Jonaki Moja

B.Tech student on Food Engineering and Technology at Central Institute Of Technology,Kokrajhar
Feb. 27, 2017

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Jonaki Moja

  1. Jonaki Moja
  2. A Quiz By........... Arnav Bayan
  3. In the first Assamese movie “Joymoti” directed by Jyoti Prasad Agarwala, Aaideu Hondique was the first Assamese actress. In that film Natasurya Phoni Sarma acted the role of Saudang Baruah. Now my question is who acted the role of Godapani ??
  4. And The Answer Is.......
  5. Funu Baruah
  6. Directed by Bhaskar Hazarika “Kothanodi” won the Best Assamese Film Award in 63th National Film Award. Actually the film was based upon four stories of “Burhi Aair Xadhu” written by Laxminath Bezbaruah. Name any two of them.
  7. And The Answer Is.......
  8. Champawati, Tejimola, Ou Kuwori, Tawoir Xadhu
  9. If first Assamese movie was Joymoti(1935), First colouring movie was Bhaiti (1972), Then what was the first Assamese half coloured movie ?
  10. And The Answer Is.......
  12. Joymoti was released on 10 March 1935 at Raonak Cinema Hall at Calcutta. Who inaugurated it?
  13. And The Answer Is.......
  14. Lakshminath Bezbaruah
  15. Name the movie.
  16. And The Answer Is.......
  17. Era Batar Xur
  18. And The Answer Is.......
  19. Adhinayak
  20. Name the first Cinema Hall of Assam established by Rupkonwar in the year 1937.
  21. And The Answer Is.......
  22. Jonaki
  23. Born in Nagaon Assam in 23th September 1984 this actor made his Assamese debut in the movie Ki Naam Di Matim Tumak. He recently made his Bollywood debut in a movie directed by Ashutush Gowariker. Who ??
  24. And The Answer Is.......
  25. Diganta Hazarika
  26. Sonar Boron Pakhi (The Golden Wing) is a film by Bobby Sarma .The film is based upon whom ?
  27. And The Answer Is.......
  28. Pratima Baruah Pandey
  29. Directed by Sarbeswar Chakrabarty this film was the first National Award winning movie in the “Best Regional Film” category in 1963. Which movie ?
  30. And The Answer Is.......
  31. Moniram Dewan
  32. Thank you...