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Advice for rural development


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Advice for rural development

  1. 1. We do Researches about aromatic plants with promising potential in medicine, cosmetics, food, fragrance and flavor Aromaticas Medicinales
  2. 2. We offer Provide specialist: for each one of the stages. Adapt production to the requirements of the EU. Research and Development (R & D), are part of a research network on biological molecules actives for beauty care and health Aromaticas Medicinales
  3. 3. Newest consulting Preparation of technical specifications for 8 species: Jasmin, Vetiver, Nardo, Cafe, Balsamo, Styrax, Chía, Ambrett Line Development massage oils: face, neck, chest. Orange Peel. Relaxing, Stimulating. Aromaticas Medicinales
  4. 4. Newest consulting Search industrial raw materials essential oils Calophyllum TAHITI Curcuma PERÚ Vetiver El Salvador Argan Marruecos Aromaticas Medicinales
  5. 5. Chaining and graded process Scientific-Technical Complexity Popular Herbal Herbal remedies Tisane Essential oils Supplement Medicine Phytomedicine Extraction and Purification Dry materials Extracts pure compounds Aromaticas Medicinales
  6. 6. BODY CARE • Essential oils in skin care: neck, chest, face – Development of production line – Formulation design – Packaging and presentation – Staff Training Aromaticas Medicinales
  7. 7. FOR VETERINARY • Healthy food: essential oils to reduce diarrhea in newly weaned pigs • Phytomedicines: Treatment of mastitis in milking cattle Aromaticas Medicinales