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Arrow ECS Virtual Marketing ManagerThe essential tool for channel marketingThe Arrow ECS Virtual Marketing Manager (VMM) i...
The latest VMM enhancements                                                       Uniquely yoursWhen did you last take a l...
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Arrow ECS Virtual Marketing Manager Services


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The Arrow ECS Virtual Marketing Manager offers access to leading vendor marketing material and the latest campaigns.

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Arrow ECS Virtual Marketing Manager Services

  1. 1. Arrow ECS Virtual Marketing ManagerThe essential tool for channel marketingThe Arrow ECS Virtual Marketing Manager (VMM) is your first port of call for information on vendor campaigns anda valuable tool to plan, implement, manage, track and measure the success of your own marketing campaigns.It’s quick and easy to find the information on your chosen vendor(s) through the vendor dashboard. Simply select the vendor from their logo and gain instantaccess to customisable marketing materials.Virtual Marketing Manager highlights:• ccess a centralised store of information - having a wealth of A vendor and technology information in one location puts an end to trawling through multiple vendor websites.• lan campaigns and apply for funding - step-by-step P guidance helps you to create an online campaign overview document for approval by your Arrow ECS account manager. Key benefits to you:• chedule campaigns - the VMM automatically generates a list of S The Arrow ECS Virtual Marketing Manager is aimed at businesses typical tasks with an activity schedule and then prompts you to of all sizes and provides a unified resource. The information available deliver your campaigns on time. is across product and volume messaging to solution and thought leadership collateral to compliment your individual value proposition.• ccess ready-to-go marketing sales materials - within A It has proven value at bringing together in a single location 15 minutes, you could have downloaded marketing materials, comprehensive information on over 16 vendors. reworked them with your own logo and graphics, and sent them on their way to your target audience. Ready-to-use sales presentation The VMM is the go-to destination, enabling Arrow ECS channel materials are also instantly available. partners to:• ake your marketing budget work harder - view vendor M • evelop joint propositions with their chosen vendors D campaigns in the pipeline to see how Arrow ECS plans to support them, so you can capitalise on forthcoming initiatives. • xpand their portfolio and sell a new vendor into their existing base E• rack costs - the VMM breaks down and records all spending to T • ccess all-important vendor funding for their campaigns A ensure you come in on budget. • ain easy access to everything necessary to market and sell leading G• easure your success - reports such as ROI, activity analysis and M vendor solutions: technical product information, sales pitches and financial analysis show the results of your campaigns and feed into presentations, marketing materials... everything is there, ready and future planning and vendor funding. waiting for you to pick up and run with• ell more effectively - there are sales toolkits, telemarketing S • ource external marketing agency services to assist with campaign S scripts, presentations, competitive information and more to help planning and support. Each organisation is recommended by you to sell solutions. Arrow ECS
  2. 2. The latest VMM enhancements Uniquely yoursWhen did you last take a look at the VMM? We constantly review and We understand that you may have concerns about competing in thedevelop the VMM to provide our partners with even more marketing and same space as other Arrow ECS channel partners. Here’s how we cansales support. The latest developments include: help you to differentiate your business...• new e-marketing capability – the MailChimp email marketing service – A • sing a simple editing tool, the marketing materials available on the U lets you upload your database, email out from it and then monitor your VMM can all be completely customised to reflect your own business campaigns, with the ability to test-email yourself image and the value you can add• mproved search facilities and ability to apply for funding online I • he campaigns you create through the VMM can be supported T• ur LinkedIn and Twitter messages feed into the VMM, for you to O by email marketing and followed up by professional telemarketing rebroadcast to your customers • he Arrow ECS Marketing team can guide you in targeting customers T• irect-to-print functionality D on our database who have not been contacted recently by another• Ability to recommend and share campaigns channel partner• New order process with a shorter shopping cart process• ntegration with MailAgent, our online e-marketing platform I• eb flyers – digital one-page documents that can be customised, with W content that can include YouTube embedded videos, allowing users to post direct to Twitter or LinkedIn• TML5-based user interface to support tablets H• Mobile optimised landing page What our channel partners say… “The team at Arrow ECS offer a high level of support to help us with “Arrow ECS offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of our marketing campaigns. As well as funding they contribute ideas marketing enablement tools in the industry. RichardsonEyres has and suggestions to enable us to get the best results. Submitting taken advantage of the VMM on a number of occasions and funding requests on the VMM is easy and quick to do.” continues to receive well qualified leads, delivered through the easy to use Arrow ECS Lead Portal.” Joanne Vincent, Marketing Manager, EACS Limited Andrew Broadhead, Head of Marketing, RichardsonEyresHow much will these services cost?The VMM and its functionality are free of charge for our channelpartners to use. Prices are applicable to print and email campaigns,depending on requirements. For further information For further details on the Arrow ECS Virtual Marketing Manager, please contact your Arrow ECS Marketing Manager, visit or email