FSMTalks - Eva Kondratova - How to hire more candidates from the same limited pool

Dec. 7, 2022
FSMTalks - Eva Kondratova - How to hire more candidates from the same limited pool
FSMTalks - Eva Kondratova - How to hire more candidates from the same limited pool
FSMTalks - Eva Kondratova - How to hire more candidates from the same limited pool
FSMTalks - Eva Kondratova - How to hire more candidates from the same limited pool
FSMTalks - Eva Kondratova - How to hire more candidates from the same limited pool
FSMTalks - Eva Kondratova - How to hire more candidates from the same limited pool
FSMTalks - Eva Kondratova - How to hire more candidates from the same limited pool
FSMTalks - Eva Kondratova - How to hire more candidates from the same limited pool
FSMTalks - Eva Kondratova - How to hire more candidates from the same limited pool
FSMTalks - Eva Kondratova - How to hire more candidates from the same limited pool
FSMTalks - Eva Kondratova - How to hire more candidates from the same limited pool
FSMTalks - Eva Kondratova - How to hire more candidates from the same limited pool
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FSMTalks - Eva Kondratova - How to hire more candidates from the same limited pool

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  1. White-collar only We also have 3 offices: in Riga, Kaunas and Vilnius Big and small clients trust us We work with many clients some smaller, but with all we work on a partnership bases rather than service provder
  2. Recruiters are now taking a more proactive approach to attract and find the best candidates—including those who aren’t actively job searching. While it may seem impossible to compete with huge companies with prominent brand names, employer branding can actually be your secret weapon to attract top candidates. RJ: Or, how we today discuss, we can destroy that weapon with bad recruitment process. Employees working at companies with strong employer brands are more invested and present lower turnover rates. And more productive employees means more business growth. Happy employees feel proud to be part of their company and can become brand ambassadors. Companies with a weak employer brand report spending almost double on cost per hire than companies with a strong employer brand, according to LinkedIn research. Preparation stage Candidate search / application stage Interview stages Offer / rejection stage
  3. If you do not know the market size then how do you know how many people there are with skills you are interested in. Maybe there are just 5 people with skills you need – it means you’re are after a unicorn and will need to treat every one of them as the only option you have. If you have done your research and know what you are against up you will be able to make educated decisions on how to proceed with the recruitment process. If you fail to find out who is your competition in fight for talent you will not know what are the top benefits offered for candidates in similar positions. According to Linkedin In Talen Solutions research every candidate has 2-3 choices to choose from, so you better know what your competition looks like in order to make yourself look appealing as well. Since in many cases salary is the main reason for people to accept the job offer, if you fail to know the market tendencies of salaries for similar positions, you risk becoming uncompetetive in the market. Go online, do your research, see what other companies are offering to candidates , in some cases you can even by salary researches done by market leading survey companies. But be prepared, so that you can offer competitive salary that attracts people rather than create a reputation of company underpaying the employees. However it is very important to note that situation in labor market changes very quickly and we need to be able to react and adapt accordingly, so if you have done market research a year ago, do not rely on the old information – do your job and do the market research again. Job Add: it is essential that you look at job postings for what they are - advertising of your company. If you fail to create content that captivates, that engages and excites people about the work itself – you will most likely fail to create a positive employer brand in the market and will lose yourself among all other companies. You should definitely avoid cliché texts such as “ We are offering amazing opportunity in a very friendly team if you are self driven, independent, have high stress tolerance and would like to work in international environment” However you need to keep in mind that nothing harms trust in an employer more than one who changes their mind constantly during the hiring process. To avoid this, you should be deliberate and precise when creating job ad, as everything you promise and fail to deliver afterwards will harm your employer brand. Preparation stage is also one of those stages when you prepare for further interactions with candidates. Whether it is 1st LI message or 1st call, you need to have a proper sales pitch to capture interest of the candidates and encourage them to apply. In order to have a proper sales pitch you need to know what are you selling! Have a sit down with hiring manager, spend a day with your colleague who has similar responsibilities – be well informed about the position and prepare sales pitch that shows how unique the position is, and why should candidate choose your company as his/her next employer.
  4. Nothing can make or break a candidate experience like an interview. These are the only times when the candidate will have direct contact with someone at your company. That means your interviewers are your brand ambassador and are bringing your company values to candidate. Everything you say and do during the 1st face-to-face / video interview will be evaluated by the candidate and later matched to candidates' personal expectations and previous experiences Do you know what you are selling? Your hiring manager is your brand ambassador and how he/she will handle the sales pitch during the 1st face to face / video interview will determine how you will be remembered, thus creating candidates recruitment experience in your company. Be prepared, know the role inside out and have dashing sales pitch prepared. Are you a well known brand in the local market and believe that everyone knows everything about your company? Thats a huge mistake you can make. Nowdays very few candidates have sparkle in their eyes when they turn up for the 1st interview and this is your chance not to be arrogant believing that you are famous, but actually do your best to sell the company- show candidate why exactly he/she should choose your company over others in the market. Tell them why are you working for the company! Year 2000 has passed, and since this is candidates market now, where they are free to choose from multiple employers, managing interview process as an interrogation will jeopardize you employer brand as nothing else. People want to be seen for what they are, they want to be asked questions and be able to ask those questions. So instead of interrogation, have a meaningful dialogue with candidate where you show genuine interest in candidates personality and experience. Personality and IQ tests used to be popular, but nowdays they are being avoided by candidates. Why, because they do not want to spend their own time on taking some silly test. In the hot market where candidates have multiple other options to choose from, asking candidates to take a test will turn out to be a long and complicated recruitment process, which no candidate wants to be tangled in. More applicable for IT & technical roles, but if possible try to replace technical tasks by technical interviews where someone with necessary competencies can question the candidate OR offer Pair coding, that is at least engaging and will show the actual knowladge of candidate If you still insist on the test, make sure that candidate does not have to spend mone than40 mintes to 1 hour on taking the test or else they will loose an interest and not finish the test. Last but not least: How lengthy is your interview process? Have you measured it? Do you know the market average length of recruitment process? The lengthier your recruitment process is the higher the possibility that people will not be interested to stay in in until the end. Have 2 interview rounds instead of 2 interview rounds + technical tasks, reduce the interview rounds to 1 if possible to make the whole process even shorter. What will be the next steps in recruitment process? Did you inform the candidate or simply told him/her that you will be in touch? Clear and open communication with candidate will always benefit your employer brand, otherwise candidate will end up chasing hiring manager for further steps in the process
  5. Majority of companies spend 1- 2 weeks interviewing candidates and we can definitely say that everything above market average jeopardizes you employer brand and there is a very high possibility that candidates will already be gone. Yes, we all understand that you are a cool company with internal rules, but you need to be able to adapt to the dynamic market otherwise, where will you get the candidates and how long it will take for you to fill the positions – God only knows.
  6. After all the interview stages, it is crucial that you act upon the results on those interviews as soon as possible or you’ll risk on loosing candidates. Either you become an employer who has a plan and knows exactly what you are doing or you’ll be that employer who keeps candidates waiting in hope for catching a bigger and better fish. If you are into lengthy interview process and cannot issue a job offer within 1, max 2 weeks after last interview has been conducted you will most likely end up with no candidates to issue the job offer to, as well as your employer brand will suffer greatly for leaving candidates hanging in the air without further action. Here again I would like to remind that every candidate has 2-3 options to choose from and how likely do you think they will wait for you if they have other companies crying for them? You have interviewed the candidate, you like him, but believe that he does not match the level he/she applied or was interviewed for, therefore you decide to offer him/her lower salary or lower position than he/she expects to receive. Usually candidates are very clear to indicate the salary level they wish to receive and offering anything less than expected creates a reputation in the market that will take a very long time to recover from. They also tend to apply for the position similar to their current one or for the one that promises development in career path and offering anything less will end in rejection of the job offer. Unless, of course - candidates deliberately goes for lower position for whatever reasons. Remember that candidates have friends and their friends have friends – so this information will travel fast and far. Have you issued an offer to candidate and received a rejection after a while? What did you do to keep candidate engaged at all times? Did you talk to him/her on a regular bases? Did you invite him/her for a lunch of for an event taking place in the office? Making sure you know what candidate thinks and feels during offer stage is crucial in order for you to be able to foresee what will be the outcome and whether the candidate will take or reject your offer. When issuing an offer to candidate, how prepared you are for counter offers? Statistics shows that around 35% of all offers issued get counteroffer from current employer. Therefore you need to be ready either to talk with candidate about their expectations and conditions that would sway their positive reply towards your company, or be ready to let it go, but in this case, you will need to start the whole recruitment process all over again. There’s nothing more harmful to your relationship with a candidate than leaving a bad taste in their mouth, or a feeling that they weren’t treated fairly. It’s critical, therefore, that you treat all candidates with respect and show genuine appreciation for their time and interest. Think back to the last job you applied for. All that time invested in researching the employer. Hours of rehearsing answers to difficult questions. Attending the interview and delivering a dashing performance. And then…nothing. Total silence afterward. At best you received an impersonal form letter saying the job had been filled. Failure to provide feedback to candidates who were not chosen will end up with leaving bad taste in their mouth and thus in creating bad reputation for you as an employer. Communicating honest feedback to candidates on why they were not chosen, what skills they could improve so they are more successful next time, will create a very positive image of your company and will encourage candidates to reapply again in the future. Do you know what improvements you need to make with your recruitment process? Ask candidates for feedback about their overall recruitment experience with your company and you’ ll be able to focus on making your recruitment process even better.