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Lms arnab guha mallik iim kozhikode


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Lms arnab guha mallik iim kozhikode

  2. 2. A stable of 6 horses, in a metro city Assumptions •Minimum 2 horses are white •There is a small field in front of the stable as horses need to be moved about •The city is Kolkata  metro + a place here Tanga still plies •Licenses are obtained for the businessesROYAL CALCUTTA PROFESSIONAL HORSE SERVICES THE BIG WEDDING: THE HORSE RIDING TRAINING SCHOOL OTHERS HORSE ON RENT THE JOY RIDES  Horses are given  Romantic Getaways in a  Proper Training  Call a horse for on Rent for TANGA around the school for a Birthday Wedding Purposes Maidan and the Victoria teaching Horse Party  Even Horse Drawn Memorial riding  Personal Carriages are there  Call a carriage services  Private and Semi- Riding subject to demand for guests in the Hotels Private Coaching  Trail Rides
  3. 3. THE BIG WEDDING: HORSE ON RENTPOSITIONING Go traditional with a white horse ; create the perfect fairy tale with a horse drawn carriage.  A White (Mare) Ghori can be decorated on your big day. Ride along with the entire Baraat to meet your bride  Many hours of planning and preparation will go into providing you with horse drawn carriages on your wedding day. Carriages can be decorated with flowers and bows of the style and colour theme of your choice. Horses Provided  The horses have all been trained to be at home in and enjoy the noise, excitement and splendour .  Our horses are also comfortable performing alongside dhol players and brass bands.  Our horses are well-mannered and gentle  Our staff is experienced, courteous, and professional Safe, fun and memorable  Fully insuredAll horses are available for rent for weddings subject to demandThe ROYAL CALCUTTA PROFESSIONAL HORSE SERVICES are called and notified 2weeks before about the horse and the carriage. And an advance is paidRent orders for weddings receive maximum priority among the other rentservices higher revenue
  4. 4. THE BIG WEDDING: HORSE ON RENTTARGET CUSTOMERS High Income Group People Upper class Higher middle class Non Bengalis: Bengalis do not go on horse for marriages a sizeable population in kolkata is non bengaliPRICING PremiumHorse: Rs 5000 for a dayHorse along with Carriage: Rs 8000For more than 1 day: 20% discount for every dayrented to entice the customersADDITIONAL SERVICES Tie up with Rationale: Band for Wedding Often Horse rent owners Photographers are the last touch-point in and Video Camera case of a marriage. Owners Tieing up with them gives Catering Services us the opportunity to get Decorators more customers 2 way Marriage Houses relationship
  5. 5. THE JOY RIDES Victoria Memorial the colossal monument The Heritage JOY RIDE TRAIL RIDES built by the British is often frequented by the  There are many tourists who visit Thousands of people visit Love birds Kolkata. the sprawling Maidan We identify a gap here and extend the normal  Hotels also host business men everyday. Tanga Services and create a perfect romantic and foreigners The green open spaces of getaway an otherwise congested  Call a carriage services for guests Call a Carriage Services for Romantic Getaway in the Hotels and overcrowded city is a in a TANGA around the Maidan and the point of attraction for Victoria Memorial  A heritage Joy ride in the TANGA many from the Victoria Memorial to “A romantic ride with the iconic Victoria Fort William (army base) through  Joy Rides around the Memorial in the backdrop and the soothing the lush green maidan. Victoria Memorial to lush greenery of the legendary Maidan” the people visiting  Tie up with Premium Hotels  Basic ServiceTARGET CUSTOMERS  For the hotel its servicing the customer at another touch-point  Target Customer: Upper-class and higher middle class and for us a major driver of Everyone Age no bar  young unmarried couples to revenue  Price: Rs 40 per trip married couples to couples way past their  Again PREMIUM SERVICES for around the monument prime are target customers guest and visitors of hotels to The older generation will relive their memories foreigners while young ones get quality time to bondThe Carriage provided will have quality cushioned seats andcovered; PRICE: 300 per hourThe Person or the hotel calls up to book the Tanga at a specific time and for aparticular no of hours. He or she then comes to the maidan area and gives a call tothe tanga rider (no. provided during booking)All the horses are available for joyrides subject to demand, generally only 2 willwait at the maidan. In case of less demand, horses are alternated
  6. 6. THE HORSE RIDING TRAINING SCHOOL Tenderfoot Private and Semi- Private Riding Lessons Ages:4–Adult Ages: ALL 1 hours 3 days a week (2 hours) Rider will groom Depending on participant ages, small and saddle their own horse groups of 4-6riders will either be led and have a lesson in the around the ring by participating in a arena. riding lesson in the arena. Semi- private is 2 or more people and Private is one Every Tenderfoot program includes horseback riding games and Fees: activities, encouraging riders to Private : 500/person an hour; increase their comfort level. Semi-private: 350/person an hour Fees: RS 2000 per month The horse riding training will be done in the small  There will be 2 slots per day in the morning hours field in front of the stable (6am-7am and 7:15am to 8:15 am) having the tuition There will be a trainer with whom I will tie up. lessons in the morning means that people can come The revenue sharing will be on the basis of 80:20 for the lessons before their schools or offices ratio (where 80% is for me and 20% for the  Horse Riding is an expensive past time and the trainer) or 15000 per month which ever is smaller customers will be premium: upper middle class or All 6 horses will be used higher class In the evening after 5 pm when the sun becomes  A lot of money is necessary for maintaining the stable less strong, we will start the Joy rides and horses and hence charging premium is justified
  7. 7. OTHERS
  8. 8. WHY THE SERVICE WILL WORK!!The Target customers are premiumcustomers hence revenue Rent a horse services forgenerated is more weddings, party are seasonal inCalcutta always has a steady demand naturefor Tanga rides and normal horse The Joy rides everyday outside therides in the maidan hence maidan will bring in revenuessustainable RESAON FOR SUCCESS AND SUSTAINENANCE  The Training school will be the mainstay of the revenue. The Premium Joy Rides though not regular, is not also  Calcutta has a proper race seasonal, there will be fairly course hence the demand for good demand throughout the horse riding training will always year just like the boat rides at be there the ganges in Kolkata at princep  The private training rides will ghats add to the revenues
  9. 9. THANK YOU