austerity! Cash Flow is KING Increased pressure to cut costs Increased pressure to cut head count Increased pressure to reduce infrastructure Increased demand for pay as you go facility Increased demand for rapid deployment Increased demand for outsourced solution management Aspire to become an Eco-Friendly operation Targeted to reduce CO2 carbon footprint
  11. 11. Typical Non SaaS Engagement Barriers • Hardware (Lease or Purchase lead time) • Software (Perpetual) – Generally Initial oversizing • Resource – Exposure, training, salaries, head count, attrition • Long procurement cycle • Cost NOW, Benefit Later (ROI)
  12. 12. How Does Assimil8 SaaS Offering Help? • Cost Effective • Agile • Focussed
  13. 13. SaaS Cost Effective • Pay as you go/use • Opex not Capex • No set up – it’s already there • Little or no infrastructure layout • Pay per use = no paying for hardware you don’t use • All technology needed is already in your office • Security is included • Energy costs minimised
  14. 14. SaaS Agile • Always up to date • Automatically up-to-date version • No need to schedule implementations • Upscale package instantly • Remote working is inherent • Multi tenant means flexible • Data accessed centrally so work any time, any place • Capacity – Possible to Increase and Decrease at short notice. (Month End)
  15. 15. SaaS Focussed • • • • Quick to put in place. Decide – implement – use Central server inspires collaboration Less implementation time = more strategy focus Virtually nil maintenance – focus on improving usage • Environmental impact minimised • Political benefits - Less conflict between business and technical managers (focussed on us )
  16. 16. Mid Market SaaS Clients Benefit Summary • • • • • • • • Rapid deployment Low upfront costs Monthly rental (SAAS for Cloud & Cognos) Low administration costs Lower TCO and fast ROI Business Continuity built in – no false starts Lower running costs Change Solution as their business changes
  17. 17. Part 2 – How Did We Get there …, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
  18. 18. Actual Experience …, If we didn’t get there someone else would • We made the leap ! • Steep Learning Curve • Pioneering solutions • Risks & Reward • Preparation is everything • 1Direction Autobiography • 3 years in a lot has changed • Long way to go • Still learning • Fluidity
  19. 19. KISS - Solution • This is NOT the team (really!) • We mean.., Keep It Simple Stupid
  20. 20. KISS Solution Recipe • Create ‘off the shelf’ business solutions (Size,Sector,Analytics Capability) • Add Managed Service Platform • Add Value Added components and Technology • Add Support functions • Bring all ingredients together in a simple straight forward SERVICE to the client • Leave to rise for 3 years
  21. 21. SaaS Ingredients Paradigm Shift in approach / team – Crucial to up skill on IBM Cloud Hosting • SoftLayer, IBM SCE • Software around the edges – Crucial to have Integration skills – Crucial to have dedicated support team – Crucial to have Go to market license agreement to support low cost service model IBM ASL. – Early Adoption clients (prove the SaaS service) – Identify Value Added Services and Software which compliment a SaaS route to create a Market and proposition differentiator.
  22. 22. Talking Numbers • 2011 –Adopted Cloud Internally • 2011 – £2K & 1 SaaS Client • 2013 – 30% of our Business Services Revenue from SaaS Offerings • Annual associated contracts of £200,000 • Predictable and Secured business models.
  23. 23. Part 3 WIIFM What’s In It For Me? – Piggy Back mass marketing drive of Cloud Computing & SaaS. – Open new doors to business that would never have been reached due to cost barriers – Revisit old clients with new sales approach – Change plateau at entry level services, untapped markets (<50m Entry point) – Reduces Sales Cycle longevity (Your Costs!) – We can sell to IT Managers ‘Sign-Off’ authority
  24. 24. WIIFM – Our Findings • Less competition in this space! (Not after today) • Clients have an appetite to expand services • Up-Sell additional features easily and quickly built in to the model • Clients push more software opportunities – Can you look after our CRM system, HR System, Legacy Systems and Database. • Mutual recognition of ROI quickly • Value of Assimil8 grown as a direct result of annuity contracts and SaaS Model. • Compliments our other services and models – Evolution rather than revolution
  25. 25. Parting Thought • IBM Cloud Host Invaluable to proposition and success. • Embrace and Adopt! • We added £200,00 pa to our business with these contracts in 3 years, largely with what we already had! • No Other option internally could derive such business growth – not at such a low cost.
  26. 26. Thank You • Thanks you for your Patience and Attention