Moral values final


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Moral values final

  2. 2. Determine weather the following acts shown in the picture is right or wrong.
  3. 3. Think about it? What is your basis for telling which act is right or wrong?
  4. 4. What makes a person beautiful in the eyes of GOD is his good action towards himself and his fellowmen.
  5. 5. What are MORAL VALUES? • Universal truths which man holds to be good and important. • They are ethical principles which he struggles to attain and implement in his daily life, • They are ideals which are valid for all men regardless of race and religion.
  6. 6. UNIVERSAL MORAL VALUES 1. Love 2. Faith 3. Joy 4. Hope 5. Peace 6. Honesty 7. Patience
  7. 7. What is Moral Law • Law that contains universal truths and ethical principles which ought to guide the individual conduct of man in matters of right and wrong. • It tells man how to act in his relationship to God and his fellowmen. • It prescribes NORMS OF CONDUCT.
  8. 8. 30 October 2005 13 Values Virtues Habits Morality
  9. 9. Cultural Behavioral Values • Behavioral values are the inner personal responses which prompt a person to act in a certain way while cultural values are the modes of conduct of a group or society.
  10. 10. Characteristics of Cultural Behavioral Values • Subjective. They lead man to react according to personal taste which is desirable and acceptable. • Societal. The modes of conduct which are acceptable by the members of the society. • Situational. Concepts or standards which are applied during a given set of circumstance.
  11. 11. Relationship between Moral and Cultural Behavioral Values • Although man is created to choose what is good, he is still capable of committing immoral acts because he is vulnerable and usually overpowered by his weakness. • Everyone encounters personal experiences which demands his choice between right or wrong. • He is bound to violate the Moral Law if his behavioral values are not rooted with universal truths.
  12. 12. • Values formation can be enhanced through the development of conscience, which is the internalization of punishment. • Virtue formation is a dynamic process in which a person develops the facility to do a particular good act repetitively whenever the situation calls for it. Relationship between Moral and Cultural Behavioral Values
  13. 13. Filipino Cultural Values • HIYA. Feelings of shame, embarrassment or timidity. • Positive Effects – harmonious relationship, minimum conflict. • Negative Effects – gain selfish ends, cover-up mistakes and failure, lie
  14. 14. Filipino Cultural Values • PAKIKISAMA. Importance of social acceptance. • Positive Effects – harmonious relationship, minimum conflict, cooperation • Negative Effects – cover-up mistakes and failures of others, lie, gossip
  15. 15. Filipino Cultural Values • UTANG NA LOOB. Debt of gratitude • Positive Effects – concern of others, loyalty, gratitude • Negative Effects – corruption, bribe, over- indulgence
  16. 16. Filipino Cultural Values • RESPECT FOR AUTHORITY. Admiration for those who hold positions of power • Positive Effects – good manners, veneration of noble ideas • Negative Effects – over dependence on authority, lack of self disciple, blind obedience
  17. 17. Filipino Cultural Values • STRONG FAMILY TIES. Close-knit solidaridarity • Positive Effects – loyalty, love, affection and unity. • Negative Effects – weak sense of responsibility, spoil children
  18. 18. Film Viewing: Colonel Homer • Cite at least 3 Filipino Cultural Values exhibited in the film. • What social problem was shown in the story. • How was the problem solved. What social values was used to solve the problem. • Cite three (3) lessons that you learned from the story.
  19. 19. “Kailangang maging laman ng iyong isip ang mga bagay na karapat-dapat at kapuri- puri; ang mga bagay na totoo, marangal, matuwid, malinis, kaibig-ibig, at kagalang- galang.” Filipos 4:8 24
  20. 20. Ang pagiging MORAL ay nasa inyong mga kamay. Maging matalino at maingat sa paggawa ng pasya.
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