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Shampoo For kids under 13               Team FADED FLAME  Arnab Guha Mallik ||08943994677  Ashutosh Vi...
Hair Care Market ReviewDove is expected to grow at a CAGR of 57% in Hair Care segment. The bar chart shows rise in the cur...
COMPETITOR ANALYSISBrand         Garnier Fructis Kids    Parachute                L’OREAL Kids             Johnson & Johns...
CHOOSING THE TARGET GROUPSEGMENTS       0-4 years (Infants, Toddlers)        5-10 years                             11-13 ...
Consumer Survey                                                                                                Data points...
Insights- a look into the decision maker’s mind                                  Kids are up there on the priority lists o...
DOVE KIDS SHAMPOO POSITIONING  DOVE SHAMPOO FOR KIDZ will be                     PRICE POINT PREMIUM clinic plus present ...
DOVE BRAND IMAGE                                                               BRAND IDENTITY PRISM    Dove as a brand st...
DOVE KIDS SHAMPOO POSITIONING FITPositioning                       Dove Shampoo                                 Dove Shamp...
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  1. 1. Shampoo For kids under 13 Team FADED FLAME Arnab Guha Mallik ||08943994677 Ashutosh Vikram||09745212105 V.Aishwarya||08943935666INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT KOZHIKODE
  2. 2. Hair Care Market ReviewDove is expected to grow at a CAGR of 57% in Hair Care segment. The bar chart shows rise in the current prices with the rise inmarket size of baby and Child specific hair care segment. Thus it makes sense for Dove to enter this large untapped segment. Brand Pyramid - Dove Dove – Brand Proposition Resonance Judgment Feeling Performance Imagery Salience Value Perception The core positioning of Dove is about moisturization and prevention of dryness in a way that is relevant to every Consumers associated these words for Dove Shampoo: category it has been extended to. Benefits: Mild care, Nourishing & Treats Dryness Values: Individual Identity & Celebrating Real Beauty
  3. 3. COMPETITOR ANALYSISBrand Garnier Fructis Kids Parachute L’OREAL Kids Johnson & Johnson Himalaya Babycare Clinic Plus hair Shampoo Advansed Starz Shampoo kids shampooParent LOréal Marico LOreal Group Johnson & Johnson Himalaya Drug HUL CompanyBenefits Strengthens your gentle eliminate knots and NO MORE TEARS A specially Shampoo Range offersOffered child‛s hair against nourishment leaves hair feeling formulated mild important hair health damage, helps Fortify & soft and smooth and shampoo that gently benefits: strengthens prevent split ends. strengthen hair, looking shiny. leaving cleanses the hair weak hair, prevents hair a yummy hair feeling soft and making it soft, shiny breakage, softens rough fragrance that easy to detangle.. and easy to manage. dry hair, shine for thick children love. Does not cause tears and healthy hair & in the babies. contains anti-dandruff ingredientPositioning Soft manageable hair It offers different “We are worth it too” Clinically proven to A specially Clinic Plus has do-good for kids. Big broad hair care solutions Kids derive value for be pure, mild and formulated mild ingredients which smiles for Mommies. for kids shampoos and hair gentle. From babys shampoo, gently provide constant care like washing becomes a first hospital bath cleanses hair making a mother does in every “NO TEARS NO “Choose your real treat through every special it soft, shiny & easy wash. TANGLES JUST PURE avatar” milestone, moms to manage. Doesn’t “Strong and Long” STREANGTH ” trust J&J cause tearsTarget Kids 5 to 14 Kids 3-10 years Kids 3-10 Infants, toddlers, kids Family – Health ShampooSegmentVariants Mango Mischief for dry hair, for oily strawberry, kids swim J&J BUDDIES, J&J Himalaya Gentle shampoo, Sporty hair. Strawberry & & sport sunny KIDS, NATURAL® Kids Baby Shampoo Strawberry Chocolate orange, kids soothing 3-in-1 lavenderSKU Rs.130/- [200 ml], Rs 54 for 100 ml Rs 299 for 250ml Rs 149 for 200 ml fo Rs 97 for 200ml Rs.69/- [100 ml], for bothPackaging
  4. 4. CHOOSING THE TARGET GROUPSEGMENTS 0-4 years (Infants, Toddlers) 5-10 years 11-13 years (Pre-teens/tweens)DECISION PREDOMINANTLY MOTHERS PARENTS (MOTHERS MAINLY) MOTHERS +CHILDRENMAKERS THEMSELVESKEY INFLUEN- Advertisements, online search, Advertisements mainly, reference TVCs, children become more brandCERS Reference groups, family, doctors group often the neglected conscious, peer pressure, need to segment look cool and beautifulNEEDS  gently cleansing, make hair  prevent hair against damage  Provide nutrition to the hair soft, shiny & easy to manage  Should leave no tangles, knots  Hair becomes long, strong and  Should not cause tears in the  Should eave hair soft, smooth lustrous and shiny babies, should be mild & shiny  Remove Dandruff, mild on hairBRANDS Johnson and Johnson strong Kids use what their parent use or Clinic plus, Sunsilk, head andUSED brand equity, perceived as caring, baby shampoo not brand specific shoulders the needs of girls and mild and gentle for the child Clinic plus  strongest player, boys start changing Himalaya Baby Shampoo positioned as a family brand & plays Brands use benefit segmentation on the mother daughter usage on the basis of particular relationship needsGENDER Toddlers, infants  not gender Young boys and girls similar Needs become different benefit specific needs not gender specific specific, sometimes gender tooDECISION MEDIUM PRIORITY  ENTER LATER HIGH PRIORITY ENTER NOW DO NOT ENTERRATIONALE  Market Dominated by J&J also  Gap in the market for this age  Separate needs for girls & boys Himalaya Babycare group no specific brand  With puberty problems  Existing Dove shampoos solves  Uses either baby shampoo or increases for hair for girls specific problems hence adult ones  Brand loyal and problems immediate connect not possible  Mothers feel young hair needs conscious for mothers with infants special care & adult products  Use ADULT SHAMPOOS to  Easier to connect after Dove may be too strong for the kids cater to specific hair needs enters the kids segments (5-10  Dove perceived as nourishing  Market dominated by all years) and mild, with no damage players, dove already an option
  5. 5. Consumer Survey Data points collected from a survey of women on what features they consider for a kids shampoo Mode of Survey: Interview Consumer Insight: Mothers want the best for their children. The products should be mild on the skin and should cause zero damage as well as cater to the needs as seen from the survey College Students Young Working Mother Mothers Perceived Need No.of students No. of women Housewives interviewed: 10 interviewed: 18 No. of women • Detangles the hair easily after a bath interviewed: 8 • Mild on the hair • Makes Hair soft Attributes needed in a Kids Shampoo (5-10 years) No Tears 74% From our Survey we found out that Mild on Hair 82% the unmet needs from shampoos UNMET NEEDSReduced Hairfall 77% present in the market for kids wereDetangles easily 86% • Did not address the problem of hair loss (often bad water is a Shiny Hari 71% problem for many) Moisturization 81% • Leaves the scalp dry and no Soft Hair 78% moisturizing solution • Dandruff control, • oily hair From the above graph we see the attributes that are required in a kids shampoo. The survey gives us insights into the mother’s psyche and the features which dove should include in its Kids Shampoo
  6. 6. Insights- a look into the decision maker’s mind Kids are up there on the priority lists of Indians; we PEN POTRAIT I worry about my child’s hair care a lot are ready to go that extra mile to pamper them. My name is Mrs. Anushka Shekhar and I am 33 years old. I currently work as a teacher in Delhi Public Dealing with kids and personal care issues is an School, R.K.Puram, Delhi. A mother of ongoing challenge for parents. When they’re two, most of my time is spent juggling little, getting them into the tub can be tough. When between work and taking care of my kids. I I want my child’s hair to look they’re teens, getting them out of the bathroom can keep myself updated with the latestsmooth, silky, healthy & strong be impossible products in the market especially for my when they are out children. My daughter is 8 years old and my son is 5. They love watching cartoons Shampoo that can gives glowing, healthy hair, and and keep asking for products that are can promote togetherness and intimacy within the shown on television. I and my husband family through its brand values and principles… take the kids out to the supermarket at least twice a month. They always want the products that they see on television. I am Great hair is a great way to Mothers demand smooth and glowing hair, fragrant also a part of the Mother’s club in our Boost the appearances smell that lasts the whole day, mild ingredients that locality. The main objective of this club is are suitable even for kids to make the locality condusive for the children. I try to set an example for the other people by providing the best I want my family to be protected, I am happy when I products available for my children. I look satisfy the needs of my kids for products which are Good appearances will lead mild, nurturing, one stop care solution for to better confidence my children. I always go for baby products Mothers need to have the fulfillment that they were as they are mild and harmless for all users Confident kids will be happy able to satisfy the needs of their families, and but now I am always on a lookout for a achieve self-actualization brand which I can trust blindly for my children. It is a sign of how good a mother I am and shows my care and affection
  7. 7. DOVE KIDS SHAMPOO POSITIONING DOVE SHAMPOO FOR KIDZ will be PRICE POINT PREMIUM clinic plus present in the value segment positioned as Major Target 28-37 years old, social class A1, A2, B1 married with kids A Champion Shampoo with 6 features  Working moms or plain housewives in charge of the family’s monthly 1. mild on children’s hair budgeting 2. Makes hair smooth and shiny  demand soft, manageable and healthy hair 3. Leaves no tangles/knots  Pampers her child a lot 4. Makes hair SOFT and MOISTURIZED 5. Protects hair , prevents Hairlfall STRATEGY 6. NO TEARS ATTRACTIVE PACKAGING with bright colours and fun shapes. The shampoo will Now you can relax, your child’s hair is in safe have candy fragrances appeals to kids and makes bathing pleasurable, while hands winning over moms with formulas that are extra gentle .Benefit Positioning vs. Brand Matrix GARNIER JOHNSON AND PARACHUTE FRUCTIS KIDS L’OREAL KIDS JOHNSON HIMALAYA DOVEFUNCTIONAL BENEFIT ADVANSED CLINIC PLUS HAIR SHAMPOO KIDS BABYCARE KIDZ STARZ SHAMPOO SHAMPOO Smooth & Manageable Soft Hair Moisturized Healthy glowing/ Shiny Hair fall solution Anti-dandruff Strong & long De tangles easily Mild on hair No tears Areas where we Present will be present
  8. 8. DOVE BRAND IMAGE BRAND IDENTITY PRISM  Dove as a brand stands for softness, gentleness and sophistication  Target Segment has always been women  Showcases beauty in simplicity  Brand is propelled by a compelling Social Mission: Dove’s Social Mission is to help encourage girls to develop a positive relationship with beauty, helping to raise their self- esteem and thereby enabling them to realise their full potential.DOVE SHAMPOO POSITIONING ASSOCIATIONS KIDS What we see from the Venn Diagram that Dove Shampoo for KIDZ has the same positioning associations with the original Dove Shampoo. Hence there is no no dilution of brand equity and is a logical line extension
  9. 9. DOVE KIDS SHAMPOO POSITIONING FITPositioning Dove Shampoo Dove Shampoo for kidsElementCompetitive High end shampoo like Pantene, Garnier Fructis & Garnier Fructis Kids, Parachute Advansed Starz,Environment Head & Shoulders Clinic Plus, L’OREAL Kids Shampoo, J&J kids shampooTarget Women who want to care for their hair in the way Kids from the age range of 5-10 years they like to and aspire for soft, smooth & strong hair, aged 25-40Insight Hair treatment (like coloring) damages hair and Mothers want the best for their children as they environment (like staying in AC environment) believe that their appearance is a parameter of strips hair of moisture how good a parent they are. They want something mild which makes hair soft and keeps it healthyBenefits Repairs accumulated damage and protects and Mothers want a product (for their kids) which cares for the hair makes hair soft, and shiny. A product which is mild, leaves no tear, and also imparts nourishing effect.Values & Self-Confidence, Decision Making, Honest, Simple, Confidence, natural beauty, inspiringPersonality StraightforwardReasons to Believe Zero damage system with fiber actives Mild and makes hair soft, beautiful and healthyDiscriminator It has highly conditioned formulation which Only product in the Kids category which delivers delivers the moisture promise of Dove to the moisturizing property consumerFrom our Survey we asked the mothers if they would use Dove Shampoo Kids if it was to come out . Out of 26, 22said they would try it out if the unmet needs were addressed.Dove had a very high brand salience and they felt Dove Shampoo for kids will also be mild like the other doveproducts.From the survey as well as from the table above we see that there is a positioning fit between the 2 products
  10. 10. THANK YOU