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Itc interrobang daily maar cutting-iimk


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1st runners up on Campus: Itc Interrobang Season 2 -- to draw the future road map of Vivel facewash and come up with engagement and communication strategies for the brand, so that it becomes a market leader in the near future

Itc interrobang daily maar cutting-iimk

  1. 1. TEAM: DAILY MAAR-CUTTING IIM KOZHIKODE 2012 CAMPUS 1st RUNNERS-Up Arnab Guha Mallik Ashutosh Vikram Mahesh Koppad V 8943994677 Ph:9745212105 8943455233 8943935666
  2. 2. Face Wash IndustryIndustry growth : Value (61% YoY) and Volume (46% YoY) Indian Face Wash Market (~1000 Crores)Highly fragmented market with intense competition HUL Loreal Himalaya OthersRising middle class income and increasing consumer spending on personal care boosting face wash marketLow penetration and customers are willing to experiment 19% with MNC brands. 44%Innovation and differentiation is the key to success 19% Category % of value growth (2009/10) 18% Facial Cleansers 21.6 Facial Cleansing Wipes 0 Source: Nielsen’s June audit report 2010 Facial Moisturisers 17.7Aggregate disposable income by annual icome bracket, 1 trillion rupees Source : Mckinsey Global Institute researchGlobals - 1,000,000 INR , Strivers – 5,00,000 – 1,000,000 INR Forecasted growth:Seekers - 2,00,000 – 4,99,999 INR, Aspirers – 90,000 – 1,99,999 INR Premium and Super premium segment s are expected to growDeprived - < 90,000 INR higher than mass segment
  3. 3. Vivel Brand Perception and Brand Characteristics PHYSICAL FACETS PERSONALITY Providing TotalVivel face wash current offerings: Vivel brand characteristics: Young, Beautiful care, nourishment, protection•Vivel Active Essentials •Youthful and moisturization and Aspirational•Vivel Active Essentials 3 in 1 + Scrub •Vibrant to women•Vivel Active Fair Mild Exfoliating •Beautiful CULTUREface wash •Aspiration RELATIONSHIP Beauty, Innovation, Vivel is a real •Confidence companion who helps differentiation, women take care of BRAND IDENTITY PRISM relevant and expertise their skin in everyday life The anxiety-efficacy perceptual map REFLECTION SELF IMAGE Vivel is an affordable I feel expert who understands youthful, confident my daily needs with and vibrant simplicity ANXIETY-EFFICACY MODEL •Efficacy indicates the effectiveness of a particular brand of facewash and anxiety represents the consumer’s need to find a solution to a particular problem. •All 3 variants of Vivel are mapped along with its competitors. •High Anxiety and High Efficacy indicates need for immediate and highly efficient solution. •The key needs, product needs and product bias are also shown in the map
  4. 4. Competitor Analysis- Face wash Himalaya Drug Parent Co. Johnson & Johnson HUL LOréal HUL Company Target Young girls/women Women Women Teens/girls Audience Teenagers (18-28) 19-24 21-26 years 16-26 50ml 20 ml 50ml 50gm 50gm 50gmSKU & Pricing Rs 38 Rs 20 Rs 60 Rs 57 Rs 60 Rs. 45 For teens who are restores balance by RemovesPositioning/Str 100% soap free; deep aware of herbal Teen skincare expert removing any excess dirt, impurities , oil ategy cleans without drying products & their of sebum that clogs skin importance Beauty comes from Make a real Appeals to self Ignites inflammable Purity of nature being difference to Brand confident women needs of a woman (quality of product) confident, comfortabl womens skin and the Character who seek to improve need for head turning and promise of good e and secure in your way they live their her appearance attention, and details health(benefit) own skin. lives. PONDS perfect matteLine extension MORNING BURST® Garnier Pure gentle exfoliating Oil Control Cleansing Lakme fruit blast series Facial Cleanser Exfoliating Face Wash daily face wash Foam PONDS daily face Deep Action Cream wash Garnier Light Face Lakme for oily skin clarina anti acne face Cleanser Active Cleansing Wash matteffect face wash wash gel System
  5. 5. Trends from Primary Research (Consumer Survey) Types of skin Gives overall skin care Sensitive Complementary to fairness cream 75% respondents in the age group 20-25yrs 5% Alternative to soap 78% seek multiple benefits from a face wash. NEEDS Combina Boutique products Normal Top of the mind Brand Recall tion 37% Value for money 24%30%25% established brand20%15% Oily Dry targets a specific problem10% 25% 9% 5% suits my skin type 0% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% USAGE PATTERN helps in removing make up 74% improving skin complexion 69%  Almost 67% respondents said that they will prefer a face wash that acts as a moisturizing agent 70% removes either blackhead or dark spots or both due to high exposure to sun removing excess oil 81% The main needs for use of face wash were: 1. Easy to use= 61%, overall skin removing blackheads 54% LOW USAGE care= 39%, targets a specific problem= 28% prevents acne & pimples 72% Usage patterns: Prevents dark spots 57% • Easy to use, provides freshness, leaves the skin visibly clear, removes oil leaves the skin visibly clear 83% • Current usage pattern of face wash for removal of dark spots and pleasant to use (freshness) 83% blackheads are low suitable for everyday use 86% Functional benefits sought in a Face Wash 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Acne and pimple remover 83% The 3 highest functional Oil removal & Deep cleansing 88% benefits according to primary research Mositurizing properties 78% INSIGHTS Blackheads removal 81% •From the segments circled in red, we notice the opportunity in skin whitening 70% the blackheads segment and removal of dark spots or anti tan. 66% •The usage for removing blackheads is just 57% but 81% desired anti ageing % wrinkle lift by the same set. As captured from the survey, 67% of the users removing dead cells 74% want the blackhead removal feature or dark spots removal feature 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% •Another insight is the increase in want for “Overall Skin Care’ and the face wash suiting the skin type of the user
  6. 6. FACTORS FOR ASSOCIATING WITH A BRAND Hoardings 54% Word of Mouth 68% Market leader 67% Sales point 51% Purchase Expert guidance offered 70% Radio 40% 58% influencers Trust 74% Newspaper Internet 69% Brand relevance 73% TV 73% Brand confidence 71% Magazine 57% 66% Premium brand 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 60% 62% 64% 66% 68% 70% 72% 74% 76%High Involvement first time purchase 74% said that they want a brand that they can trust for themselves- Involvement depends on the connect with the brand and the meeting as well as near ones. 71% said they prefer a brand that understand of perceived needs with the benefits provided them and gives them confidence.- TVC have a high impact on brand awareness and recall, High usage of INSIGHTS: The brand needs to have a connect with the consumers internet opens up an opportunity for extensive use of the internet for so that their level of involvement with the brand increases. This will promotional activities get translated to positive word of mouth promotion for the brand Points Of Parity UNMET NEEDS IN FACE WASH Main features of face wash Features consumers would like to have Doesnt remove make up 50% Removes excess oil from the skin 85% Prevents Acne or pimples 78% Unavailable in smaller SKUs 73% Cleanses Skin 93% No Suncare 71% Soap Free 96% Doesnt remove Dark spots 67% Nourishes Skin 65% Doesnt Remove Blackheads 81% Does not make skin dry 80%We found out the Points of Parity & Difference of Vivel with the other POD Current offering: mild scrub+ effective cleansingbrands and also the unmet needs in the face wash segment.3 distinct opportunities : 1) Blackhead removal, 2) dark spot removal INSIGHTS for new offering: cater to the unmet needs in ain face wash with SPF and finally 3) smaller SKUs for convenience of phasewise manner, a face wash which offers multiple benefits, focustravel on building brand involvement with the end consumer
  7. 7. Emerging Opportunitiesbased on primary and secondary research Vivel Face Wash Rationale: •Limited number of products in the market which position themselves as blackheads and dark spots Dark spots and Anti-ageing and remover. Hence need to enter immediately Blackheads •Anti-ageing is a growing segment but the customer Anti-tanning Wrinkle lift segment (30+ yrs) is not inclined with Vivel’s existingEntry youthful and vibrant image. High High MediumPriority: Positioning for Blackheads: New products Proposed: Vivel Blackhead removing Facewash with honey and Blackheads aloe vera removes blackheads, helps you feel more • Name: Vivel Blackhead removing Face wash confident and youthful by keeping your skin smooth • Properties: Removes blackheads , deep cleanses pores to remove and flawless oil, makes skin glow and keeps skin moisturized • Value proposition: ‘A gentle face wash with honey extracts and Aloe Vera Positioning for Dark spots and anti-tanning: juice that removes blackheads and deep cleanses pores to remove excess oil Sun no longer a problem!! Vivel Sunprotect thereby enhancing skin and keeps it hydrated’ Facewash removes dark spots, lightens your skin • Natural ingredients: Honey extracts and Aloe Vera Juice making you more confident about going out during • Future variants: Olive and almond extracts the day Rationale: Present day women want to move out, have fun but they don’t want to be stuck Dark spots and Anti-tanning indoors out of fear of getting tanned and having • Name: Vivel Sunprotect Face wash dark spots • Properties: Dark spots removal, protects from the sun, skin lightening and Anti-tan Why Blackhead removing Face Wash when 3 in 1 scrub • Value proposition: ‘ A uniquely designed face wash with SPF50 PA++ already present ? technology along with cucumber and lemon grass extracts which reduces dark spots and tanning. Soothes sun-exposed skin’. 3 in 1 scrub face wash is ineffective in removing • Natural Ingredient: Cucumber and lemon grass extracts blackheads and makes the skin dry • Future variants: Rose water extract. Source: After conducting 2 depth interviews of females using 3 in1 Face wash +Scrub and reading several blogs where women write reviews about the product
  8. 8. GROWTH ROADMAP Phase I (0-3 months) Phase I (3-9 months) Phase I (9-24months) PRODUCT: For all 3 products launch PRODUCT: Launch of 2 new products •Will cater for all kinds of skin problems & smaller 20ml SKU pack, Change in • Blackhead Removal face wash provide overall skin care packaging • Sun Protect face wash Total skin care products like anti-ageing PRICE: PRICE: face wash, anti-wrinkle face wash • Rs. 60-65 for 50ml SKU • Rs. 60-65 for 50ml SKU •Vivel defines every beautiful • Rs. 12-14 for 20ml SKU • Rs. 12-14 for 20ml SKU confident, aspirational women. PLACE: Metro, Tier I & II PLACE: Same •Reaching out to women of all ages from Modern Trade, Grocery PROMOTION: teens, to high anxiety adults in twenties to PROMOTION: Customer Engagement • Pre-Launch: Test Samples + Combo, In- women above 30s Program store promotion • Post-Launch: Customer Engagement Problem Reason for Smaller SKU: Why change the existing package? Through primary research we found out that 73% would The existing package focused only on the prefer to have a smaller SKU of the face wash. functional benefits in a crude way. We suggest Working women would find it easier to carry it to their that the packaging caters to both functional and emotional benefits office. Also serves as a travel pack, convenient to carry around Action Plan: Introduce it in the market within the next 2 • We propose a new packaging for Vivel months active essentials purifying face wash showing a young confident woman with flawless skin. Distribution Channel • The imagery of the young woman creates a brand personality to which Leverage on the existing distribution channel; young and vibrant woman can relate to . Additional margins for new products • This also caters to the affective component of the consumer’s attitude  Supermarkets  Health & Beauty Outlets through the promise of flawless skin for  Hypermarkets  Pharmacies even those who have acne prone skins .  Beauty Salons  Online Medium  Mall Counters  Mom n Pop Stores
  9. 9. New Variants LaunchPre-Launch Promotion (2 months Before)Product trial Generation to be the focus driving the launch of the 2 newvariants1. Mass Sampling: Provide trial packs/sachet of Vivel Sun Protect Face wash and Blackhead Removal Face wash with magazine dailies like Femina, Vogue, Filmfare, India Today etc.2. One to One Sampling: Set up kiosks near schools and colleges and distribute free samples (sachets) to female students3. Bundle Sampling: Give a 10ml SKU trial pack of the new variants launched with the 3 existing Face Wash of Vivel.4. Use of Social media to drive sampling 1. Leverage the 64k likes on the Vivel Facebook page 2. 2 months before the launch date of the new variants, introduce a new app within the same FB page as “Vivel Blackhead Removal Face wash give away” 3. Rationale: People have to like and register in that app with their address 4. The first 1000 will get a 20ml SKU shipped to their home 5. Have to share the photo in the end and provide reviews Drive Sampling Snapshot of proposed ApplicationOnline social media strategy (Pre launch) • Mobisur helped us to gain 64,000+ likes on our face book page • Visitors are mostly women, age 18-24 • Idea for new app creation: • Girl enters her skin type ex: oily • Next Villains (problems associated with oily skin) start appearing, and you have to play boxing game with them. • Person can play up to 5 levels, each level consists of stronger villains associated with your skin problem • Leads to more Engagement  Awareness about skin problems and solutions  more involved and loyal customers
  10. 10. Customer Engagement StrategiesCampaign: Beauty Parlour at your DoorstepDetails:1. Every buyer of the existing 3 variants will get a scratch card, fromwhich they will get a code.2. The code can be used to call a free hotline no of Vivel or a GoogleHangout video conferencing with Vivel’s in-house skin expert.3. The customer then will be asked questions about their problems, skintype etc. and will be recommended a daily 20 minute skin regimentRationale:• Vivel will increase its engagements and involvement with the consumers.• Brand enhancement as the brand is perceived to take care of the consumer’s skin regiment.• From the consumers side, the involvement with the brand will increase.• Increase in Sale of SKUs and Increase in positive word of mouth• Higher brand Recall will be achieved and pave the path for the launch of the new variants Skin care Diagnostic Camps in girl’s school. Teens a major market. Brand Awareness increases Tactical decisions: In store Promotions (Post Launch)Tactical decisions: Distribution Channel Brand awareness is low. Hence shelf space needs to be increased, in order to provide more visibility. Seasonal Aisle to include the entire Vivel Portfolio Point of Sale promotions to be aggressive in the first three months following the launch • Offer credit Recommended displays: • Provide retailers with the racks/hangars/other • Planogramming : 3 Facings of each variant in the category shelves promotional merchandise to provide adequate shelf • Dedicated displays: 10 Facings (All variants having equal share) with display area and visibility backing sheet of the new product and shelf strips of Vivel brand) • Give them more stock correction margin • Posters at store entrance and in-store banners at personal care sections • Level of market coverage: intensive - e.g., mass keep the 20ml SKUs in shelves near the entrances and Cash counters, so as to availability enhance visibility and induce Impulse Purchase
  11. 11. Communication StrategyVivel Sun Protect Face Wash• Campaign Idea: We can create a TVC in flip-book story format which shows how a girl bothered with her dark spots starts using our product and gets a clear, enhanced skin within weeks.• Rationale: Present day women want to move out, have fun but they are stuck indoors out of fear of getting tanned and having dark spots. Our new product Vivel Sun Protect face wash caters to these specific needs of the customer. Presence of natural ingredients such as cucumber and lemon grass extract also validates the claims of the brand.• Only 4 frames are shown in the above storyboard. The actual TVC will be around 35-40 seconds long. The first 25 seconds shows the flipbook and the gradual change in the skin, whereas the last 10 seconds will communicate the benefits of the Vivel Sun Protect Face WashVivel Blackhead Removal Face Wash• Campaign Idea: A bill board highlighting the problem of blackheads and its solution in the form of our product can be positioned at strategic locations such as traffic signals, outside schools , colleges and offices where its visibility among the target segment is high.• Rationale: Blackheads are very common among young girls but the urgency to act towards them is comparatively lower than acne and pimples (as found from secondary research). So using bill boards we aim to highlight the issue of blackheads and also capture target customer’s mindshare through the benefits offered by our new product Vivel Blackhead Removal face wash.
  12. 12. THANK YOU