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Bartending 1st topic


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Bartending 1st topic

  1. 1. Bartending TYPES OF BAR AND BAR SERVICE The BAR Is a place where drinks are mixed and served to customers, it is a place for revelation. It is also a control center in which records are kept of the stock on hand the drinks consumed and their sales value. A cocktail bar us recognized as a rendezvous and meeting place with its high standard of service and the ability of the bartender to provide almost any drink or cocktails the guest may desire. BAR DESIGN Cocktails are governed by certain legal requirements regarding space storage and hygiene. Bars vary widely needing to their location, size and function, so not all these amenities can be regarded as standard. BASIC PARTS OF THE BAR 1. The Front Bar Is the counter area of the bar where guest order their drinks. 2. The Back bar Is an area where bottles of liquors and rows of sparkling glassware are displayed. It is a good place to display all brands as a subtle form of merchandising and to display some equipment. 3. The Under Bar It is the heart of the entire bar operation and deserves the most careful attention. In its space are the equipments, supplies and other products for sale. TYPES OF BAR 1. Permanent Bar (Stand-up Bar) A bar that forms as integral part of the interior design and decoration of the outlet. It has the three parts of the bar. It serves directly to the guest of the bar and likewise filled drinks order brought by the server. 2. Service bar Refers to a bar that calls for table service only, usually in conjunction with filling drink orders brought by the servers. Sometimes it is part of the dining room, but more often it is out of sight. 3. Mobile Bar/Portable Bar Refers to bar that is movable, can be transferred from one place to another. It is usually provided for parties and especial functions such as banquet and catering. OTHER TYPES OF BAR 1. Beverage Bar 2. Entertainment Bar 3. Restaurant Bar
  2. 2. 4. Hotel Beverage Operation  Lobby Bar  Coffee Shop  Cocktail Lounge/ Piano Bar  Restaurant / Service Bar  Disco Bar  Videoke Bar  Poolside Bar  Sports Bar  Banquet Bar  Open Bar Set- up  Limited Bar Set- up  Mini Bar 5. Airline Bar 6. Cruise/ Passenger Ship Bar 7. Rail Bar 8. Coffee Shops/ Houses 9. Tea Shops/ Houses 10. Taverns 11. Public Houses/ Pubs 12. Brew Pubs 13. Night Clubs 14. Internet Café/ Cyber Café 15. Beer Garden TYPES OF SET-UP 1. Full Bar Set-up Premium brands should be set-up clearly and visible to guest, side by side with the standard brands. 2. Standard Bar Set-Up Only standard brands should be set-up including juices and other soda. TYPES OF BANQUET BEVERAGE ARRANGEMENT 1. Charge on Per Consumption Basis (CPCB) All orders will be charged to the organizer; in most cases drinks are limited to soft drinks, juices and other non-alcoholic beverages. 2. Individual Cash Basis (ICB) All orders shall be on the personal assessment of the guest. 3. Open bar (OB) Guest may order any drink charged to the organizer, guest may order anything they may prefer, in most cases the host assigns someone to tabulate guest’s order to make sure that bill is accurate.
  3. 3. BAR ORGANIZATION 1. Bar Manager- in- charge to the overall operation of the bar. 2. Bar Captain/ Supervisor- in- charge of monitoring the staff and the operation. 3. Bartender- in- charge of preparing and serving the drinks to the guests. 4. Barista- in- charge of preparing coffee beverages in the bar. The Italian term for Bartender. 5. Back bar- assist the bartender in the maintenance of cleanliness and the preparations in the bar.Also known as the bar helper or the bar boy/ girl. 6. Bar server- in- charge of serving food and drinks to the guests on the table. 7. Wine steward/ Sommelier- in- charge of suggesting, selling and serving wines to the guests 8. Bar receptionist- in- charge of receiving or welcoming and entertaining the guests. 9. Cashier in- charge of processing the bills and receiving payments from the guests.