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Gsk healthy balance_daily maar-cutting_iim kozhikode


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Gsk healthy balance_daily maar-cutting_iim kozhikode

  2. 2. Indian’s Healthy Trend• Indians are becoming more conscious about their health• Growing concerns due to lifestyle related diseases, economic uncertainty and awareness created by media• The functional biscuits category is Rs. 250 Cr• The digestive biscuit market has moderate competition with 2 major brands occupying 70% market share• The diabetic biscuits market is nascent with limited number of players Target Customer: 34 to 45+ years; Sec A Benefits sought in a food item Traditionally, biscuits were Values and Attitudes considered as a snack to be consumed only with tea •Competitive Nutritional or coffee. •Health conscious But off late Indian •Individualism consumers are seeing Healthy •Convenience biscuits as mid-meal hunger •Early adoption of new products buster and are willing to On the go munch pay premium for health Lifestyles benefits offered •Increasing family income Tasty •Accelerating urbanization Insights: Consumers want to •Cosmopolitization and interstate migrations have a healthy snack which Fulfilling •Time constraints can give them both taste as •Global travel well as good health POSITIONING Digestive Biscuits Diabetes Biscuit Value Proposition: “Ab Karo Taste aur Health ko Balance” Value Proposition: “Gift yourself Good Health Today” The idea is to position the biscuit as a healthy and tasty snack, one that fills The idea is to position the biscuit as a healthy and tasty for stomach and provides nutrition. diabetics. Now diabetics no longer need to worry about their The name Balance+ is leveraged in the form of condition and what to eat and what not to eat during the day. 1. The Product provides balanced diet in regular day to day life The idea is to put back the “enjoyment of eating “into the 2. Proper balance of taste and lives of diabetics
  3. 3. Market prioritization plan Entry Markets Analysis Trade Channel Analysis Market South North & West East Market size Large Large Small Market maturity High Medium Low Growth rate High (40%) Medium Medium Brand Equity of Strong Poor Strong Balance + Awareness on High Medium Medium health products Modern Stores, Food stores, Grocers and General stores Overall High Medium Medium contribute to more than 90% of category volume sales. Since the target customer is Sec A, the modern stores are Attractiveness likely to grow further. So target these channels Entry Priority: Phase I Phase II Phase II Phased product launch (20% market share in 6 months) Phase I (0-3 months) Phase II (3-6 months) Future Strategy (> 6 months) Markets: South India (Tier I -> Tier II) Markets: North & West and East Product: Balance+ digestive and diabetics Product: Balance+ digestive and diabetics SKU size: 75gm, 150 gm SKU size: 30 gm, 75gm, 150 gm, Launch of new variants including Chocolate Price: Rs. 25, Rs. 50 – competitive pricing Price: Rs 10, Rs. 25, Rs. 50 – competitive pricing digestives to open up new customer segment Place: All trade channels Place: All trade channels based on primary researchIn the 2nd phase 30 gm pack will be launched in all the markets. The idea is to provide a pack that can be consumed at one go. The idea of the biscuit being seen asa snack can be enhanced as one carry such small packs even in their pockets and eat when hungryWe propose to first enter the South market and focus on major cities such as Chennai, Trichy, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vizag etc to leverage on the huge marketpotential and affluent target customers. Once the brand recall is achieved, we can go for penetration to other tier II cities. Both the diabetic and digestivevariants will be launched simultaneously across all major customer touch points
  4. 4. 360 degree marketing plan: Offline Balance+ Digestive biscuits TVC: Ab Karo Taste aur Health ko Balance The film shows different stages of the day of a regular office goer (male as well as female) 1. The guy is late for office, grabs a quick bite and rushes. Misses his breakfast  hence poor nutrition 2. Typical office employee gorges on junk food (unhealthy) when he feels hungry often misses lunch or breakfast due to work. 3. The office going lady is worried about her diet and thinks what to have or what not to have Then the product Balance + Digestive biscuits is shown and a voiceover talks about the benefits of the product and how it provides a balanced nutrition in case of missed meals. The product is shown as a tasty and healthy snack or a stomach filler and a perfect substitute for the unhealthy junk. Now one does not have to worry anymore as Balance+ digestive biscuits is there. Ab Karo Taste aur Health ko Balance 1. Through this campaign Balance+ positions itself as stomach filler, one that is healthy as well as tasty and provides proper balanced nutrition during WORK 2. Lastly the tagline of “Ab Karo Taste aur Health ko Balance” will resonate with the health conscious target audience and will be in sync with the proposition of the product “Nutrition at work” 3. The idea is to increase not just the depth but also the breadth of brand awareness for the product. Showing the different situations where one can have Balance+ increases the associations in the minds of the people. The ad deliberately wants customers to associate taste, health, snacks, balanced nutrition, stomach filler with the biscuits Balance+ Health at your Doorstep campaign: During Launch 1. Every buyer of the 150gm Balance+ Digestive biscuits pack will get a Fitness Booklet Rationale: 2. The booklet will contain fitness chart and prescribed diets for different combinations • Balance+ digestive biscuits will increase its engagements and of Age, Weight and Height. involvement with the consumers. 3. At the end of every booklet, there will be a scratch card, from which they will get a • Brand enhancement as the brand is perceived to take care of code. the consumer’s diet and health 4. The code can be used to call a free hotline no of Balance+ or a Google Hangout video • From the consumers side, the involvement with the brand conferencing with Balance+ in house dietician will increase. 5. The customers then will be asked questions about their health problems (if any), • Increase in Sale of SKUs and Increase in positive word of height , age etc. and will be recommended a personalized diet chart. mouth
  5. 5. Other ATL activations Balance+ Digestive biscuits OOH (Out-of-Home)Escalator digital signage in selected stations and AirportsOutdoor billboardAirport advertisingAds on Volvo bus services Print Ads High-end magazines, e.g. Print Ads in health/ personal care/ fashion Magazines for both male and females. Print Ads in newspapers very dynamic In all leading national dailies (a suggestive print ad shown to the right) Balance+ Diabetes biscuits TVC: Gift yourself Good Health Today 1. Through this campaign Balance+ can share information with the viewers about what to do and what not to do and not sound preachy at the same time. 2. The TVC will also talk about the healthThe film opens up in a home setup, where this middle aged man comes home from office. He has diagnosed with diabetes. The benefits of the productentire family sits at the dinner table for dinner. There the family is telling the man what to do and what not do to prevent and hence creatediabetes and control it. The various suggestions that come out are awareness1. Cut down on sugar content, 2. avoid soft drinks and sweets as they contain high sugar level and 3. Have something to munch 3. Lastly the tagline of every two hours in order to control sugar level etc. “Gift yourself Good Health Today” willThe family is visibly worried for him. After some time the middle aged man smiles and asks them not to worry about him. He says resonate with the“I have got myself a gift”. He picks up the Balance+ Diabetes biscuits tetra pack and keeps it on the table. He then talks about health conscious targetthe benefits of Balance+ Diabetes Biscuits, and how he will use it a snack during his office hours and otherwise. audience
  6. 6. Balance+ Diabetes Biscuits: ‘I care for You’ campaign This campaign helps the customers to The target customers will be asked to Balance+ team will send a box of balance+ show that they care about the health of email us the details of the person whom Diabetes biscuits biscuit and a greeting their near ones. They too want their close they want to gift a box of Balance+ card on their behalf to that person with ones to control the menace of diabetes diabetes biscuits and a small message that small message. 10-15 such short clips can be posted The person’s photograph with The most unique reactions to the gifts (say 5) in the on the Youtube channel as well as the the card and vedica can be put on entire campaign will be shown on live TV as Facebook Page. The entire process Social media pages promotion material for Balance+. This will improve creates an engagement with the the brand perception for Balance+ Biscuits brand Rationale Execution ( and other ATL activations) According to the IDF Diabetes Atlas 4th edition, India has the second “I care for You” campaign would be promoted through various channels such as highest number of people with diabetes at 50 million adults. TV, Radio, print ads, billboards/hoardings and social media which would create awareness and encourage customers to participate by mailing us the details Due to sedentary lifestyles, mass urbanization and changing diets, 1. TV: A short clip of 10 sec would be displayed after the main Balance+ diabetes is affecting people at a younger age, not just rich & elderly diabetes biscuits ad informing customers about the launch of campaign 2. Radio: The campaign can be advertised during the evening shows (after This campaign gives a platform to do so where you involve friends and office hours) when the no of audience tuned in are pretty high kins of people who suffer from diabetes and let them gift Balance+ 3. Print ad: This is again used to create maximum awareness among the Diabetes biscuits and put back the enjoyment of eating into the lives of customers. Leading national dailies can be used diabetics. 4. Billboards can be effectively usedTactical decisions: In store Promotions (digestive + diabetes)In the presence of other players, shelf space needed will be high. in order to provide more visibility, Seasonal Aisle, End of Aisle to include the entire Balance+Portfolio of Oats and Biscuits. Other innovative way of in store promotions can be stickers in trolleys in modern trade channels Point of Sale promotions to beaggressive in the first three months following the launchRecommended displays:  Planogramming : 3 Facings of each variant in the category shelves  Dedicated displays: 10 Facings of each product and each SKU size with backing sheet of the new product and shelf strips of Balance+ Brands  Posters at store entrance and in-store banners at biscuits sections
  7. 7. 360 degree marketing plan: Online Online Marketing Strategy: Balance+ Biscuits (digestive and diabetes) A common website for the Balance+ portfolio of Biscuits (say Tabs for promotional A health Website Dedicated tab for activities like health quiz, promoting healthy eating Features: Health tips, chat diabetics within which contests etc during new and the virtue of balanced to a health expert tips, food habits, links to year , world health day diet blog will be provided etc. FACEBOOK STRATEGY We can have 2 different facebook pages one each for: Balance+ Digestive, Balance+ Diabetics Rationale: Facebook can serve as a very important customer engagement tool. Customers want all kind of health related information at a single place. We can cater to this need by giving health related tips on the facebook page. In the future we can leverage this tool to carry out free sampling activities and inform about new promotions. Facebook will also serve as an effective marketing tool in order to build awareness and loyalty Features: The facebook page will also have links about our blog for diabetes patients to get specific information. Tabs for promotional activities like health quiz, contests etc during new year , world health day etc. The Health + Blog Target audience: Diabetes patients Rationale: The internet serves as an important platform to know about solutions to health problems and reading about others problems help The blog link to be present as an app on the Facebook page as well as the online website What is it?? : An online communities where the diabetic people take part in a variety of events such as discussions, quizzes, problems they are facing, health advices and tips etc. Apart from this, there will be a feature where a Diabetes consultant will answer queries posted. Threads on several topics/ problems can be created where people can ask about their problems. The other in the community can read about the problems as well as the solution and comment too BLOG PROVIDES A PLATFORM FOR DISCUSSION. LEADS TO BETTER BRAND EQUITY AND AWARENESS
  8. 8. THANK YOU