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Building a Knowledge-Based Practice in the Digital Age


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"Managing information has redefined our practice and contributes to the delivery of success outcomes for our clients." - Carl Davis
Carl Davis, Array CEO, presented his experience as a Thought Leader at the PSMJ Summit in Orlando.

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Building a Knowledge-Based Practice in the Digital Age

  1. 1. / Building a Iznowie dge-Has Practice in the Digital Age / WM
  2. 2. Building’ a Knnwlaclga-Based Practice intha Digital Age The link between and business stra teg; /, While often _ talked about, has V I been widely ignored in practice, L M « thought leadership ~ g ‘
  3. 3. ” The AE Industry Market _ How Array Addressed Market Trends _; : . .—1., U., ""
  4. 4. Building: Knowledge-Based Prat: tics in the Digital Age THE A/ E INDUSTRY Managing information and technology has redefined our THOUGHT LEADERSHP practice and con tributes the delivery of successful outcomes for our clients. ) Components of knowledge based practices: - Information and communication technology as its function - Open Innovation - Education - Knowledge Management - Creativity Fagea
  5. 5. Building a Knowledge-Baaed Practice i. ut]1e Digital Age KNO WLEDGEBASED ECONOMY "[Production and services based on knowledge-intensive activities that contribute to an accelerated pace of technical and scientific advance, as well as rapid obsolescence. The key component of a knowledge economy is a greater reliance on intellectual capabilities than on physical inputs or natural resources. "[11] Page 4
  6. 6. Building a Knowledge-Baaed Practice intha Digital Age THE A/ E INDUSTRY THOUGHT | _EADER5H| p WhyA/ E firms don ’t Want to compete in a fee—based market? ) Creates negative pressures on the key drivers of our business. ) Allows commoditization of our services
  7. 7. Buildinga Knowledge-Based Practice in the Digital Age THEA/ EINDUSTHY THOUGHT LEADERSHIP , , What do most successfulA/ E firms have In common ? ) Create, locate, capture & share organization’s knowledge & expertise ) Adopt KM or thought leadership as part of their overall business strategy Pages
  8. 8. Buildinga Knowledge-Based Practice in the Digital Age WHO WE ARE THOUGHT LEADERSHIP ArrayArchitects. 'healthcare—only design firm ) 30 year old firm preparing for its fourth leadership transition ) 120 staff that competes with significantly larger firms ) High rate of success on technology adoption ) Huge appetite for process improvement Page 7
  9. 9. Buildinga Knowledge-Based Practice in the Digital Age OUR I-"IHM’S STRATEGY "“°"3‘l’fl"‘-'; [l’fi'§ Array acknowledged the KM gap in our business strategy: ) Created a Knowledge Brand ) Developed a Platform for knowledge sharing (Internal) ) Environment for knowledge sharing ) Celebrated Content Creation ) Developed a Client Engagement Platform (External) Pages
  10. 10. Euildinga Knowledge-Based 5 T Practice in the Digital Age PLA TFOF’M K) I2 6% Supporting Array’s Thought Leadership Strategy [AN Newforma-Project Information Management 2 SynthesIs- Internal Knowledge Exchange w Sa| esforce- CFIM & Pursuit Activity $ Hubspot- Inbound Marketing, Thought Leadership Pages
  11. 11. Building a Knowledge-Based I I . Practice i. ntl1e Digital Age 3 r’ , , We are not architects who do healthcare. We are healthcare architects Redefined the Array brand _ - ' around Dur People and their 4 knowledge Sharing and collaboration are whatlead to extraordinary insights and unexpected solutions. Page 10
  12. 12. Buildinga Knowledge-Based Practice int]: I.e Digital Age OUR KNOWLEDGE BRAND Fledefined the Array brand around Our People and their knowledge / I Li" / -1, , ‘I Patrlcla D. Mallck AAHD. EDAC. Inn &—| Id mnapuuewunsauunuoamuruuaoayn ‘ I / Page 11
  13. 13. Buildinga Knowledge-Based Rem D055 Practice inthe Digital Age A may Ammm Redefined the Array brand around Dur People and their knowledge I-. ~.T. -.T. Hospitals taking a leadership role in wastewater seua. nahl- mm» mm neauncm assign Plcnibon hvalmuicxlalml zonwiecusInwreucvviuni muimaier mm ‘: cr‘: .it‘. nmmml mi. -n Subscribe to N92 Knox-Ilé-dge Building Performance Evaluation as a Function of Community Iuucl‘ Distance and T me Emmi ~ Nellhc-non Fr: -Iaur-nor ' Page 12
  14. 14. Building a Knowledge-Based Practice int]: I.e Digital Age OUR KNOWLEDGE PLATFORM Synthesis— Internal Knowledge Sharing Platform 2 Sharing starts at home. , Page 13
  15. 15. Building a Knowledge-Based Practice int]: I.e Digital Age OUR KNOWLEDGE PLATFORM - Scalable & Social - The platform and culture serve to incubate Page 14
  16. 16. :iii_'i‘ii-_. .i: %i. ”i‘i. :i%. iiilt “I . ‘I! :E'JI1! Home People Pro}-: —Cts Practice‘ crocess 3urSuitS Tezlmclcgv est): 5005‘ Directories Emplizyee Sirectow : r:; ei: : Dvectc Occcfiuritres Sirectcrv Contact Director, ’ Companies oirectcw Resource :3I'ECYOi", ' Helpful wikis and Docs Style Guide Template Cpeniisse: updating you’ Email Signature Expertise Communities Sustainable '. 'I5ilaIIZa{IQl" Rewt Calendars Jwrav All “fices King or = 'u: »5-a Ne» ‘fo'>< Clexelard Florida Texas Extemal Links Array -fno-- ledge Ccmmuniiieii Home Pages . ‘ ' Leah Brown’ , x: l- . -I »; Sustainable wikis , - T Q] white Paper capital Health Hopewell '. =.. ._-P: :. __. ,ri: .__. V_V_ H . I:r—. _-_I_ 4 People 7» ti 79% Shane Williams E~ » Leah Brown ‘ it; . Nico| eWcod’~-, ‘. - , , : , ‘ "— -V. Car| Davisii I . ,v ti‘. ssustainabledesign . .,_. Carl Davis ~--. H. .. . / ,1 -. >5; dvgbcorg/ node/3757/blogs www. ConFerenceAbsti: acts: comfGreenbuiId20l3.htm.
  17. 17. Recent Posts v mm a" mvev cr 695‘, ~eam. ue mrvrm-r w xv‘ vu Jean expev ewe r‘C"r Eacre u'S: L-M9 n "(er :1’ . ,._‘Jr “3 . _mt_‘ m V4 uu . ‘fM:1’fLu D’: e_eu‘i_1_ . . enavs (mmfiess desxgn ard mrsuuzuo gem; swmg mm we god! 0‘ amev Pg new LEED Cermrat on as me aes. gn prcress progressed mmgr us warms siages‘ »L beramc more anc muve apparent m the design team ma: LEED Gem terhhtancn was achevame Reaxudnm r r n 1apLex: amhnL: nuL: .Au3x. hna1mnm1e: £xn NJ. :al: MLmd, Amy. annums L££D. am| :1L: n:, mnnnuau: Amamnmnnx hgalxngam ady. im| y_s. enr. L:e; nosmmmnsjgn Art and Healthcare ‘GREG by mmmm onjni .7 201272 0‘? 00 PM wbolweve srmngxy w me rveaxmg power 5! an neeenuy ‘ me me cppommry lo vewsr! are 07 Aways pm}E({S at opened new m Vuvsmber u was muemmy rewardmg to hear we Nzsu Ia]: sxarr mH me abnut how uoswe «nswcv and Dame"! veaemns rave been (I: {he an v‘s: aHancrs ‘: xmxyempmyzes we . rr‘par(ar‘(e or } : ~ccvaaraw~g av: m deswgnmg heawvg enwanmems Trere ws 3 r~uman(em1e. 'wcy{o p-men Anxwety are a smmforx o": e nearby oD, ecvs and peace wner undo’ suess V. “ Ms book. Y/ we Hearl’$ Eye Enm: /onar‘ rrmenzes m / ’er: ep. '.on 5 Anenwn, v v . ‘wedefl: "a devempoa we ccncepz or vnonomw tcngruenre — when a pevson s pvesemea em an assoumem or } e. '~wcr‘merza sx-muh. mose paws ma: mazm me emouur‘. J state 0' we wewer wH must we y oe me ‘CD13 01 WSW aI(er*: :cr* REa11.M. uI£ QAL‘-£I2e(1m, L§;1$1AumLLfllnm£. 'x5 Topxfl’ , arLsn: ;la1:y. a1;nl1:c1um. ACAAaay. . rgnmminn, Isnsniuls, Mnnlgwnnat inxmnrdnsizn Amlxammens axtnnnniuazn Amman: mannnmmun-. nnnnnunus lmnm: L:m: nL nganhnaxg, nnS1i1aLd: x1£n ARRAV VONTAFV VOKATEONS (ADHERE Loam . mum anflxmmzelfll 1§aLenALau1Z} xenmgssllfll Kns:2:1J. .1z1:22LL11) ya. ,3 5‘ E 3. usa. Lsn§muILl5J . .'; O)E ‘: ‘{DDS1L"J _m~ -'a. snn18} E&. L11B. LLKL5J RRXLQIDXUJ mn£LML“. La. '_"LL1) mmmumm ieanuinssnunnul i. '1a_flL&'n, ,,aDJ$J. lDJ Ijlumainudanu) ma can . ;1 .
  18. 18. Welcome to our Knowledge Community Building a Knowledge-Based Prac tics i. nt]1a Digital Age CLIENTENGAGEMENT - This serves as an incubator for the external site where pnsslunnntuudabcnwmamrylnlwu ‘ ISatdJIypihII'lflfiI1ll"I¢hiiy| Iuys‘lrnlII pqoplmnewgaaaperunhuuuvczuglusnmnuon n: mvydvy. nnwndnnopndmnimmmm¢a§ sharing is directed at . 3 solving problems or '~v~-= ‘M--~~‘v~~i»-~v«-'r' : l0Duotnuds: sm!99IeaNduB. NfluB£ ummmsnmpmawuu-mm» m addressing pain points for clients. Page 17
  19. 19. Buildinga Kn°W13d§E'5359d , ‘ ‘ ' ‘ The Healing Power of Am Practice i. nt. ha Digital Age CLIENTENGAGEMENT - Leverage firm-wide thoughtleadership into _ §; i,§‘, i;1“, {‘g publications & case ' studies. Page 15
  20. 20. : ‘ll! t:J, g_i; <- I ~—7'l! e:, ir'= Zi. i2 _. .»J“—. Since 1983 Array Architects has been recognized as one of the nation's leaders in the design of heallhcare facilities and offers a full complement of knowledge-based services including planning u. were Recent Updates fa Array Architects l“. lp tin. Llll ccni llmragc / ' Ii‘: ' . '1" r Healthcare Art Installation Book by Array Architects . " . . . Array Architects has a new online book with ‘ ~ wonderful examples of how to use an in healthcare Installation _ 3 ‘ shots of 5 recent projects fill the 52 pages This book is visual '. _. proof of why they are world-leaders in healthcare design The , _ design and [L Organic Targeted to All Followers l J. .7 2. or Sponsor update ~3 -Mews - - ~"«¢(' wswe - - £7
  21. 21. ¢K ex. ..» “/ )41 wax‘/ r Aw/ :>«~<o'*r Pulse Wma . new post - ’ Realrncare Anlnslallatlon -, 4 aooxoyllrray Archltects _ - . s ‘ ' “ The Genlus or weermg the r - * same oulm Every Day Henry Domke, MD V’ . _ . . _, ., ‘ r Whal Really Happened to , - Alex lrom Target’ Too Stan NowTuTelIVouvPeonle Healthcare Art Installation Book by They're wonnress ~ ~ Array Architects The Manx CEO. How carlos am a 11 0 Gmsn Manages 3 7 srages ol Dealing mm Job Repecuon Is Your Resume Telllng Them 5 Not to Call vow :31 , ”§l? ‘Tl,5lli. $:l The Real Reason Stupid‘ sraneps Raise so Much cash the B05! Big Dara Jobs Avarlaole Today « hr 5| 7*’ Why My Husband and I Won't ‘ J‘ Work Together . -Zr. ‘ r , Array Archllects has a new onllne book wllh wcrlderlul examples or how to use an «n nealxncare lnslallallon shots at 5 recent pvolccts llll the 52 pages nus book Is The 5 5,9"; 0, A Bad Leads, V ’ -. visual prool cl why they are world-leaders ln nealrhcare design -3 — V u » 5 The design and layout 0! me book is a work or an ln rrsell Ouoles lram desrgners ‘ , ; I ‘ _ such as Pal Manor and Laura Moms help explaln the Intent and process behind » Jug Sm 1‘ up _. , ‘» each an prolc-L1. Everyone involved ln hcalthcaro an should read mrs book : k , . , .. l , 5 ' . ‘ Tavrewlhlsiree bookchcxherc - _F‘ / “I , Y A In the lasr lew years Array has been very aggressrve and successlul rn usrng onllne ,3 7-, m,‘, ,as O, 7,_. ,,, ,,, ,, Team, " _ . ‘ I V“ markeirng to tell iherr story Thrs book ls lust one example cl that They are also very W and the Animals / X l ottnctlvc at using social modla such as here on Lmkcdln and on mar blog ’ ~ " r- ' S H II E‘ D Reoonlhls How To Lose Fnends enn . . Dcmalrvatu People
  22. 22. ‘A: ) UPCOMlNG EVENTS +5 lirailhiarc Dcslar‘ C: ;r1ll*rcvwc1‘ rm. -5 20:-: News mm N1>mmlDr'.1|. rulV<h 14 csrrlermsr No: -5 2m: Nor/ V9,IDl.1 ASLA Alvrlural NN'l'll; r. Expo ~04.» 2:: -: M)»/14 are new lrvh-lrx lzlamx‘ 2m5vlr~v»l Elucrmss ra r Cu1lcrcr'u- — rs ze-s World serlrreerrerer Sllrwv li Jan :9 20*: 40'‘ 22 zuls mun lwr. cm. llElul'drl- S': ow 4:1!‘ 20 205 43f‘ 22 zové , Sella-. r-l,22)‘5 _ an 20 20's 23 zors Keepuu em me lalfilstnelvs The Heallng Power of Art Wm WM WNW WI! " ml‘ "l-Illtulne rim: 2 Jan 2: 2075 17415 20:5 mmrra. Enwlonrrerl: s have me power re se: our excavations‘ Mt our sprrrrs arm lnsprre nope rrre deslqrl or me lnzellor envrrenrrenr (an pcsltlveiv alfect rhe exaectatlorls or prttlerlts and the»! loved ones Yo lnsprle torllldenzc and reduce stress, the errvrrarm-rrrs must oe ln Sync wen an olclnlzrltlon s leputarlon, rvlsslurl and core values A wellcorlzelvec errvrronrren: wlil posltrvety lnfluerlze employee servrre, illlliudes aha behclvlals colors, teximl: -S, patterns, artwork and graghlts Ms: De carererry selected, well coold-rlutrc aha lntegraton lnto me overall cesrgn to resume wl‘Vl prwhervs «om lles aha son
  23. 23. Buildinga Kxmwladge-Based Prac tics in the Digital Age DATA DRIVEN STRATEGIES "“°WLE°GE C'11'em‘Engagement SHARING ) How do you know what level of client engagement you are experiencing? ) What areas of thought leadership provided you the most exposure? )What media and/ or platform provides you the most useful exposure’? )How can I use our platform in the project pursuit process Page 22
  24. 24. Building a Knowledge-Based Practice i. nt]: l.e Digital Age INBO UND DA TA 2’? Ifiiblne-I‘ : .‘§li'E-. lIfiIEJ‘_ilu l. l§fi§= .fi'. !Ffi| ~‘f§IhiiwF-l| ‘lvlVIT$lIIW*-' all @123? Page 23
  25. 25. Page Performance Building a Knowledge-Based Practice inthe Digital Age 101,488 / NBUUND DATA Tracking Page Performance
  26. 26. Building a Knowledge-Based Practice i. r1t]: l.e Digital Age INBUUND DATA Source Fleports =1-zllm wire 4‘ Krlllll-av ‘Mi’-llil‘4r»‘ A -
  27. 27. Prospects o «- . '"1 Favoriled Pros pecls v google com . . 3 H L . google con‘ googie com x_ vw-mm-y . _ google cor“ googie Con‘ cemms: ed -as decentralized ‘ ‘ '. rmlsmg muons google corv 1 w. u, -*-am A google cor: A new/ lcnner A surgery cenlev case sluc, ‘ n— “ ~. — ‘ '~ " V emu 355 33533553
  28. 28. Building a Knowledge-Based Practice intha Digital Age Engaging Prospective Clients Ial Coniacls ~ Repoiis NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH Trmri Hr: 1011672014 Page 27
  29. 29. I m mII—II L.13lmucIv L ». :< we «age 4 Months Ago 4 Days Ago Subscriber S"(>Z'J. JII ; ::-. - - I — 4 Starred I: cIIIpaII, m. I». I;. .-: ,v : I;, I I_; -I , I were DIW- <»I. mIcIII "W ; II>T mine 7 I: - . .m ham-2 'Iio: II. . Phone uIImrI. .I mm: Is. « TNIIIVVDEV IKGIHJHVE . '.; «f~S: is« LI. ’-2: Sm «I, -.I1Iv. Ir-t«, »I. auII. ;II: . . OCIODEF LEN’ w: i"f: ]I<',1IIIE: .." September gsv-~aI ~II‘-: I~a, <I and sung: pages Standard page
  30. 30. Home HIII Profile Groups Files Accounts Contacts Data. com Opportunities Repons Dashbr Array Architects ' '3‘ Carl Davis I I_. i ‘ Post File fl Thanks More v .4 :5. L- Messages Feed '~ All Updates What I Follow To Me Hackensack Uriiversily Medical Center — Jerini‘ei Donnell BOOINSIFEG Al todays Bisnow NJ event Kent was on a panel with Robert Garrett A” Company President and CEO ol Hackensack II was a lantastic discussion Followup email was sent hoping to geta meeting Also it was mentioned on panel that -L P°°I7‘e Hackensack is looking to build IFIEIYOWH medical school AFTER the event 1' group; Bob said they are considering the Roche site in Nutley NJ ithe whole group F! was not made aware olmisli I 95 O Toms C>l"l"tI‘i urn 2 I Q Jelinller OD0liie| I Opp, - Fantastic news Robert Garrett is willing to meet with us in January His asst asked me to checli in mid-Decemberto get a Jan date on F33 the calendar He is [he CEO so we will need to stiategize on team and meetlng approach
  31. 31. Activity History Action Subject Edit Del en dlm r vin ur e enl rF‘ tientTIir ti ut Edrt Del Qnened Enhancing Ourvetergnsgxgeiience Edrf U-Bl . Edi‘. Del Qgened MeelArray Edit Del &ned Knowledq_g_§hannq from a_F; e§§ntHealtligag_Q_onlerencg Edit Del Qpened Knowledqe Shannq from a RecentHeallhcare Conlerence Edr Del Sent lnteqratinq Mobile Technoloqx to Enhance Value on the Protect Site Log a Call M Tack Due Date 10/30/2014 9/29/2014 7/31/2014 7/31/2014 51292014 509/2014 3/132014 Auiuned To Patricia Mallgk Patricia Malick Patrlgia Malick Pgtricia Malick Pgtrigia Mgligk Pgtrlgg Mgllgk Pgtrigg Maligk V -'«CIl. 'l1,‘ HKSIOI , i Help Laut Modified Dateflime 10/30/2014 1 34 PM 9/29/201410 36 AM 7/31/201410 54 AM 7/31f201410 54 AM 5/2912014 5 02 PM 5i'29/2014 6 02 PM 3I’18/2014 412 PM '2 . 1>¢)~/ ¢¢A¢$44Av»**V. >. .
  32. 32. © issuu Building a Knowledge-Based Practice intlie Digital Age Lifetime Statistics for 4,319 25,365 25 G) issuu" 7 45 MDSTENGA GING ""‘
  33. 33. Building a Knowledge-Based Practice inthe Digital Age Publication Performance INBDUND DA TA T_rlHe-althcalg 16% Best Pflticesi 15% Design §ook_a 15%
  34. 34. Building a Knowledge-Based Practice intlie Digital Age
  35. 35. Buildinga Knowledge-Based Prac tice in the Digital Age WRAP UP OUR KM 'N'T'AT'VE T. h0ughtLeade_rsh1'p and Knowledge Sharing ) Refined our thought leadership strategy around marketing & BD )Technology has had a significant impact on this strategy ) Data drives adoption of thought leadership as a business strategy ) Participation has come from all levels of staff Page 34
  36. 36. Building a K1:u: iwledge—Beeed Prai: :l: i.i: :e inthe Digital Age THANK YD U A “Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it. ” - Samuel Johns on