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  2. 2. BUSINESS AND FOOTBALL Ramón Calderón lawyer & former President of Real Madrid Arnar F. Reynisson managing- & marketing director and ex. professional handball player
  3. 3. BUSINESSANDFOOTBALL Is a conference and networking platform to connect business and sports together in a various ways
  4. 4. BUSINESSANDFOOTBALL Long and successful experience in sports and business Great network of people in the sports and business industry New and interesting concept that fits both into the sports- and business market Very scalable model Previous experience of hosting Business and Football conference and other large events in Europe and America
  5. 5. The world of business has much to learn from the world of sport when it comes to unlocking our people potential and achieving high performance in the workplace
  6. 6. We explore Leadership - Team Building Team management - Individual management Strategies - Motivation Sportsserveasoneofthemosteffectivelearninglaboratoriesfortraininginleadership,strategy, teamworkandcollaboration
  7. 7. Being the size of Beliz, Maldives or the city of Tarragona, Spain. How have the Icelandic Vikings managed it and how high can they be expected to soar? • 22speakers • 450guestsattendedtheconference • 550guestsattendedtheEuro2016evening • 60%male–40%female • 80%ofguests are 28–52yearold • Guestsarecomingfromthebusinessandthesportsindustry • Mediacoverage:radio,TV,printandonline
  8. 8. Being the size of Beliz, Maldives or the city of Tarragona, Spain. How have the Icelandic Vikings managed it and how high can they be expected to soar? • Visitstowww.BusinessAndFootball.comarecomingfrom80countries • MostvisitsfromSpain,UK,USA&Iceland(thehostcountry) • Averagesessiondurationis1.10minutes • 62%are25-54yearold • 54%male–46%female • Interest:Sports/IndividualSports/Running&Walking/Computers&Electronics/Consumer Electronics/ElectronicAccessories/Food&Drinks/Cooking&Recipe/Soups&Stews/Travel/Tourist Destinations/HistoricalSites&Buildings
  9. 9. Being the size of Beliz, Maldives or the city of Tarragona, Spain. How have the Icelandic Vikings managed it and how high can they be expected to soar? Multiple foreignandlocalmedia sources attendedtocovertheconferenceandtoresearchtheconference topic, i.e.: BBCWorld,ARD,TheObserver,ManagementToday,Bayern2,B5,Deutchlandfunk,DirectorMagazine, Challenges,LaCroix,365,,,RUV,,
  11. 11. Promotiononwebsiteandatconference,photoopportunitieswithspeakers,brandedticketsandneck bandsandothertailoredsolutionsbasedonthesponsoringcompany´spreferences
  12. 12. POSSIBLE CONFERENCE ADDITIONS Gala dinner, award ceremony, workshops, auction to support charities, tailor the conference topic to sponsors and location
  13. 13. Our conferences are designed for business managers, business owners, and other business professionals who want to strengthen their skills in leadership, coaching, team building, leading a business, and leading in difficult situations, or who find sports a compelling source for leadership lessons
  14. 14. Previousspeakers
  15. 15. RamónCalderón Form.Pres.identRealMadrid DagurB.Eggertsson Mayor Reykjavik DagurSigurdsson Manager Germany handball HeimirHallgrímsson ManagerIcelandfootball DavidMoyes Form. Manager Man Utd. & Everton KevinKeegan Form. Manager England JohnCarlin Journalist BjarniBenediktsson Ministeroffinanace HallaTomasdottir Presidential candidate GrímurSæmundsen CEOBlue Lagoon IvanBravo D.G. Aspire Academy AriJónsson President Reykjavik University AndriGudmundsson CEOOlgerdin JonHalldorsson Chairman FH Football Club ThordisLoa Chairman and investor Dr.HafrunKristjansdottir Psychologist & Head Sport Science at Reykjavík University IllugiGunnarsson Minister of sports Dr.AreliaEydis Associate professor in leadership at University of Iceland
  16. 16. OUR PROMISE To host events that are valuable for professionals in business and sports. And to create a venue for sponsors to promote brands and to connect with famous sport individuals
  17. 17. KÆRAR ÞAKKIR! THANK YOU “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away”