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The "Big Ideas" for Revolutionizing Videoconferencing Quality


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Array Telepresence enables immersive telepresence in regular conference rooms using standard videoconferencing end-points. The system improves what you are sending and what you are receiving and is about to revolutionize videoconferencing quality globally.

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The "Big Ideas" for Revolutionizing Videoconferencing Quality

  1. 1. The “Big Ideas” for Revolutionizing Videoconferencing Quality
  2. 2. The Basics The $15,990 Equal-i advanced imaging system replaces the Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera that comes with most videoconferencing systems The DX Camera plugs into the 2S Image Processor which plugs into the videoconferencing codec as a camera The 2S Image Processor also sits between the codec and the displays so it can improve both the scene being sent and the scene being received
  3. 3. Equal-i turns Any VC Room Into an Immersive Environment Equal-i View: Dual- Displays Using A Single Codec Traditional PTZ View: Same Scene Without Equal-i CREATES AN Equal-i ZATION OF IMAGES The biggest challenges of group videoconferencing systems – the elongated table, visible cameras, poor eye-line and small heads with indecipherable features– are remedied by Equal-i! Improvements: 6.5xs more pixels on farthest person, camera concealed for better meeting psychology, eye-line improved to perfect vertical, farthest person Equal-i-zed” to the size of closest, everyone improved to roughly life- size, format improved to a more “across-the-table” experience, and a single codec populating dual-screens to create a more immersive experience
  4. 4. Revolutionary Capabilities – Immersive Everywhere Immersive Everywhere is Array’s revolutionary capability to send our dual-screen, immersive telepresence view to dual-screen videoconferencing systems that don’t yet have Equal-i Technology. Your executives, subject matter experts, and brand look better when conferencing with partners and customers! • Immersive Everywhere requires a videoconferencing codec with a 1080p/30 data channel OR a dual stream videoconferencing codec (Polycom 500/700 Series, Cisco SX 20/80, etc) • The 1080p data channel is used to send the 2nd screen of video • Participants can easily switch back-and-forth between dual screen immersive telepresence and Video+Content for data collaboration. • Equal-i can simultaneously send a better view using Immersive Everywhere while improving the incoming scene using Immersive PTZ
  5. 5. Revolutionary Capabilities – Video+Content • Video+Content – Equal-i’s proprietary single-screen view (which is still way better than a PTZ camera) allows you to share content/data on the 2nd display. This is also the scene used to improve calls with MCUs, Video Meeting Rooms, and desktop videoconferencing apps like Skype4Business and Zoom. Switch back-and-forth between dual-screen immersive and Video+Content during a call.
  6. 6. Revolutionary Capabilities – Immersive PTZ Standard Incoming PTZ View Improved Equal-i View – Centered & Spread Across Dual Displays When the remote site only has a PTZ , the Equal-i system can improve the incoming video & light up the 2nd screen • Farthest participants brought “Up Close and Personal”, centered & spread across 2 displays • Partial Equalization so participants are more equal in size • Improved Meeting Format to more “Across the Table” feel • Better, more immersive experience for local participants • Equal-i can simultaneously send a better view using Immersive Everywhere while improving the incoming scene using Immersive PTZ The industry’s only solution that improves the incoming video
  7. 7. The Biggest Competitive Differentiator in VTC If you had a trade show booth with 10 displays showing the same scene from 10 different codecs most people would be hard pressed to tell the difference much less pick “The Best”. Add 2 additional displays showing Array and 100 out of 100 people will choose it as “The Best”: Dual- screen, life-size images, perfect vertical eye-line, concealed camera, etc. • Opportunity to differentiate your firm and demonstrate technology prowess!
  8. 8. The New and Natural “Industry Standard” for Immersive Telepresence is Dual-Screens Most modern codecs are dual-screen systems or dual-screen capable with 1080p data channels which enable Array’s Immersive Everywhere capability to send a dual-screen immersive scene • Most board rooms and conference rooms support dual-screen configurations much easier architecturally than the “split-table” approach of existing 3 screen immersive solutions • Most existing dual-screen systems are capable of receiving Array’s Immersive Everywhere immersive, dual-screen scene • In the short term the cheapest way to “buy pixels” and achieve a large format display that brings in the eye’s peripheral vision (One of the brain’s primary cues of immersion) is rapidly commodifying 65 inch – 90+ inch dual-displays. • Dual-displays allow us to conceal the camera at perfect vertical eye-line as well The Trend is our Friend! – Bigger and cheaper displays means that our dual-display approach is the most cost-effective way to “buy pixels” for both immersion and better data collaboration!
  9. 9. The Best Positioned Camera on the Planet. Period. Array’s DX Camera is the only videoconferencing camera designed to capture from the absolutely, positively best position in the room for group meetings • Perfect vertical eye-line • Psychological studies have shown that people with good eye-contact are perceived to be more warm, personable, attractive, likeable, qualified, skilled, competent, valuable, trustworthy, honest, sincere, confident, powerful, and emotionally stable. • Camera concealed by the bezel • Better meeting psychology, more comfortable participants • Stand up capture enabled • No one’s head is cut-off entering/leaving the scene
  10. 10. The Big Idea: Array’s Equal-i technology is the biggest improvement to the quality of group videoconferencing an organization can make cost-effectively Array’s Equal-i technology allows organizations to: • Improve how executives/subject matter experts and the firm’s “Brand” come across when conferencing with partners, vendors, clients, analysts, and media. • Dramatically improve the quality of your existing systems without any changes to codecs, video network infrastructure, or network bandwidth. • Cost-effectively upgrade dozens or hundreds of rooms at relatively low-cost compared with existing multi-screen, multi- codec offerings. • Improve the scene your executives are receiving to dual-screen immersive so facial features and body language are apparent The Big Idea - Customer Benefits No one looks good with a tiny head! Array provides reputational benefits improving how a company’s “Brand” and executives come across on video while simultaneously making the far-side participant’s facial expressions and body language more visible which is often the most important “data” being shared in a call.
  11. 11. Array is Poised for Viral Growth – Every Call an Advertisement! One of the leading videoconferencing trends is inter-company videoconferencing. More and more enterprises are connecting with their partners and clients Array’s enterprise customers are poised to begin connecting with their partners and clients pushing out a dramatically- better, unique experience! The answer to: “WOW! How are you doing that??” is: “Array Telepresence!”
  12. 12. A 25% Array Deployment Improves Quality/Experience Across an Entire Video Estate Because Equal-i is improving both the scene you send and the scene you receive you can lift the experience of an entire video estate by deploying Equal-i to the top 25%-35% of the most used rooms. While Equal-i is an end-point solution it should more appropriately be budgeted similarly to video infrastructure Note: All rooms that are connecting with partners or clients would need to have an Equal-i system for Immersive Everywhere. “Because an Equal-i deployment in the top 25% of an organization’s video rooms will improve the quality-of-experience across the entire video estate the true cost of the solution per room isn’t $15,990 but averages $3997 per room!”
  13. 13. Cost-Effective Immersive Telepresence Bundles These are a few examples but the configurations are limitless. Completely customizable with best- of-breed collaborative tools & peripherals Mid-grade: Array DX Camera Module, Polycom Group 500/700 codec, Dual 65inch curved or flat displays, custom table, SoundStructure, wireless data share, RealPresence Touch, and integration ~$45,000 MSRP Premium: Imago ScanSource is also offering i-Kandy PLUS an innovative bundle in Europe combining the Polycom Medialign 270 and Equal-i Technology. ~$82,000 MSRP Basic: If you are refreshing an older dual-screen videoconferencing system then an Array upgrade can be as simple as a $15,990 Equal-i and a Polycom Group 500 Series codec. Imago ScanSource is bundling this in Europe as: i-Kandy. ~$25,000 MSRP
  14. 14. Part Number: AE2S-P01 MSRP Pricing: • US$15,990 (with DX Camera) • Image Processor leveraging Equal-i’s custom image improvement algorithms • No added perceptible delay (Less than 10ms) • Works with most modern videoconferencing codec’s (both Hardware & Software) • Works with Software Codec’s using a HDMI-to-USB3 adapter. 2S IP System Characteristics Products: The Equal-i Advanced Imaging System DX Camera Module System Characteristics DX Dual Headed Camera & Display Mount • Concealed camera at perfect vertical eye-line • Works with almost any HD Codec (Software or Hardware) • Enables dual screen HD capture and transmission using a single codec • Attaches to Display bezels with only 4mm of separation of Flat Panel Displays Part Number: AEDX-P10 MSRP Pricing: • US$15,990 (with Equal-i Image Processor) 2S Image Processor (IP)
  15. 15. Equal-i System Control Integrated Control Systems OR Equal-i integrates with existing control systems • Crestron & AMX modules available now • Full published API’s in the Installation Guide One Extra Step: Tell system what scene to send at setup: Dual-screen Immersive OR single-screen: Video+Content But Extra Features: Switch back-and-forth between dual-screen Immersive Everywhere and single-screen Video+Content in a call. Stand-Alone Control Multi-platform: Windows and Android Now, iOS Coming Soon