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Presentation of Bokeh Library Portal at KohaConf 2014 in Cordoba Argentina


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Bokeh is the first Open Source 4G documentary portal.

4G because it is a the same time an enriched OPAC, a simple to administer CMS, a content aggregator and a digital library.

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Presentation of Bokeh Library Portal at KohaConf 2014 in Cordoba Argentina

  1. 1. KOHACONF 2014
  3. 3. FTP sync of the catalog records Patron authentification and item status throus ILSDI webservice APACHE Online Public Acces Serveur applicatif TOMCAT Serveur portail Serveur SIGB (Infor, Orphée, Opsys, ABSYS KOHA, AFI-Nanook…)
  4. 4. Bokeh the 4G documentary portal. •4G because it is a the same time an – Rich OPAC, • a CMS, – a content aggregator – and a digital library. • -.
  5. 5. An enriched OPAC • Bokeh automatically harvests on Internet servers associated with your data records. Book covers, CDs, CD ROMs and DVDs appear in the OPAC. • Readers consult the biography of the author on, they visualize interviews of contemporary authors. They listen to extracts from audio files in your library. They view the trailers of your DVDs. • • Naturally, all this requires no librarians interventions! •
  6. 6. A simple to administer CMS • Bokeh allows you to easily create and manage portals and mini-sites. So you can create sites for each of your branches, in addition to your main portal. •
  7. 7. Content aggregator • With Bokeh you can display to your users on the same space your catalog, eBooks, resources from OAI or VOD services. You can even provide data from other catalogs, be it the nearby library or your regional library.
  8. 8. A digital library • Bokeh allows you to manage your digital library. Gather in one place your texts, images, sounds, videos, etc..
  9. 9. New patron oriented services •Personalized mobile services •Turn reality into virtual, and virtual into real •Realtime interaction with social networks
  10. 10. Conference with online side This is not an apple
  11. 11. Multicanal communication
  12. 12. FRBR
  13. 13. Explore the catalog through tags
  14. 14. Hierarchical thematic search
  15. 15. Faceted search
  16. 16. The digital library Fonds numérisé OPDS OAI OAI HTTP
  17. 17. OPDS server
  18. 18. OAI
  19. 19. Digitized material
  20. 20. Unified search
  21. 21. Status of the bokeh project • Bokeh is based on PHP Zend framework under AGPL licence • Main contributors are AFI and Biblibre • 200+ library consortia portals in France • Multilingual but – French is pivot language so far – Only 1 library in Marc21
  22. 22. Bokeh example sites • Simple site with responsive design for a small library • Advanced site with multiple thematic subsites • • Moulins Heritage Library • • Consortium Portal • • Local Artists music streaming •
  23. 23. More info on Community portal Forge: Wiki: Arnaud Lelache Twitter: @alelache