De Verbeterpraktijk - #lean #healthcare study experience (en)


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Lean Healthcare Study Experience, Seattle, presentation: objectives, program and requirements. Summary of our Lean Health Care Study Experience to Seattle: Get prepared and meet Everett Clinic, Boeing, Group Health, Genie Industries, Seattle Children\'s Hospital, Kaas Tailored, Virginia Mason MC all in Seattle, WA, USA

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De Verbeterpraktijk - #lean #healthcare study experience (en)

  1. 1. Lean HealthcareStudy Experience Seattle, WA, USA Presentation
  2. 2. Why? See  and  experience  lean  from     first  hand  observations  and  participation   §  How  does  the  physical  environment  look  like?   §  How  do  people  work  and  behave  in  a  lean   system?   Talk  with  and  learn  from  people  working  in   the  system   In  Seattle  is  a  multitude  of  companies,  being   5-­‐20  years  on  the  ‘lean  journey’,  eager  to   teach  you   ‘Borrow’  the  learning  curve  of  others.     I.e.  see  and  experience  their  different   strategies,  difficulties,  results  
  3. 3. What? When? Where?              Block  1                                              Block  2                                        Block  3  -­‐  Seattle  visit                                          Block  4   Example program, dates to be determined
  4. 4. What? The program* in Seattle(*) Provisional and subject to change
  5. 5. Get to know Seattle & eachother See Seattle, including: §  Pike Place Market §  Space Needle §  Starbucks
  6. 6. “Flow on the shop floor”at Genie Industries
  7. 7. “Leading by example”at Kaas Tailored What  is  the  role  of  the  leader?   §  Gemba  (real  place),     §  Genbutsu  (real  thing),     §  Genjitsu  (real  data)   Visual  management  
  8. 8. “BIG change & Lean+”at Boeing
  9. 9. “Standardize & Cont. learning”at Group Health Cooperative Daily  management   Daily  improvement  
  10. 10. “The improvement ‘journey’” at Seattle Children’s HospitalFrom  point-­‐kaizen   (2000)  …                                                                                              …  to  value  stream                                                                                      improvement  (2005)  
  11. 11. “Health … take care”at Virginia Mason Medical Center How  safe  and  predictable  is  your   care  delivery?   How  can  patients  experience  you   are  applying  lean?   Are  you  adapting  lean  to  your   way  of  working,  or  adapting  your   way  of  working  to  lean?    
  12. 12. Who? / Target group Everyone.....   §  Physicians  /  specialists   §  (Head)  nurses   §  Healthcare  directors  and  managers   §  Health  Insurance  directors  and  managers   §  Healthcare  suppliers  …  with  the  ambition....   §  To  improve  healthcare  dramatically   §  To  really  change  traditional  patterns   §  ‘To  make  a  difference’     §  To  create  a  culture  of  continuous  improvement     Accredited   with 24…  OR  those  who  want  to  find  out     points by •  Why  this  is  important   ABMS •  That  it  can  be  done  
  13. 13. What others have experienced “A fantastic way to learn how “Taking the board and our to observe and to use this experience in my Lean management team to Journey. Something worth Seattle was one of the best doing.” investments we made to (J. Verver, program manager promote and sustain our Lean Six Sigma, Reinier de Graaf Groep, Delft) Lean journey” (H. Backes, innovation manager, Maastro Clinic,“A great experience that Maastricht)fundamentally changesprofessional thinking aboutmanagement”(A.J. Michels, chief staff “The Lean philosophypulmonology St. Anna and tools will give usHospital, Geldrop) more on-the-job enjoyment” (R. Wanders, oncologist, Maastro Clinic) “If Boeing can build an “Amazing; you should “To understand ‘lean’ airplane in 10 days, why definitely do it!” you have to see it! In the Seattle Study does it take 20 days to start (C. de Nie, neuro Tour I could do that” a radiation treatment?” surgeon, St.Elisabeth, Tilburg) (S.Ruoss, consultant (T. Naber, Operations Walker Project, manager, Dr. Verbeeten Zürich) Instituut, Tilburg)
  14. 14. Price Price:  to  be  agreed   Including:     §  Workshops   §  Excursions     §  Facilitation  /  coaching   §  Hotel  accommodation   §  Breakfast  –  Lunch  –  Dinner     §  Transfers  in  Seattle   §  Book     Excluding:   §  Flight  to/from  Seattle   §  Insurance  (travel  +  cancellation  )   §  Expenses  in  private  time    
  15. 15. For more information pleasecontact De  Verbeterpraktijk   Parcivalring  279   5221  LG  s-­‐Hertogenbosch       Arnout  Orelio   +31(0)6  -­‐  8333  5692   Anton  van  Lankveld   +31(0)6  -­‐  2857  1310