Sexual abuse


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Sexual abuse

  1. 1. SEXUALABUSEPrepared by: Arnel O. Rivera NSTP 1
  2. 2. UNITED NATIONS CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILDArticle 34 - Sexual Abuse: Everychild has the right to be protectedfrom sexual abuse. This means thatnobody can do anything to the child’sbody that s/he does not want them todo, such as touching, taking picturesor making the child say things thats/he does not want to say.
  3. 3. SONIA’S STORYInstructions:1. Rate the characters 1 to 5, such that #1 is the most offensive and #5 is the least offensive. You have 5 minutes to write down your answers silently. (Characters: Sonia, Greg, Jose, Bong, Lito)2. Discuss with the group your answers for 20 minutes.3. Assign a reporter in your group to write your ratings on the board. 2 minutes given to discuss the group’s rating of the characters.
  4. 4. SONIA’S STORYOnce upon a time, there was a girl named Soniawho was in love with a man named Greg. Greglived on the other side of the river where Sonialived. The river that separated the two lovers wasteeming with man-eating crocodiles. Sonia wantedto cross the river to be with Greg. Unfortunately,the bridge had been washed out. So she went to askJose, a boatman, to take her across. But the look inhis eyes frightened Sonia, so she went to her friendBong and explained her plight to him. Bong did notwant to be involved at all in the situation. Sonia feltthat her only alternative was to take the boat, eventhough she did not trust Jose.
  5. 5. SONIA’S STORYWhen the boat was already in the middle of theriver, Jose told Sonia that he couldn’t controlhimself and he wanted to make love to her. WhenSonia refused, he threatened to throw heroverboard. But if she complied, he said he woulddeliver her safely to the other side. Sonia did notwant to be eaten alive by the crocodiles, but shedidn’t see any alternative for herself, so she did notresist Jose. Jose gratified his desire for Sonia, thendelivered her to the other shore where Greg lived.
  6. 6. SONIA’S STORYWhen Sonia told Greg what had happened, heblamed her because of the way she dressed. He sawher as unclean and cast her aside with disdain.Heartsick and dejected, Sonia turned to Lito, akarate black-belter. Lito felt anger for Greg andcompassion for Sonia. He sought out Greg and beathim brutally. Sonia was overjoyed at the sight ofGreg getting his due. As the sun sets on the horizon,we hear Sonia laughing at Greg.
  7. 7. SONIA’S STORYEach of the characters in the story represents a member of society:1. Jose2. Greg3. Bong4. Lito5. Sonia WHO ARE WE IN THE STORY?
  8. 8. Children everywhere are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation by those in positions of power and trust - Setting the Standard
  9. 9. Different types of child abuse and neglect • Physical • Sexual • Emotional • Verbal (emotional) • Neglect • Social
  11. 11. DEFINITION OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE any act on a child by an adult/older/more powerful person for the sexual gratification of the older person/adult/more powerful person.
  12. 12. EXAMPLES OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSENon-touching Touching• Exhibitionism • Kissing• Voyeurism • Touching of breasts• Pornography or genitals• Verbal sexual • Fondling stimulation • Fellatio /• Obscene calls cunnilingus• Letting down the • Vaginal or anal bars of privacy so intercourse or that the child attempted watches or hears intercourse sexual acts • Prostitution
  13. 13. CHARACTERISTICS OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE1. Grooming – Accommodation Syndrome2. Lack of consent3. Ambivalence4. Exploitation5. Force6. Intent7. Secrecy
  15. 15. SECOND CHARACTERISTIC OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSELACK OF CONSENTConsent – power is equal as well as level ofmaturity and knowledge.
  16. 16. THIRD CHARACTERISTIC OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSEAmbivalence- refers to the confusion of the child.
  17. 17. FOURTH CHARACTERISTIC OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSEExploitationRefers to the differential of power and that the morepowerful person is having his/her needs met at theexpense of the child.
  18. 18. FIFTH CHARACTERISTIC OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSEForceIncludes violent and psychological threats
  19. 19. SIXTH CHARACTERISTIC OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSESecrecy-Offenders depend on secrecy and the lack ofcaregivers to deal with sexual issues.
  21. 21. SEVENTH CHARACTERISTIC OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSEIntent-The intent is always for the sexual gratification ofthe abuser. Intention VS. Effect
  22. 22. TOUCH CONTINUUMSAFE TOUCHare those which make the receiver feel affirmed. These touches areexperienced by the receiver (child) as warm, caring, nurturing,supportive. They do not diminish the receiver and do not take fromthe receiver. All persons need to receive this kind of touch.UNSAFE TOUCHare those that hurt the receiver, that make the receiver feel bad, thatinflict pain or that seem to disregard the receivers (child’s) feelings. Itis usually very clear that the child does not want this kind of touch,which are experienced by the child as manipulative, coercive, abusive,and frightening.
  23. 23. TOUCH CONTINUUMCONFUSING TOUCHare those which make the receiver feel uncomfortable, uneasy,confused, or unsure. The receiver experiences confusion andconflicting feelings about the touch and/or about the person who doesthe touching. The intent of the adult may be unclear, the touch maybe unfamiliar. There are times when this kind of attention “feelsgood” but is also frightening, such as a touch that is sexuallystimulating or stating in front of your friends how wonderful you are,but initiated by an adult. Thus, the attention or touch that “feelsgood” is not always good or safe.
  24. 24. TOUCH CONTINUUMWHAT DETERMINES THE NATURE OF TOUCH ?Whether the touch or attention is “safe” or “unsafe” or “confusing” isdetermined by how the receiver experiences it, NOT by the intentionsof the person giving the attention or doing the touching. The adultmay intend the touch/attention to convey a certain kind of message(support, affection, etc.) but the message is entirely dependent uponhow the receiver perceives the touch/attention, and the adults has nocontrol over this. The adult’s intentions are irrelevant.
  25. 25. “Is this abuse?”Auntie Maria is a very largewoman with large breasts andeach time she hugs you, you feelsuffocated in her breasts.
  26. 26. “Is this abuse?” Christine wakes up at night because she is thirsty, and when she goes into her parent’s room to ask her mother for water, she witnesses them having sex. She doesn’t know what she saw, only that her parents are enjoying it, so the next day in school she tells the boys in her class that she wants to “fuck,” because that is the word her mother is using.
  27. 27. “Is this abuse?”Lily’s mother died from a car crashwhen she was 4 years old, andconsequently her father became veryprotective of her. He even always madeher keep the bathroom door open whenshe bathed because of the possibility ofslipping on the wet floor and gettinghurt. Now she is 16 and still keeps thebathroom door open when she bathes sothat father can periodically check onher.
  28. 28. “Is this abuse?” Mark has a teacher who is gay but who remains professional and does not behave inappropriately with students. Mark’s teachers sometimes hug him to congratulate him, including his gay teacher.
  30. 30. QUESTIONS: What issues are touched upon in the story? What did Bob gave to Jason and his family? Why do you think he gave these things? What were the favours Bob asked in return for all the things he gave Jason. How did Jason felt about Bob after the incident at the resort? What can you do in order to prevent what happened to Jason from ever happening to you or to other children. What are your impressions of the story? How does it make you feel?
  31. 31. Finkelhor’s Four Preconditions to Child Sexual Abuse1. The motivation for sex with children2. Overcoming internal inhibitors3. Overcoming external inhibitors4. Overcoming the resistance of the child
  32. 32. NORMS TOLERATING THE ABUSE OF CHILDREN•Difficult implementation of laws•Lower status for women and children•Male as head of household•Media portrayal of women and children as“objects”•Adultifying children in the media•Respect for adults and those in authority•Religious value for family sanctity•Religious value of forgiveness•Children as being owned by parents•“Mind your own business”•Utang na loob
  33. 33. Certain factors, however, make some children more at risk than most if: • They suffer from a disability • They come from an unhappy family • They have low self-esteem • They have high needs for affection and attention • They have few friends/are isolated
  34. 34. UNITED NATIONS CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILDArticle 34 - Sexual Abuse: Every child hasthe right to be protected from sexual abuse.This means that nobody can do anything tothe child’s body that s/he does not want themto do, such as touching, taking pictures ormaking the child say things that s/he doesnot want to say.
  35. 35. Pursuant to PD603Article 59: “Crimes. – Criminal liability shall attach to anyparent who:(8) Inflicts cruel and unusual punishment upon the child ordeliberately subjects him to indignities and other excessivechastisement that embarrass or humiliate him.(9) Causes or encourages the child to lead an immoral ordissolute life.”
  36. 36. Pursuant to RA7610Article III, Section 5: “Child Prostitution and Other Sexual Abuse.Children, whether male or female, who for money, profit or any otherconsideration or due to the coercion or influence of any adult, syndicate orgroup, indulge in sexual intercourse or lascivious conduct, are deemed to bechildren exploited in prostitution and other sexual abuse.”Article III, Section 6: “Attempt to Commit Prostitution. – There is an attemptto commit child prostitution under Section 5, when any person who, not being arelative of a child, is found alone with the said child inside the room or cubicleof a house, an inn, hotel, motel, pension house, apartelle or other similarestablishments, vessels, vehicle or any other hidden or secluded area undercircumstances which would lead a reasonable person to believe that the child isabout to be exploited in prostitution and other sexual abuse.”Article VI, Section 10: “Other acts of neglect, abuse, cruelty or exploitation andother conditions prejudicial to the child’s development.”
  37. 37. Procedure onLocal Reporting
  38. 38. Reporting• A person who learned of facts that give rise to the belief that a child has suffered abuse.• May report the same orally or in writing
  39. 39. Duty of government workers• It shall be the duty of all teachers and administrators in public schools including barangay officials to report all incidents of POSSIBLE abuse to DSWD• Note: Duty to report NOT duty to investigate.
  40. 40. Failure to report• Persons required under Mandatory reporting• Penalty: FINE of not more than P 2, 000.• Government workers• Possible liability: administrative and criminal action
  41. 41. Immunity• Any person acting in good faith report a child abuse shall be FREE from any civil or administrative liability arising there from• Presumption of Good faith.
  42. 42. ASSIGNMENT: Research on other cases (from news articles) of juvenile delinquency in the country. Write a one-page reaction paper containing the following information:  Source  Summary (not more than 10 sentences)  Reaction (not more than 3 sentences) Use short (8.5 x 11”) bond paper with 1” margin, TNR 12 font, single spaced.