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Arrow ECS Social-as-a-Service


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Let Arrow ECS help you with your social media, Social-as-a-Service helps you manage your social and content.

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Arrow ECS Social-as-a-Service

  1. 1. Arrow ECS Social-as-a-Service Arrow ECS Social-as-a-Service is a solution for addressing your social opportunities without having to invest in the core skills required or take too much time out of your already busy day. Work with our specialist provider to get setup and go-to-market quickly, engaging prospects and customers alike to drive new business. Is your business social enough? Creating your online community Keeping your audience interested Paying attention to your community Making it simple for people to research and see you in real-time Social-as-a-Service from Arrow ECS meets these new business needs by: Participating is simple We’ll assign you a Social Media Manager (SMM) They’ll help you choose the right package Your SMM will post any content your team finds We’re working with you to develop the contact that adds real value for your customers We’ll provide regular progress reports What results can you expect? Improve your lead generation and pipeline business Build incremental opportunity Eliminate communications delays, talk to your customers Drive awareness of your offer Build loyalty and differentiate your business insights Enable your community to talk freely amongst themselves Increase engagement with existing customers Improve web returns The way we do business is changing. The old, outbound model where organisations targeted us and then communicated their offer is diminishing. Today it’s all about the customer doing the research online. Why choose Social-as-a-Service from Arrow ECS? Up to 21 hours hands-on support, providing time for enhanced customer acquisition and more time to ‘listen’ for certain keywords from potential customers, then responding on behalf of your company. Target potential customers across the social media sites and listen for potential business opportunities. Proactively establish business connections within your community Look for connections to extend the community and your prospect base. Weekly reporting SILVE R £800 PLATINUM £1500 per month SILVE R £800 GOL D£1100 per month GOL D Up to 15 hours per month of direct SMM engagement, more time to generate and post better quality content including: blogs, infographics and audio/video assets that will increase interest in your brand. SMM manage customer relationships on a daily basis including sourcing and responding to questions and content posted by customers across sites like Twitter. Comprehensive monthly reporting will identify the highs and lows in your social strategy SILVE R £800 SILVE R £800 per month Up to 11 hours per month of hands-on management Strategic guidance up front Account set up Management of social media interactions Drafting and posting of relevant content Quarterly reporting How do I engage? For further details on Arrow ECS Social-as-a-Service please please email: Simply choose one of these packages