How We Use Social Media to Help You Accomplish Your Marketing Objectives


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Here is our game plan to create a positive Social Media Marketing campaign for your company to achieve your goals.

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How We Use Social Media to Help You Accomplish Your Marketing Objectives

  1. 1. How We Use Social Media Marketing to Help You Accomplish Your ObjectivesSocial Media Marketing can accomplish a great deal for your business. It allows you to buildrelationships with customers, monitor your brand, connect with industry leaders, and keep an eye onyour competition. But let’s face it: if it doesn’t also result in a healthy Return on Investment (ROI), it haslimited use as a marketing channel. This white paper details how we use a comprehensive Social Mediastrategy to help companies accomplish objectives, typically resulting in a significant ROI from their SocialMedia Marketing.The ChallengeSocial Media Marketing is all about buildingrelationships. But more importantly, it is aboutbuilding a community made up of relationshipswith the right people – your target audience.Moreover, the real value in Social Media comesfrom solidifying relationships with thosemembers of your target audience who have themost reach and influence. It is not enough to simply add Twitter followers or Facebook fans withoutregard to who they are.Accumulating ten thousand followers who are not interested in what you have to say is far lessimpactful to your business than building a community of one thousand people, made up of membersof your target market.Beyond finding the right audience, the further challenge lies in engaging this audience in a way thatprompts your message to spread and ultimately results in people visiting your website and making adecision to buy. Addressing these challenges effectively is time consuming and takes a high level ofexpertise and technical capabilities. While anyone can participate on the various Social Media networks,not everyone has the ability to both engage the right audience successfully and effectively monitor theirbrand and the results that are being achieved, in real time. As experienced Social Media Marketingprofessionals, we have the solution. Chris Rivait | P: 289-619-3848 | E: Arrivait Marketing & Consulting | 1
  2. 2. The SolutionOur specialty is reaching the right audience, creating communities, and turning followers intocustomers. We take the following steps to achieve these results for our Social Media Marketing clients: 1. We learn about your company. When you engage us for Social Media Marketing services, we become the voice of your company in the Social Media world. That means we need to know as much as possible about your company, as well as your goals for your Social Media efforts. We accomplish this through a comprehensive client profile as well as independent research. But it doesn’t stop there. Through real-time monitoring of your brand, industry, and keywords, we continuously keep our finger on the pulse of your brand, allowing us to respond appropriately to news, events, and mentions of your company. The result of this kind of attention is that you become not just another Facebook or Twitter friend, but a valuable resource to your community of followers and a brand that is in tune with the needs of your customers. 2. We provide strategy recommendations. Based on what we have learned about your company and your goals, we develop a comprehensive Social Media Marketing strategy that is designed to maximize your presence and impact in the Social Media world. This strategy is a guide to accomplish (and hopefully exceed) your stated goals. Because the landscape of Social Media and business in general is ever-changing, your Social Media strategy is fluid enough to be instantly responsive to changes and events that affect your brand. 3. We build a community. Based on your Social Media Marketing strategy, we develop your Social Media presence in a way that builds a community around your brand. This step in the process typically includes the following action items: a. Establish a Facebook company page – If your company does not currently have a Facebook page, we will establish one for you. With over 800 million people on Facebook, you can be assured that your potential customers are using this medium regularly. And just as importantly, you can be pretty sure your competition is there too. We will build and engage your Facebook community on a continual basis. Chris Rivait | P: 289-619-3848 | E: Arrivait Marketing & Consulting | 2
  3. 3. b. Establish a Twitter account – If your company does not have a Twitter account, we will create this account as well. We know that today Twitter is a necessary component of any comprehensive Social Media strategy. We use this feed to post updates about your company and industry, notices of new blog posts, and to engage with your audience. Engagement is enhanced by the use of scanning tools which allow us to find and participate in Twitter conversations relevant to your industry. We also post related industry content to this stream to establish your Twitter feed as a useful resource to your audience. c. Promote your Social Media channels on your company website – These days, when someone comes to your website, they expect to see links to your Social Media channels displayed. If you do not have these links, or if they are not placed strategically, we will help you to correct this. We also recommend adding these links to your company’s email signatures. d. Create custom social media graphics – In order to maximize your brand impact, it is imperative that you communicate your brand consistently across all channels. Your website, Facebook page, YouTube channel page, and Twitter page all need to communicate your brand message effectively. So, we customize your Twitter background and create custom landing tabs and timeline banners for your Facebook page. This strengthens your brand message and displays a consistent, professional presence to your community. The more someone feels they know you and your business, the more likely they are to visit your website, walk through your door, make a purchase, or recommend you to friends. A consistent, custom brand message across all Social Media channels helps accomplish that level of connection. e. Other strategies – Your Social Media Marketing strategy might also include the use of YouTube, Google+, and, in some cases, Flickr. We will establish, manage, and optimize these accounts for you as well, as appropriate.4. We engage! When it comes to effective Social Media Marketing strategy, engagement is “where the rubber meets the road.” Once all your Social Media accounts are active and we have a good grasp of what we need to know about your company, we use all these tools to actively engage in meaningful, ongoing interactions with your growing community. Posting interesting, relevant content, asking intriguing questions, and joining pertinent discussions about your industry – or your company – are all part of the engagement process. This is where relationships are cultivated, and where your Social Media community is truly built. Because leads and sales Chris Rivait | P: 289-619-3848 | E: Arrivait Marketing & Consulting | 3
  4. 4. are generated from that community, this is obviously a critical step in the process, and it is where we focus the largest percentage of our attention and resources. At the same time, we also monitor your brand (and your competition) across the Internet closely, using several cutting edge tools. Any time your company is mentioned online, you can be sure we know about it and are building trust and credibility and strengthening relationships. 5. We measure and adjust. Through our monitoring and reporting software, we pay close attention to which messages resonate and where they appear throughout the Internet. We then follow your message throughout the different platforms, so we can determine the appropriate messages for each platform and adjust your Social Media strategy to maximize the value of each. We also look at the growth of your social networks and report to you and use this information to further tailor your Social Media strategy to your needs and goals.The ResultsAt the end of the day, demonstrating results is whatreally matters. Because each client’s goals areunique, it is difficult to establish a set of “typical”results. We can talk about results to be expectedoverall however, which include a significantincrease in the size of your online community acrossall channels as well as an increase in interactions onall Social Media platforms. Again, we take care tobuild your community to primarily include thosewithin your target audience, so it is the increase insize in combination with the quality of your followers that is most impactful. While community “quality”is not a measurable metric in itself, it results in higher traffic and conversion, which of course is theultimate goal of your Social Media Marketing efforts.ConclusionWhile anyone can participate in Social Media Marketing, it takes time and expertise to see meaningfulresults. The fact is the majority of companies utilizing Social Media are not taking full advantage of itspotential for community creation and increased leads. This is good news for anyone ready to take theirSocial Media Marketing seriously and optimize this incredible marketing medium. Our job as your SocialMedia Marketing Partner is to put our know-how and full attention into maximizing your ROI for yourSocial Media Marketing activities. We take this role seriously, and our results reflect our commitment. Chris Rivait | P: 289-619-3848 | E: Arrivait Marketing & Consulting | 4