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  • UX, User eXperience
    YouExtent, You + Extended by powerfull and enjoyable Solutions.
  • Black slide just for desired animation
  • Warning: This is a ChromaDepth enhanced Presentation 
    Do not look directly into the bright light
    Do not wear glasses over long time
    Stop wearing the glasses when feeling tired
  • Put on your glasses and see how a Dimension is added
    This is exactly how we try to transform your view on UX today
    And as a result create Solutions for a happy customer
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  • A few trends in general life are visible
    This is the Life as we Live it
  • Welcome to My World
    You are all just visitors to My World, I am the center of the universe.
    But, then again, the same goes for all of you, your worlds, where I am just a visitor.
    YouTube Broadcast Yourself
    Dec 2006, Time magazine You person of the Year
    Twitter, Paper li Dailies
  • We want it all!
    We want it NOW!
    Everything, Direct. At the sametime.
    And-And not Or-Or
    We never have full focus or attention this way
    Supermarket 24/7
    Diveshop opening Hours
    Hospitals blood for Research in Evening and Weekend
  • We trust our friends much more than we trust companies
    Brands are build and broken in Social Networks
    Rating is the new advertisement
  • Meanwhile at the company…
    Paper like solutions on the web.
    Fixed channels to communicate like Phone or even worse: FAX.
    Seems like ‘The Good old Days’…

    Tune to add: Jo Stafford - Thank you for calling (1954)
  • There is a Major GAP between Companies and Customers
    The Customers have been optimalised out of the Process, Thanks to Henri Ford and his friends…
    Companies are Just Thinking Inside Out, What do we have to offer
    That must change back to a healthy relation again
    Clients are King. Lets treat them that way!
  • Black slide just for desired animation
  • What is UX?
  • Is it a thin layer of graphical delight?
    This is how we use to think of Seciurity too, a thin layer…
    UX is not just an last minute add-on
    And it is not just visual…
  • Listen, Hear
    This enhances the Experience

    Movie With and Without Sound or Just Sound?
    Think of The Movie – The Birds – without any sound.

    It gives us feedback.
  • If we can register, so can a system.
    An Inter<->Face with Sensors
  • Be Heard, Speak
    Voice Control, Like Ford Voice Commands
    And Voice Recognition for typing documents Like Nuance Dragon Natural Speaking
  • Be Seen

    Visually or with other Sensory
    Like EyeToy, Kinect, Move and Wii?
    Audi that tries to measure if the Driver is still awake.
  • To Touch, be felt.
    Newer TouchPhones have no keyboard
  • To Feel
    Tactile feedback, buzzing, Vibrating
  • Smell and you will taste it.
    The illusion is complete.
    Smell is a strong Memory Trigger.
    Selling your house? Bake a fresh apple Pie 
  • This is all about Engaging the Senses
  • We would like to Activate the Body, like Wii Fitness
  • Whats going on in the mind?
    Everything from Information Processing, Logic and Structure
    Casual Puzzle Gaming
  • We can play with the mind and structure too
    Convex and Concave
  • How do we Feel?
    From Usable to Enjoyable
    Touching People, Truly
  • Pixels of Emotion.
  • External perception and action
    Internal cognition and emotion
  • AIBO means "companion" in Japanese
    Personal favorite Example… Maybe less around the Cognition.
    It a Mimic… Inspired by Nature. Like all good Solutions.
  • Black slide just for desired animation
  • Check out Moving. A customer wants to chance his address.
    A scenario.
    Oooh.. Okay, Webform Companies tent to think.
    But is this really the best Solution. For our Customer. For Every One of our Customers?
    Taking a short-cut to the Solution is not creating the overview. Lets take the long road. A D-Tour.
  • Who is it?
    Who is our Customer? Do we know him/her?
    Using Persona’s
    A rich description of a user group captured in a Highly personal profile.
  • When & Where give the scenario more context
    Booking a flight, usually a desktop or at least larger screen
    Visiting mobile? Checking schedule and gate changes?
    Its Intention Aware.
  • Why and How
    Finding the best Solution(s) is an answer to all Questions
    Broaden your view by Adding the answers to Why
    And How will become more clear. The Solution(s) get Sharper by Adjusting the Scenarios.
    Don’t forget to check these with actual Customers
  • Will and Can
    Desire and Training
    Temptation is not Missleading!
    Marketing, AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
    Educate, Assist in Usage with Small How-To, Demo’s Videos, All kinds of Media
  • 4 Easy Steps to a successfull Solution
    Who & What
    When & Where
    Why & How
    Willing & Able
  • Customers again treated as Kings and Queens.
    Finding the best Solutions with UX
    User Centric approach
    X Marks the spot
  • Black slide just for desired animation
  • Close the GAP
    With a complete perspective on the User eXperience and Inspired on Game technology
    By taking the longest way to the best User Centric Solution
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  • Seminar UX10, You Extent

    1. 1. UX10 – You Extent Arnd Brugman Innovation & Inspiration Solutions - Sogeti
    2. 2. 3 Perspective
    3. 3. Life as we live it.
    4. 4. *** Major GAP ***
    5. 5. Hi, I’m Peter. I’m 23 and I live in Amsterdam with my Girlfriend Susan. I Love to go out to the movies and like to eat Mexican. I like to fitness and play Halo3 on my XBOX360. I work as an Interaction- Designer at a company called ......
    6. 6. X
    7. 7. Want Can How Why
    8. 8. 43